July 2020 BIER Minutes

July 8, 2020

There were 9 of us, good for a ZOOM meeting.  Weíre missing Jason & Kristen, Binghamton Brewing was a great venue for us, good beers, and pizza!

Dave Scheel††††††††††††††† Dave King (2) ††††††††††† Jerry Canny

Don Zwach ††††††††††††††† James Dunn†††††††††††††††† Donna Kordula †††††††††

Bernie Kordula ††††††††† Anna Caron†††††††††††††††† Steve Morrow †††††††††††

Donís getting unpacked in Tenn., soon time to brew!

Anna is settled in, in Maine, brewing mainly Kombucha lately. Doing lots of hiking with Barley.

Bernie & Donna told us Water St. Brewing is having some good ďto-goĒ beer sales, due to low demand and beer getting some age these pandemic days.The latest rule is that you need to be eating to order beer, and theyíre showing some tasting food.

Time for Club Dues Ė I got a note from our insurance folks.They want our rooster by Aug 1.We should move up to that date.We used to ask for and got relief for about 2 weeks later, due to getting cash re-ups at our Aug. meeting, but thereíll be no in person meeting for Aug., so I need you to either PayPal your dues to me, $3.75/ea., or send me a check, Dave King, 617 Leon Dr., Endicott, NY 13760.Get your 10% off at Docís, and bragging rights! No membership cards until we meet in person.Iíll get Kevin a membership list, but you need to assure you get your 10%, just mention youíre a BIER member.

Jeff Culver, Jr. re-upped for BIER, heís serving in the military in the Middle East, wonít be back until probably Dec. or Jan.No beer for him, for a good while.He says the highs are commonly in the 110ís įF, and it gets down to the 70ís over night.Sounds like tough duty, we wish him well, and a safe return.

Our own Mark McQuade's Bier De Garde was released Friday, June 3rd at Lucky Hare, not the one downtown Ithaca, the one up on Seneca Lake, 6085 Beckhorn Rd, Hector, NY 14841.He won a contest, so they brewed his beer for sale, cool.

Brew Tastings;

Dave King (2) Ė Clean Out the Closet IPA, mellowing out some with age, but the attempt at low oxygen storage seems to be helping let the bitterness last.

James Dunn Ė Light Pilsner, thatís the direction heís been going.

Etc., but my notes are light.


Another good early summer meeting, on ZOOM.Next meeting is August, 12th.Donít forget to re-up, $3.75 dues for a year of BIER, donít lose your 10% discount at Docís.

††† Thanks,    

              Dave King (2)