November 2020 BIER Meeting

Nov. 11, 2020 

8 Attendees on ZOOM;        

            Dave King       Josh Sember    George Cerny

            Jeff Pontin      Dave Scheel    Steve Morrow                                    

            Bernie & Donna Kordula                                           



We were sent a bunch of swag from White Labs and 10 free yeast packs, for taking their survey.  Participants were given a bag of goodies, and we divided up the yeast.  Thanks to Doc’s for handing them out.

Speaking of Doc’s, Kevin gave us a bunch of Riverview pellet hops, Willamette, Fuggle and Perle.  They were divided up among those who requested them.  Thanks, Kevin! 

Our shipment of fresh NW hops should be arriving soon.  Thanks, Rich & Ted!

Our Annual Christmas dinner and our January BIER Bus Tour are cancelled, sorry. 

The charity for our Spring Homebrew Fest will be Habitat for Humanity.  This assumes we get back to normal by then. 

Next year’s AHA National Convention will be in San Diego, CA, June 17 – 19 next June.  Don’t miss the biggest 3 days in Homebrewing, for the year!  We’re betting on effective COVID vaccines before then.

We talked about Tilt SG temperature correction error, use of amylase enzyme to dry beer out, and how to use oak chips. 

The Beers;

Josh – Blackberry Mead 

George – Static NEIPA

Dave King – English IPA, OK, but wimpy Centennial hops and fermented a bit too warm with WLP007, caused the English ale yeast esters to steal the show, not to this brewer’s liking.  The yeast did a good job, using a Shaken No Stirred starter, just threw too much ester flavor for me.  Next time, back to Chico yeast.  The hops were bought on-line, and later, lot analysis showed they were from the 2015 crop, way old.  I wondered why they were a yellow brown color.  They smelled OK, just not much.  The rest of them have been thrown out.  Live and learn. 

Steven – Pandemic Porter 

Jeff – Oktoberfest

ZOOM again for our Dec. meeting, on the 9th.  Tell us about your homebrew adventures and what you’re drinking.  Stay warm, hoppy holidays to all.

     Dave King (2)