August 2019 BIER Minutes

8/14/2019 we had a good sized group, 21 of us, good for a Summer meeting.  Thanks to Jason & Kristen, Binghamton Brewing is a great venue for us, good beers, and pizza!   

Rich Andel                  Jim Burt                      Dave King (2)             Brian Balliet

Bob Ciesla                   Jason Gardner             Kristen Lyons Jeff & Jaime Pontin

Joan King                    James Dunn                 Jerry Canny                 Bernie & Donna Kordula                   

Dave Scheel                Steve Morrow             Matt Farrell                 Dave King (1)

Dave Semo                  Chris & Lisa Cyr        

I can’t believe we lost Roger over 2 years ago, and none of the BIER regulars were aware of it.  Bob Talkiewicz sent me his obituary.  I expect that Parkinson’s complications took him.  Roger was a fine brewer and wine maker, as well as an excellent beer judge, and a good friend.  I worked with him at a number of contests.  He was President of the Broome County Fermenters a number of years, was a very active member of that club for many years, and then joined BIER for a while.  Parkinson’s gradually took away his abilities, it was horrible to witness.  Rest in peace, Roger. 

Next year’s BIER Brew & Food Fest will be to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  We need to start some long range planning.   

This year’s AHA National Convention was in Providence, RI, definitely the biggest 3 days in Homebrewing, for the year!  7 of us made the trip.  Club Night was great, as always.  Listen to Basic Brewing Podcast 7/4/19 Club Night, hear your President interviewed by James Spencer and Steve Wilkes, 33’ 30” into it.  Dave Clark & his Meads were on next.  Steve is really into mead.  Tom Owens won an iDip eXact water ion tester.  

Deposit Lumberjack Festival, was July 20th. 

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown was cancelled for 2019.   

We had a Meet and Greet with the Scranton Brewers Guild at Galaxy, Saturday, Aug. 10, at 2 pm.  We had a bunch of good discussions and tried some Homebrew that some of us brought.  There were about 13 of us, roughly ½ from each club.   

Madison Co. Hop Fest is Sept. 13 -15.  We’ll have our usual BIER booth, which we could use your help with.  We’ll have reduced cost wrist bands for the Craft beer tent.

The Salt City (Syracuse) Brew contest is scheduled for Friday & Saturday, September 13th-14th. You can enter your beers and volunteer to judge or steward.

The 2019 GABF Is October 3 to 5 in Denver.  Rich, Tom Owens and your President will be helping at the Galaxy booth.  Devin McMicken will be serving his NE IPA at the ProAm booth.  Come and join us!  

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews will be judged Nov. 16 this year, details on entering, judging and stewarding on their site.

Galaxy and BIER are holding a ProAm Homebrew Contest.  We need to get our Entry Forms in by Oct. 17th, and actual beers need to be delivered to Galaxy Oct. 12th to the 29th.  See the Entry Form for other rules.  The winner will be announced at our Nov. 2nd, 7 pm party at Galaxy.  We’ll need some help to organize the entries and Steward for the judging, Nov. 2nd at 1 pm.     

Hops are growing like mad.  Mine are full height and I’ve got lots of cones, some are mature.  How are yours doing?   

Our AHA club liability insurance rooster and money have been sent in.  You get a 10% off at Doc’s and bragging rights! 

AHA members get $1 off each pint at Galaxy now! 

Jason gave us a sheet of pizza.  Our old Mom’s House tasting glasses are always nice and clean, thanks to Bing Brew, we couldn’t be taken care of any better, so stop by Bing Brew often, and send your friends.  

Bernie & Donna stewarded, thanks!  

Brew Tastings;

Dave King (1) – English Pale Ale, a Brewer’s Best kit from Doc’s, same as we did for Marty’s Learn to Homebrew class, good caramel malt flavor, not very bitter.  Nice clean brew, Dave.

Dave Semo – Belgian Wit, Jamil’s recipe, from Brewing Classic Styles. Nice Belgian yeast esters, not too strong, drinkable.  3 sources of the orange flavor, worked nicely. 

Dave Semo – Hefeweizen, American wheat yeast, Wyeast 1010, nice easy drinking wheat beer.

Jerry – Amber Ale, 1st all-grain, kit from Austin Homebrew Supply, with some added flaked barley, on his Anvil Foundry, all-in-1, 120 VAC basket, sort of a BIAB.  It leaked, made some mess, just part of the learning curve.  O.G. = 1.045, malty, but dried out nicely.

Jim Burt – Voss Kveik - 1, Pale Ale, 1.058 to 1.014, 29 IBU, late hopped with Strata, dry hopped with Strata and Citra.  2nd generation Voss Kveik (Omega #OYL-061) yeast.   Fermented hot & fast, great flavor & aroma. 

Jim Burt – Voss Kveik - 2, Pale Ale, as above, but Belma in place of Citra, much different, drier a bit astringent, compared to -1.  Still very nice.

Rich– NE IPA , no boil, 175°F wort, with Equinox & Citra late hopping, Voss Kveik yeast re-pitch from Jim Burt, took 1.074 down to 1.010.  A cloudy, great hop flavor and aroma brew.   

Jeff – Oktoberfest, oops, fermented with Cry Havoc yeast at about 70°F, but no off flavors.  Very nice, malty, but well balanced brew.

James Dunn – Brut IPA, simple recipe, late & dry hopped for a 40 IBU, 1.050 – 0.995, very dry, aromatic brew.  WLP001 Chico yeast with enzymes really worked!

Rich & Chris Cyr – Wedding Brew, US-04 dry yeast, high carbonation for Chris & Lisa.  Congratulations!     

Brian & Cory – IPA, 1 gal. kit, with an added dry hop, came out very good. 

Dave Scheel & Steve – Cat Fishing IPA, 60 min. clone for Dave’s Son’s HS graduation.  Almost continuous hopping with Warrior, Simcoe & Amarillo hops.  Holy hops!

Dave King (2) – IPA, with recent fresh homegrown hop dry hopping in the bottle.  This old (May brewed) IPA needed a boost, and it got some grassy flavor and aroma, but that’s what fresh, dry hopping usually does.  It’s a feature.    

Brian – Settle Down Easy, Brut IPA, double dry hopped with Mosaic hops, 5% ABV, from 7 Mile Brewery, NJ, almost as good as James’ version.

Bernie & Donna – Day Time, Lagunitas’ session IPA.  Easy drinker, from our old friends.

Bernie & Donna – Steuben Club IPA, from Steuben Brewing, Hammondsport, another fine IPA.


Another great summer meeting.  Lots of fine beers from our brewing members, well done!  See you August, 8th, at Binghamton Brewing! 

Don’t forget to label your brews, and either send me your recipe, or drop off a copy at the meeting, my scanner works fine.  Thanks,    

              Dave King (2)