November 2019 BIER Meeting

Nov. 13, 2019 

16 Attendees;   

Jason Gardner             Bob Ciesla                   Mark McQuade          

            Dave & Joan King      Rick Cordsen James Dunn

            Chris Given                 George Cerny Shawn Strassel

            Dave Scheel                Steve Morrow             Jerry Canny                

            Matt Farrell                 Bernie & Donna Kordula                                           



Galaxy and BIER held our ProAm Homebrew Contest, with Jerry Canny taking the top prize!  He’s going to Denver for the GABF Pro-Am next Fall!  Congratulations to Jerry!  His Lemongrass Hopper, a wheat beer with white pepper was superb.  You got to taste it at our meeting, and in a few months at Galaxy, since he’ll be helping Seth scale it up.  All proceeds went to the Handicapped Children Association.  We had 3 categories, with Tim Gaige winning the American Beers category with his American Brown Ale, Jerry winning the Fall Beer category with his Märzen, and Jerry winning the Experimental Beer category with his Lemongrass Hopper.  We had a fun tasting of the leftovers, after the winners were announced, in the Galaxy brewery.  Thanks, Seth, Kevin Winters and Devin for the fine judging, and all the entrants for submitting so many great beers. 

BYO Magazine Subscriptions –Brad Ring, Publisher of BYO says we get the 50% off subscription deal, by just individually going to go to the BYO subscription URL and order a print only subscription, digital only membership or print-digital combination and enter coupon code “club19” at checkout.  So simple, it works great.  Thanks, Brad!

Mark McQuade joined in, and joined BIER.  He’s the guy who won a bronze for his Schwartz Bier in this year’s AHA National HB Contest.  Congratulations! 

Don Petcosky wrote to James Dunn asking him to pass along the info on the system and equipment he would like to sell.  He wrote;

“I would like to sell all of my Blichmann equipment. 1-20 gal. Gen. 1 brew pot $250.00 1-20 gal. mash tun w false bottom $300.00 1-14 gal. Conical $500.00 w all the extra o-rings, seals & gaskets. Also a Hop Rocket.

Also would sell the brew stand or as a package. Pictured are other things for sale. Anyone interested can call me 242-4263.”  There are other photos on our BIER Facebook page.

The Seneca Lodge Brewfest is Dec. 6 & 7 (Fri. & Sat.)  Matt, Becky, Joan and I will be there Friday night.  It’ll be a blast! 


5:30 start time


Music - Robin Burnette and Company  6:00-8:30

Breweries will pour from 5:30 - 9:00

Music - The Sweats  9:00 - 12.00

Apps will start at 6:00 with main buffet opening around 7:00


Breweries Friday night:

Seneca Lake Brewing

Climbing Bines

Brewery of Broken Dreams

War Horse


Fleur De Lis


Market Street



4:00 start time


Music - Brett Beardslee and Scott Adams 4:30 - 7:30

Breweries will pour from 4:00 - 8:00

Music - RUST  8:30 - 11:00


Breweries Saturday night:

Lucky Hare

Finger Lakes

Grist Iron

Wagner Valley


Scale House


2 Goats        Please call 607-535-2014 or stop up to reserve your tickets.

Christmas dinner at Bing Brew, Dec. 11th, early, 6:30pm, at Binghamton Brewing.  Bring a dish to pass, along with your usual Homebrews.  We’ll have glasses, plates, forks and napkins.  Steven, Rick & Donna are on our committee.   Sign-up on-line.  

We’re doing our annual Beer Tour, Jan. 18th.  Coachmaster (30 passenger) costs $50/ea., including 15% gratuity, depending upon how full it is.  We’re going South this year.  If you want to reserve your spot, we need $50/ea. in cash, or PayPal it to Dave King (2).  Checks will work, too.   

Binghamton On Tap is set for Feb. 8th at the Double Tree in Binghamton.

The charity for our Spring Homebrew Fest will be Habitat for Humanity.  They should be a lot of help getting publicity & donors.  We can use your help, as well.

Next year’s AHA National Convention will be in Nashville, TN, June 18 – 20 next June, about a 13 hr. drive for us, so I’ll probably fly in, how about you?  Don’t miss the biggest 3 days in Homebrewing, for the year!  

Bernie & Donna Stewarded, Bob brought popcorn, Donna brought some of her great deserts, Binghamton Brewing provided the usual great back room, clean sampling glasses, a sheet of pizza and rinse water, thanks!  I hope you all bought a beer or 2 from our generous hosts, Binghamton Brewing.   

The Beers;

Jerry – Lemongrass Wheat, the BOS winner at this year’s Galaxy GABF Pro-Am contest.  All-grain, very good, light wheat beer with a great level of Lemongrass and white pepper.  Bru’n Water for adjustments, & yeast starter helped it.  So refreshing and well crafted!  On tap at Galaxy in the Spring of 2020. 

Mark – Bière de Garde, (means beer for keeping, strong Pale Ale) took 1st in the Lucky Hare contest.  Nice balanced light malt, low Belgian ester flavors.

James Dunn – Belgian Tripel, 10% ABV, sneaky Coors Light with Belgian esters, smooth.  ½ tsp Amylase enzyme in the mash took 1.088 to 1.004!  Wow! 

Jerry – Märzen, nice malty German style lager, fermented with good temperature control, 53°F, then diacetyl rest, and then lagered.  It won the Fall beer category at this year’s Galaxy Pro-Am! 

Mark – ESB, an American version with US-05 yeast and C hops.  Very tasty.

Bob – Wadworth Amber Ale, 4.3% ABV, from the UK, nice sessionable brew, on special from Sam the Beer Man. 

Dave & Steve – Flap-Jack, their brown ale with maple syrup and Jack Daniel’s.  They pasteurized it, for good aging with those added sugars, very nice for breakfast.

Dave King – Judy’s Brown Ale, the ever evolving recipe now includes Thomas Faucet brown malt, BrewTan B and gelatin fining.  Check the Tilt graph.

George – Mango NE IPA, Brewer’s Best kit, plus mangos, coconut, habanera, more DME (7.9% ABV) & more Cascade hops added.  The kit, as a base, and all the adds really worked.    

Matt – Hop Knife, Harvest IPA from Tröegs, good bitter, wet hop American IPA. 

Fun night, some great brews (16 attendees, & 10 beers).  Next month is our Christmas Dinner, Dec 11th, at Bing Brew, 6:30 should be a good time to start.  We’re bringing the meal, dish to pass, and Bing Brew’s fine Beers, just right for our once a year tradition. 

     Dave King (2)