May 2019 BIER Minutes

5/8/2019 we had a good sized group at Binghamton Brewing, 15 of us, lots of brew talk and great beer.  Thanks for being such great hosts, Kristen & Jason.

            Bernie Kordula                       James Dunn                 Tom DeSantis             Cory Balliet

            Kris Kinne                               Bob Ciesla                   Dave Clark                  Dave King (2)

            Rich Andel                              Adam Hawley             Brian Balliet    Steve Morrow

            Dave Scheel                           Matt Farrell                 Jim Burt                     

Our Learn To Homebrew class at Farmhouse Brewing went very well.  We had 7 students, Bernie did the brewing.  We made an English Pale Ale kit, donated by Kevin of Doc’s Homebrew Supply.  We bottled it a couple weeks later, and got 29 ea. of 22 oz. bombers and a plastic 12 oz. bottle, to test for pressure.  We sampled it after 4 weeks in the bottle, and found it to be very tasty, even though our original gravity was low, 1.035.  It wasn’t chilled well, and the carbonation may not have finished, that soda bottle was somewhat firm, but then it is British, but we decided to wait 2 more weeks.    

Tap NY was Sat. & Sun., April 27 & 28.  Your President helped Marty pour Farmhouse brews, so well received.  The crowds were big, friendly, and appreciative.  There were lots of very good beers and plenty of good food.  The weather was wet, cold and windy.  Luckily, Farmhouse Brewing was indoors, along with The North, Water St. and Bing Brew.  Beer Tree and Galaxy were up above, in a tent, with streams running through and lots of cold wind.  Galaxy got a gold medal for their Lime Stout, congratulations, Seth & Mike!     

Your President bought a Tilt Hydrometer and Thermometer.  It’s a great toy, uses Blue Tooth to report SG & temperature to a phone app, here’s my 1st batch SG.  Lag time, fermentation completion, and rate of fermentation show nicely. 

Wednesday, May 15 was the Roots of Simulation Reception, at the Center for Technology and Innovation, Matt Farrell & Bob Ciesla poured beers from Binghamton Brewing and Water St.  Thanks for the support, guys.

The BIER Brew & Food Fest, was held Thurs. May 16.  Everyone had a great time, so many great beers and good food.  We raised $3359 for Make-A-Wish.  There were so many generous contributions for prizes, that we had drawings for 3 baskets, and 2 of our own Homebrewers, Jim Burt and Anna won gift certificates, as well.  The best Homebrew voting went well, with these winners declared.

Voted by Craft Breweries:

1st place  - Joe Gaige, Juice 1.0, NE IPA

2nd place – Bernie Kordula, British Ale

3rd place  - Rich Andel, Surprise, Tropical Pale Ale, with blood orange, pineapple and passion fruit

Voted by People's Choice:

1st place  - Rich Andel, Surprise, Tropical Pale Ale, with blood orange, pineapple and passion fruit

2nd place - Joe Gaige, Juice 1.0, NE IPA

3rd place  - Jamie Cornell, Wee Touch Scotch Ale, Scotch Ale with a wee touch of cherry wood smoked and peated malts

The next issue is; who’s our benefactor next year?  We’re looking for someone in need of funding, who is worthy of our hard work (and great Homebrew!), and will help get the word out for us.  Send me your nomination, and tell me why. 

Zoo Brew will be held at the Ross Park Zoo, June 8th, we’ll help serve Craft Beer, should be a great time, so let me know that you’ll help us.  

The 2019 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is in Providence, RI, about a 5 hr. drive for us. We have a booth at Club Night, decorations, costumes?  Don’t miss the biggest 3 days in Homebrewing, for the year, and you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  Rich, Jim & Carrie, Tom Owens, Don Zwach, and Dave King (2) are attending, anyone else?  Don is looking for a roommate, too.  Tues. would be a good day to visit Boston Beer.   Jamil Zainasheff is setting up a “Pint Night” of Heretic beers, for his birthday, Wed. night, and Denny Conn and Drew Beechum are having buses from the conf. center to their party at Isle Brewers Guild, I’m trying to get them to combine the parties.  Galaxy will be pouring at the Thurs. night Kick-Off Party!    

UNYHA Camp Out will be in June, at Craig Zufelt’s house.  This is always a good time, $5 to cover ice, etc.  Lots of kegs, bring a dish to pass.  Come for the day, or camp overnight.  Last year they had a Stein Brew, hard to tell what’s up this time.

