September 2020 BIER Meeting

September 9, 2020

10 of us were present, in Steven’s driveway:

Bernie Kordula           Donna Kordula           Bob Ciesla

Jerry Canny                 Steve Askew               Steven Morrow

Dave King (2)             Dave Scheel                Don Zwach (via ZOOM)

Josh Sember (via ZOOM)                                                                                          

News & Discussion: 

Rich is handling our 2020 hop order with Hop Heaven (Ted Hausotter), for fresh fall Northwest hops.  The price lists haven’t been sent out, but we should see them soon. 

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, has been cancelled, hopefully, next year, it’ll be on.

We are planning to do a bus Beer Tour, mid Jan, South to some new breweries.  We need a couple volunteer drivers, and we’re planning on renting vans.  This may not happen, as the pandemic goes on, and medications, as well as, vaccines, may not be available in time.     

Next year’s AHA National Convention is scheduled for San Diego, CA, June 17 – 19, but again, there’s the pandemic.   

Our web site is rather expensive, it costs us $18.17 for our BIER domain with GoDaddy and $27.50 for web site hosting with A Small Orange.  If someone knows of a better approach, let us know.  Our web site, is mainly just a repository for our meeting minutes.  We need to decide before our May meeting, because these bills come due shortly after that.

Donna & Bernie did the Stewarding.  Bob brought popcorn, too.  Steve’s driveway worked just great.  Thanks!

The beers: 

Bob – German Pilsner, 7.9%, due to the use of 2 enzymes, Amylase in the mash, and Amylo 300 in the fermenter, with S-33 ale yeast.  What a nice dry, and tasty beer.

Jerry – Festbier, nice malty 1.052 O.G., 5.4% ABV brew, with Vienna malt.  The Anvil brew system quit midway.  The beer certainly survived.

Jerry – Oktoberfest/Mäerzen, similar to his Festbier, but a bit heavier malt character, due to Munich malt.  Another well crafted, tasty brew. 

Dave King (2) – Robust Portera bit lighter than previous attempts, more drinkable.  14% rye and 7% each of Thomas Fawcett brown malt, pale chocolate and dark chocolate malts. Tilt Graph

Dave Scheel & Steven – Experimental NEIPA, with Vienna & Munich malts, Cascade and Citra hops in the boil, and dry hopping with Citra and Galaxy for 2 days each, made this a very tasty brew.  It cleared up nicely, not cloudy like most NEIPAs.  1.068 to 1.018 with US- 05, very tasty, not very bitter, but lots of hop flavor and aroma, a well crafted easy drinker. 

Dave Scheel & Steven – Mad Dog 2020 IPA, , with Cascade and Eldorado hops, 1.070 – 1.013, not very bitter, but a nice, tasty IPA.    

Dave Scheel & Steven – Dopplebock, a rich, malty brew, 1.092 – 1.016 puts it at 10.8% ABV, with Saflager yeast, but it is smooth, not boozy. Nicely done, guys.   

Donna & Bernie – Wavelength, NEIPA, from Equilibrium.  A very good NEIPA.

A great small gathering, with some great brews.  Many of us will be brewing more, as the weather cools off.  Let’s do it again, Oct. 14th, in Binghamton Brewing’s new place, 135 Baldwin St, Johnson City.     

     Dave King (2)