Cool Spring day, but we’re still all home, due to the Coronavirus, 12 attending, via ZOOM. Brian Balliet Rich Andel Jerry Canny Chris Given Steven Morrow Dave King (2) Dave Scheel James Dunn Bernie Kordula Donna Kordula Don Zwach Josh Sember Beer News; All gatherings have been canceled and breweries are all closed to serving, other than take-outs. We encourage you to stop by and take out beer from our craft brewery friends to help ease the financial burden. Partial business openings started on Friday the 15th. The BIER Brew & Food Fest, benefiting Broome Habitat for Humanity has been canceled, we’ll try next year. The 2020 AHA National Homebrewers Conference scheduled for June 18– 21 in Nashville has been cancelled, and there’ll now be an on-line virtual conference, which will cost $99. 20 Live Sessions, Including the Keynote Address by Bailey Spaulding, Jackalope Brewing Co., Virtual Homebrew Expo., Homebrewer Meet-ups, Sponsored Demonstrations, Virtual Happy Hours, Annual Awards Announcement and Prize Drawing. Interested? Dave paid Tim O’Leary $18.17 for another year of our web site domain name and $27.50 for hosting our web site with A Small Orange.. Thanks, Tim! That leaves us with a negative balance of $-16.42. If we get a few new members, we’ll be even again. We need to discuss the need to maintain a web site. We discussed a bunch of stuff. Don was in a parking lot, since his home internet was down, no beer for him at this meeting, bummer. Anna moved back to her home state of Maine. We’ll miss her, and hope for future visits. Jerry and James discussed they favorite lager yeast. We got cut off at 40 minutes, ZOOM re-established their free service time limit. We should just start again, which we can try next time. The Pro version is #15/mo., for up to 24 hr. meetings, but we need to try the restart. .Homebrew Tastings; We were all just drinking our own beers or commercial ones, wishing we could share, but hopefully we’ll be able to, safely, in the somewhat near future. Jerry was enjoying his American Lager, Steven had a BeerTree brew, Bernie had a Rye IPA, from a kit that Bob gave him. James Dunn had one of his Pilsners, Black IPA was Rich’s choice. Your President had a Florida brewed Red Rye IPA. ------------------------------------------------- Next meeting will be June, 10th, again on ZOOM. Stay safe, and Brew On! Dave King (2)