Get Your Brew On: The Art of Making Beer, course at Cornell, July 21-27, 2019, $1285, woo, that’s a lot!  We do a ½ day brew, then bottle, then taste, for free.  I’m not sure how they can justify that. 

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown is cancelled for this year. 

Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest is at the Public Market, Aug 16, 6 to 9pm.  Madison Co. Hop Fest is Sept. 13 -15.  Then there’s the GABF (Oct. 3 - 5).  Plan ahead. 

Hops are growing like mad.  Mine are about 6 to 10’ high (as of June 1), behind their usual height for this time.  How are yours doing?   

I planted 4 Cascade hop rhizomes at CTI, in the Frank Haining Memorial Hop Garden.  They seem to be taking off OK, for the 1st year of transplanted life.  We need to brew a beer the fall of 2020, using them, dedicated to Frank.  We should be able to wet hop the daylights out of it.    

Recently there’s been some people noting that they’ve got extra brewing equipment they’d like to get rid of, and others are in need of things.  If you’re in one of those camps, let me know, and I’ll get the word out.  You can also post it on the BIER Facebook page.

Jason gave us a sheet of pizza.  Our charity fest tasting glasses are always nice and clean, thanks to Bing Brew, we couldn’t be taken care of any better, so stop by Bing Brew often, and send your friends.    

Bob brought us pretzels, and Bernie Stewarded, with Steve’s help.  Thanks guys!    

Homebrew Tastings;     

Kris – Oaked Hard Lemonade, nice refreshing drink, with a great aroma and good oaky flavor, 12 – 14% ABV, wow, sneaky.  Many other variations were made.  Bring ‘em in, Kris.

Matt – Pineapple Cider, a kit from Doc’s, made in Feb.  The pineapple flavor was at a good level, nicely matched to the apple flavor.

Dave Clark – Cider with Ginger & Tart Cherry, made with that expensive Cider Mill cider and Nottingham yeast.  The ginger really comes through.  Tart cherry flavor is a favorite of mine (DEK2). 

Matt – Mosaic Pale Ale, LME & DME, with lots of late hopping, light, tasty, sessionable at 4.6% ABV.  Well made, Matt.

Rich – Brown Ale, nice brown malt flavor, with Safale US-04, English Ale yeast, made on his PicoBrew Zymatic®.

Dave King (2) – Dad’s Brown Ale, this time with 6.5% Thomas Fawcett Brown Malt, for hopefully, a better “brown malt” flavor.  7.3% ABV, with 18% malted rye, and lots of late hopping, mostly C hops.  The mineral content of the water was about ½ way between an American Brown Ale and an IPA.  It was well received at the Make-A-Wish Brew Fest and it’s going to the AHA National Convention.

Brian & Corey Balliet – IPA, from a Brewer’s Best Kit, 7.9% ABV.  A secondary fermenter was used.  It dried out nicely, with a good bitter finish.  Well done, Father and Son team! 

Jim Burt – Go West IPA, a nice 6.3% ABV IPA, sort of West Coast, with 1 lb. of mostly late and dry hops.  Not very bitter, but nicely hopped, in flavor and aroma. 

Adam – Mild Amarillo Simcoe, an American IPA, with all English mild malt, Amarillo and Simcoe hops, and US-05 yeast.  The malt flavor from all Mild malt was great.  Very nicely done, great example of the style.

Adam – Maris Mosaic Azakka, another nicely made IPA from Adam, this time with Maris Otter malt, Mosaic and Azacca hops.  Late hopped and dry hopped, for a very nice flavored brew.  Thanks, Adam!

Tom – Coffee Porter, brewed last June, with Star Anise, Irish Ale yeast and coffee in the mash, plus some later on.  Nice balance of licorice and coffee flavors. 

Steve & Dave Scheel – Bonnie Lass, 50th birthday party Red IPA, same recipe as the brew here at Bing Brew.  Such a great beer, but who’s birthday?

James Dunn – Triple, 11% ABV, 1.090 to 1.008, those Belgian yeast are so hungry!  It did take 21 days at ~62°F, with ½ the sugars at the start, and the other ½ at 50% attenuation. This is such a nice smooth, sneaky brew, not heavy on the Belgian esters, very drinkable.  Well dunn, James. 


Great beer, fun time.  Thanks Bing Brew!     

Don’t forget, if anyone wants to write a review of a pub, a brewery, trip, etc, please do so, and send a copy to Josh and Me.  We’ll put it on the web, and you’ll be famous.  Next meeting is June, 12th at Binghamton Brewing.  Stay dry, mow your grass, and bring your best brew to our meeting, I will! 

              Dave King (2)