October 2020 BIER Meeting

October 14, 2020


8 of us met for a Fall celebration of Homebrewing, on ZOOM.




            Dave King (2)             Ron Mason                  George Cerny

            Dave Scheel                Don Zwach                 Chris Cyr

            Bernie & Donna Kordula                               



Rich is handling our 2020 hop order with Hop Heaven (Ted Hausotter), for fresh fall Northwest hops.  The requests have been sent in, and now we wait, a couple months.   

Our annual Christmas party was such a great event last year, at Bing Brew, but with the pandemic, we can’t do it safely this year, hopefully, we can next year.

We won’t be doing a bus Beer Tour this January, either.        

Next year’s AHA National Convention will be in San Diego, CA, June 17 – 19 next June.  Don’t miss the biggest 3 days in Homebrewing, for the year!  We’re betting on effective COVID vaccines before then.

Beer Tree is doing well.  The Port Crane original home is always busy, and the Mall location is coming along.  They recently got their wood pizza oven installed for the restaurant at the Mall.  We hear the sour brewery will be in downtown Binghamton at the Marine Midland Plaza.    

Apparently, Log Beer is a thing.  It’s a way to get wild yeast from a wood log.  If you try it, let us know.  

Our Beers;    


George & Ron – were enjoying their homemade NEIPA’s.  Ron had their 2020 Blur, a 6.5% NEIPA, and George was dinking Statics X, another NEIPA.  George is really enjoying his Anvil Foundry, 110 VAC brewing setup.  Jerry Canny has one, too.


Bernie – was sipping on his London Brown Ale, a light, 3.5% ABV brew.            


Dave Scheel – had his Red Ale.    


Don – not having a beer, due to feeling poorly, from flu and pneumonia vaccinations, sorry.


Dave King (2) – Dad’s Brown Ale was his choice.  It’s lighter in roast and crystal malt than previous versions, fermented with Voss Kveik yeast at around 80°F.

Good meeting on ZOOM, too bad we couldn’t try each other’s brews, but that’ll come.                                              

See you November, 11th, ZOOM again.   

     Dave King (2)