January 2019 BIER Minutes

Jan. 9, 2019


A new year, more good brew.  11 of us on a cool Winter’s night at Binghamton Brewing, and we enjoyed Bing Brew beers, some good discussions and tastings.   



James Dunn                 Dave King (2)             Kristen Lyons             Matt Farrell

Dave Scheel                Steve Morrow                         Joan King                    Becky Lawson

Jim Burt                      Tom DeSantis                         Kris Kinne                  


Our BYO magazine subscriptions have been sent in and paid for, new subscribers should get their 1st magazine in about mid Feb., which will be the March/April edition.  Renewals get 1 yr. tacked on. 

We did our annual Brewery Bus Tour, Jan 12th, we went North to 6 breweries this time, The 30 passenger bus was full, we got loud at the end, but everyone had a good time.  Bagpipes next year!

Binghamton On Tap will be Feb. 23, at the DoubleTree in Binghamton.  You can attend, or help pour.  

The 2019 AHA National Homebrewers Conference will be in Providence, RI, about a 5 hr. drive for us, so let’s get a couple car loads going, we need 4 to 6 beers to serve at Club Night, decorations, costumes?  Don’t miss the biggest 3 days in Homebrewing, for the year, you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  Dave King will be helping out at the BeerSmith booth, stop by and talk to Brad, he’ll be by our Club Night booth, too.  Join us!   

The window to apply in the 2019 National Homebrew Competition opens January 22 through January 29.  They added a 13th 1st round site.  The time you submit your application has no influence on acceptance of entries into the competition. It’s MakeA-Wish.pnga lottery.  Our friend, Randy Scorby is on that web page cover photo!   

Snommegang will be March 9th.

Roberson's Food, Wine, & Beer will be in early April?  We might be able to get tickets from Matt!   


The BIER Charity Beer Fest will be held Thurs. May 16, benefiting Make-a-Wish.  We need to get posters up all over, invite everyone, and plan our brew for it.       


Get your BIER logo mug or stein.  They’re still available, along with old logo tee shirts, etc.  I use my mug, and the logo is well buried in the finish, so it should last a long time. 


Jim Burt gave us some 2015 & 2016 pellet hops.  They should still be good, since they were kept frozen.   


Bernie and Donna had furnace failure!  They were without heat a few days, but had supplemental heat, thank goodness.  Kris and Joan were our Beer Stewards, and Jason gave us a sheet of pizza, too.  Thanks!      


On to the beer.      

·         Tom – Cider, 2017 fall apples, juiced, aged in oak, with some Capt. Morgan Rum added, very oaky, good stuff.     

·         James Dunn – Maibock, as always, a well crafted lager from our Master.  So nicely malt flavored, and a sneaky 9%.  The accidental high mash temperature certainly didn’t hurt it, 1.075 to 1.008 is great attenuation.   

·         Dave & Steve – Dopplebock, good “brown” malt flavor.

·         Matt – German Alt, another nice malty German style beer, this one with US-05 yeast.

·         Dave King (2)Dad’s Amber Ale, light on amber malt flavor, some hop aroma, medium bitter for an IPA, good for people who don’t like intensely bitter IPA’s.  A lighter malt bill than Dad’s Brown Ale, less dark malts, no roast, still 17% rye, water was shifted to higher Chloride, lowered Sulfate, seems like about 50 IBU, 6.9% ABV.  Maybe a bit too smooth.  

·         Jim Burt – Another NEIPA, great hop aroma, good mouth feel, 5.7% ABV, reused yeast cake, 22 oz. of hops!  Wow!  

·         Jim Burt – Julius IPA, very good hop aroma and some Belgian yeast flavor and aroma, a Treehouse clone, with a blend of 3 yeasts and 12.75 oz. of hops,  We’ll be driving right by there on our way to the NHC in June, so we should stop by.

·         James Dunn – Oude Kriek, lambic style ale, barrel aged with cherries, from pFriem, where Jim’s Son-In-Law brews in Hood River, Oregon.  Your President is usually not in favor of sour beers, but Krieks, especially this one, are exceptions.  The tart cherry nose and flavor are fantastic. 

·         Tom – Salted Chocolate Porter, from Genesee.  This is liquid desert, a chocolate lover’s delight.  Thanks, Tom!

·         Kris – Can Chino, great coffee nose, a quick, but very tasty beer, it’s a kit, but with butterscotch, molasses, and lactose added.  This beer has great flavor balance. Kris is a great Homebrewer and Chef! 

Great company, great discussions, great brews.  Next month, February 13th, and March, Rich will be heading up the meeting.  Your fearless leader will be back in April, but staying in touch.  Stay warm, and Brew on!

            Dave King