December 2019 BIER Meeting

December 11, 2019

December’s full of holiday parties, and 30 of us enjoyed our annual “BIER Christmas Dinner” at Binghamton Brewing. We really enjoyed our “dish to pass” dinner, along with some great Bing Brew beers.  Thanks, Kristen & Jason! 

Present were:

Dave King (1) ... Jerry & Noreen Canny ... Dave & Joan King .... George Cerny

Chris Cyr .... Bob Ciesla .... James Dunn ... Jim Parks ... Kristen Lyons .... Jason Gardner

Bernie & Donna Kordula .....  Rich & Peter Andel ... Jim Burt .... Carrie Bowgren  

Steve Morrow .... David Scheel ... Anna Caron ... Patty Scotto ... Jeff & Jaime Pontin

Ron Mason .... Shawn & Missy Strassel .... Brian Balliet ... Rick & Wife Cordsen

aha_logo.pngWe discussed:

Rich got our hops from Hop Heaven, & got them to us.  Thanks for leading this for us, Rich.    

Amber Waves of Grain, Homebrew competition by the Niagara Association of Homebrewers deadline for entries is Feb. 8.  The judging will be held Feb. 21 & 22. 

Our annual Beer Tour, Jan. 18th is filling up.  Coachmaster (30 passenger) costs $50/ea., with tip.  We could use a couple names for the waiting list, too.  We’re going South this year, Here & Now, Irving Cliff, Wallenpaupack, Hopping Eagle, and Endless Brewing.  Should be a blast!  “Go or no go” decision the end of Thurs., Jan. 9th.

Snommegang is March 21st, at Muller Plaza in Oneonta. 

Binghamton On Tap is set for Feb. 8th at the Double Tree in Binghamton.

The charity for our Spring Homebrew Fest will be Habitat for Humanity.  May 28th, it’s a Thurs.  They should be a lot of help getting publicity & donors.  We can use your help, as well.

Next year’s AHA National Convention will be in Nashville, TN, June 18 – 20 next June, about a 13 hr. drive for us, so I’ll fly in, how about you?  Don’t miss the biggest 3 days of the year for Homebrewing!  

Our many dishes made a great Christmas feast, thanks to all of you, and especially Steven, Rick & Donna for setting it up.  Bernie, Donna & Steven Stewarded, Binghamton Brewing provided the back room, clean sampling glasses, and rinse water, thanks!  I hope you all bought a beer or 2 from our generous hosts, Binghamton Brewing.     

Homebrew Samples

Jim Burt – Hogan’s Hero, a German Pilsner, with 3470 yeast, a nice clean lager, with good bitterness.

Ron – Rye IPA, 4.1% ABV, good crisp, spicy rye flavor, firmly bitter, not very malty

Dave King (1) – ESB, Brewer’s Best English Pale Ale, but came out more like an ESB.  This one was made for our golf league Homebrew Night, last summer, holding up well, very tasty. 

Rich – Pale Ale, light, dry, lots of hop aroma and bitterness, made to grow up yeast for a bigger batch.  Very drinkable, as long as you’re a Hop Head . 

Jerry – NE IPA, his 2nd cut at this style. Centennial, Mosaic & Ekuanot hops make it pop. 

Steven & Dave Scheel – Carpe Neipa, NE IPA, not very cloudy, firmly bitter, 13 oz. of hops in 5 gal., about right, Jim?

Patty – NE IPA, from Artisanal Brew Works in Saratoga Springs, dry, bitter for a NEIPA, really cloudy, with lots of grapefruit flavor.

Dave King (2) – Robust Porter, pale & dark chocolate, as well as 14% rye malts, with Thomas Faucet Brown Malt this time.  BrewTan B, Whirlfloc, & yeast nutrient were used.  Magnum & Centennial hops were used during the boil.  This is a bit heavy handed in dark and rye malts, maybe less of both, next time.  The re-pitch of US-05 from JBA fermented quickly, per Tilt. 

Shawn – Porter, moderate version, with subtle cinnamon & ginger.  This lightly roast and slightly sweet flavored Porter is a nice easy drinker.

James Dunn – Belgian Triple, same as Nov., 10% ABV smoothie, nice Belgian ester level.  The amylase enzyme in the mash really dried this out.

George – Belgian, a Brewer’s Best kit, but aged with red wine soaked French oak.  The esters and red wine flavors pair well. 

Jim Burt & Rich – Smoked Stout, a big 8.1% ABV stout from Dec. 2014, aging well.  It’s big, roasty, and smoky, a winter feast.

Jim Burt – Russian Imperial Stout, with malts from Jim Parks, with Amador whiskey, big flavored RIS.    

Rich – Saurer Axtmann, Todd Haug Berliner Weisse, from Stone Berlin, with ginger root, 9% ABV, in a big magnum bottle.

Anna – Vanilla Swirl, Pumpkin Ale from The North, sweet, with heavy spices. 

Great Ending to a Great Year

2019 was another great BIER year, the BIER North bus trip went well last January, we had a Learn to Homebrew class at Farmhouse Brewing, we planted hops at the Center for Technology and Innovation for the Frank Haining Memorial Hop Garden, BIER Brew & Food Fest for Make-A-Wish, Doc’s Homebrew gave us a 10% discount, again.  NHC was in Providence RI, we helped at Brew at the Zoo at the Ross Park Zoo, we did what we could to help our local Breweries have a very good year, there were many festivals, where some of us helped.  Galaxy joined the AHA Member Deal program, with $1 off pints.  Several of us went to Denver with Galaxy for the GABF.  We had a 2nd GABF Pro-Am HB contest with Galaxy.  We did a group buy of Ted’s Hop Heaven hops, we had many great samplings and technical discussions at our meetings.  Bernie has been our consistent Steward, so appreciated.  There were several Tap Take-Overs at Food & Fire, and we did our annual BYO subscription ½ price deal.  Marty opened a new tap room in Victor, just East of Rochester.  Now, we just need a new President of BIER.  Interested? 

Thanks to Kristin & Jason for hosing our Christmas Dinner meeting.  Hoppy New Year.  Next meeting is January 8th, back to our normal 7:30 meeting time, at Binghamton Brewing.  Please bring a beer to sample, 2 ea. 12 oz. or so, and label them.  Recipes are appreciated.  See you then!

       Dave King (2)