February 2019 BIER Minutes


12 attendees at our Feb. meeting:

·       Bob Ciesla                James Dunn                Jeff Pontin      Jim Burt      Rich Andel

·       Chris Given Tom DeSantis             Bernie & Donna Kordula       Kris Kinne

·        Steve Morrow          Dave Scheel                                        MakeA-Wish.png           

Upcoming events were discussed, including our Make-A-Wish benefit Food & Beer Fest.  The judging will be the same as before, not blind.  

There are many blind judged contests around, like the upcoming UNYHA contest, and the Galaxy GABF Pro-Am contest, which will be held in the Fall. 



41st Annual Homebrewing Competition

Howdy all, it's the hap-hap-happiest time of the year again in the Rochester homebrew community! Yes, it's time for the brewers version of Thunderdome. Four hundred beers enter, one beer leaves.

Judging Dates: 5/16/19 - 5/18/19

Location: Genesee Brewing Company Corporate Offices

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All the info is on the competition site (link below):

Happy brewing! 

Rich DeTommaso 
Competition Coordinator, UNYHA   (copied from the UNYHA March Newsletter)

The 2019 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is in Providence, RI, about a 5 hr. drive for us, so let’s get a couple car loads going, we need 4 to 6 beers to serve at Club Night, decorations, costumes?  Don’t miss the biggest 3 days in Homebrewing, for the year, and you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  Join us!   

Snommegang will be March 9th.

Roberson's Food, Wine, & Beer will be in early April?  Get tickets from Matt!  

Now for the sampling; 

1.     Jim Burt - White ME, Belgian Style Wit, Very smooth and refreshing flavor, bitter orange peel, grain of paradise, really delicious (Allagash version has a much more pronounced Belgian flavor), better than the original! 

2.     Bob Ciesla - Maris Otter IPA, 6.96% IPA, SMASH, Maris Otter and Mosaic hops, nice burst of hops, dank and very drinkable for the hopheads.

3.     Dave Scheel & Steve Morrow - Gordon Biersch Märzen - Brought a growler from their Syracuse brewpub to share, very nice malty Octoberfest, great example of this German fest beer, so flavorful and malty, thanks for sharing!  Definitely worth checking out if you are in Syracuse, Destiny Mall location.

4.     Jeff Pontin - Winter Biscuit, dark winter ale, used some Swan malts, Windsor ale yeast, low bitterness, somewhat cherry flavor possibly from dark malts, very drinkable.

5.     Bernie Kordula - Pumpkin Ale, 2018 version holding up well, full of spice aroma, balanced very drinkable, biscuit flavor from Maris Otter and roast pumpkin and spices make this special.

6.     Dave Scheel/Steve Morrow - Gordon Biersch Brut IPA, a second growler from Jim/Steve shared with the club, this one features a strikingly clear IPA with a resounding dryness and hop punch from the juicy Amarillo and Cascade hops, 6.1% and super drinkable, refreshing.

7.     Tom DeSantis - Imperial Dark Maple Pistachio Ale, super flavorful and smooth for such a big beer, pistachio and maple combined treat, 2 yrs old and aging well.

8.     Chris Kinne – Nebbiolo Wine, a red wine, with Nebbiolo juice imported from Italy, via Doc’s Homebrew Supply, no skins and Chris used no sulfites in the process, aged on oak cubes and very robust, somewhat dry and super delicious.

9.     Dave Scheel/Steve Morrow - The Dopplebock Experiment, a Dopplebock/Eisbok to the EXTREME!  Dave and Steve took 64 oz. of their tasty high octane Dopplebock and decided to make it into something really special...   They repeatedly kept freezing the Dopplebock in an inverted 2 liter bottle until it would no longer freeze! It took 3-4 rounds freezing in an inverted PET bottle and pouring off the liquid to create something truly unique, they filtered through coffee filter twice and ended up with a super concentrated flavor (and about 1/7 the original volume ~6-8 oz.) for which I can only describe as reminscent of a Samuel Adam's utopia!  Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing this, along with the Gordon Biersch growlers!   

A healthy tip for Binghamton Brewing, with a big thanks for letting us use their meeting room, and we're gone for another month.  Maybe March will bring some Spring weather?  Rich will again be leading, March 13th.         

        Dave King (meeting notes taken and compiled by Rich Andel)