November 2018 BIER Meeting

Nov. 14, 2018 

16 Attendees;   

Jason Gardner             Bob Ciesla                   Tom DeSantis            

            Dave & Joan King      Jeff Pontin                  James Dunn

            Dave Russell               Jim Burt                      Christopher Hritcko

            Dave Scheel                Steve Morrow             Dave Clark                 

            Matt Farrell                 Bernie & Donna Kordula                                           



The Seneca Lodge Brewfest was Nov. 30 & Dec. 1 (Fri. & Sat.)  Matt, Becky, Joan and I were there Friday night, along with a bunch of Matt’s friends, celebrating Matt’s 50th birthday.  It was a blast!

Christmas dinner at Galaxy, Dec. 12th, early, 6:30pm, 4 or so preferred entrees will be best to order, in order to reduce our waiting time, stay tuned for details. 

The Pour House Pub & Grill will be opening soon, likely in January, in the old Blind Tiger building, with 36 taps. 

We’re doing our annual Beer Tour, Jan. 12th.  Coachmaster (30 passenger) costs $42/ea., including gratuity, depending upon how full it is.  We’re going North this year, Beer Tree, Empire Farmstead, Seneca St., Stout Beard, Middle Ages, & Willow Rock.  If you want to reserve your spot, get me $42/ea. in cash, or PayPal it to Dave King (2).  Checks will work, too.   

Binghamton On Tap is set for Feb. 23rd, at the Double Tree in Binghamton.

The charity for our Spring Homebrew Fest is to be determined.  SOS Shelter (now Rise), A Room To Heal, Boys and Girls Club of Western Broome are in the running, since we think they can handle ticketing and will bring a good many attendees.

Bernie & Donna Stewarded, Bob brought popcorn, Binghamton Brewing provided the usual great side room, clean sampling glasses, a sheet of pizza and rinse water, thanks!  I hope you all bought a beer or 2 from our generous hosts, Binghamton Brewing.   

The Beers;

Matt – Mysterious Amber, his clone of the beer from Rooster Fish, very good amber malt flavor, good balance, all Mosaic, simple, but very effective recipe, well crafted.  Also, no rehydration of US-05 dry yeast, very nicely, fully attenuated. 

Jim Burt – Old Brownie, American Brown Ale, great brown malt flavor, nicely balancing medium bitterness.

Tom – Sod’s Sake, Peated Pale Ale, very smoky, 3 lb., 30% peated malt.  Home grown Nugget hops provide a good bitterness level.  Smoke dominates, for those who like it, well done. 

Jason – Gary’s Oktoberfest, lots of malty goodness with a firm bitterness, I didn’t know an Oktoberfest could be this good!  This was right out of the bright tank, not released yet, but it was ready! 

Dave Russell – Kentucky Porter, clean out the closet malts, flaked corn & brown sugar, Cascade hops, and English ale yeast, really worked! 

James Dunn – Robust Porter, very roasty Southern English style,     

Dave King – IPA, light on malt flavor, 20L crystal was too light, needs 40L, also too smooth, bitterness played down too much.  Water was balanced toward Chloride, away from Sulfate, SO4/Cl = 1.9 needs to go back to 3.5.  Good aroma.   

Jim Burt – Brute IPA, good very dry IPA, very aromatic, true to this new style.  The enzymes worked!

Fun night, some great brews (16 attendees, & 8 beers).  Next month is our Christmas Dinner, Dec 12th, at Galaxy, 6:30 should be a good time to meet.  Galaxy has a great menu, and fine Beers, just right for our once a year tradition. 

     Dave King (2)