June 2020 BIER Minutes

June 10, 2020

We had a good sized group, 10 of us, good for a ZOOM meeting.  We’re missing Jason & Kristen, Binghamton Brewing is a great venue for us, good beers, and pizza!  I saw the new place, just a shell.   

Dave Scheel                Dave King (2)             Chris Given

Don Zwach                 James Dunn                 Donna Kordula          

Bernie Kordula           Ron Mason                  Steve Morrow             John Lee

It was good to have 2 out of town friends joining us, Don & John.  Don’s moving to Tenn., with this lady, they both recently retired.  No more day jobs!

John Lee is an old friend from Saratoga, The Saratoga ThoroughBrews is his home club.  We see him at most AHA Conferences, and he ran for the AHA Governing Committee this last time.  He had to go to work, part way through our meeting.  Hopefully he’ll be back next month.

There was lots of talk about our local breweries and beer venues opening up soon.  Low occupancy, masks, and lots of cleaning will make it work.  Your President had a beer at Water St., very few stools and tables.  We all had masks on, when not sipping, including Nick & Kristin.

Virtual Pub Crawl Through History was held with ZOOM 5/20/2020.  Roger Luther, an active member of PAST (Preservation Association of the Southern Tier) gave a talk on the history of beer in the Binghamton area, from the 1st brewery in 1820, Quaife Brewery, and 6 others before Prohibition, the speak easys, Parlor City (which I remember) in 1996, to the current crop.  The emphasis was on history, not the brewers or beers.  There was no charge, you just had to pre-register.  I thought there were going to be virtual tastings, so I made a special trip to Water St. and Bing Brew, picking up a bomber from each.  There was no interaction, so I enjoyed the Water St. 1920 Prohibition Brown Ale during the talk, and saved the Bing Brew Prohibition Porter for later.  Both were very good.   

Deposit Lumberjack Festival, like so many other things, has been canceled. 

I haven’t seen the Cascade hops at CTI, in the Frank Haining Memorial Hop Garden, except in photos.  They need a trellis, and may get a short one, soon.     

The 2020 AHA National Homebrewers Conference scheduled for June 18– 21 in Nashville has been cancelled, but there was an on-line virtual conference, which cost $99.  20 Live Sessions, Including the Keynote Address by Bailey Spaulding, Jackalope Brewing Co., Virtual Homebrew Expo., Homebrewer Meet-ups, Sponsored Demonstrations, Virtual Happy Hours, Annual Awards Announcement and Prize Drawing.  Who attended?

Homer Hops Brewing had their Grand Opening June 27th, Tom DeSantis filled us in, thanks, Tom. They’re just West of Homer, North of Cortland.  See their Facebook page for details.  If you check it out, let us know what you think.

The Great American Beer Festival, GABF, will be virtual this year, called Brewnited, Oct. 16 – 17, and for $20 you can be a part of it.  In addition, you’ll get some sort of deals with participating breweries.  Details are to be announced mid August.  The competition will be held, but the Pro-Am has been cancelled.  Jerry Canny will have his entry with Galaxy Brewing held off for the 2021 competition.    

AHA has had deep cut lay-offs, since the majority of their operating funds come from gatherings, which have been cancelled. Our friend, Gary Glass, AHA Director was one of them.  We just hope that the big events can be held next year, and they’ll be able to rehire most of these folks.

Brew Tastings;

Dave King (2) – Clean Out the Closet IPA, because during the planning of it, the only thing not on hand was some 45L crystal malt, so he used some left over malts, from 20L to 50L.  It suffered from not enough crystal malt flavor to balance the intense bitterness.  The aroma’s OK, but not that high.

Ron Mason – Pure Intensions and Fractal,  NEIPA’s, from Beer Tree and Equilibrium, respectively. 

James Dunn – English Brown Ale, I’m sure it’s a fine one.

Dave Scheel & Steve have been brewing, an Australian Sparkling Ale and they just bottled a Dopplebock. 

Bernie & Donna – Can of Bliss, a hazy IPA from Oscar Blues


Another good early summer meeting, on ZOOM.  Next meeting is July, 8th.  Time to re-up, $3.75 dues for a year of BIER, don’t lose your 10% discount at Doc’s.


              Dave King (2)