May 2018 BIER Minutes

5/9/2018 we had a good sized group at Binghamton Brewing, 15 of us, lots of brew talk and great beer.  Thanks for being such a great host.

            Donna & Bernie Kordula        James Dunn                 Tom DeSantis             Christopher Hritcko

            Kris Kinne                               Bob Ciesla                   Laurie Bowen Dave King (2)

            Rich Andel                              Adam Hawley             Chris Given                 Steve Morrow

            Dave Scheel                           Matt Farrell

Tap NY was Sat. & Sun., April 28 & 29.  Kristen and Jason took a bus load down for Sun., TAP NY or Bus'd 4 - Bus of Khan!  The price included the bus ride, snacks, a crowler, admission to the fest, and I’m sure it was a fun day.  $5 discount for BIER members, too. 

Thursday, May 10 was the Roots of Simulation Reception, at the Center for Technology and Innovation, Bob, Bernie & Donna poured beers from The North, Binghamton Brewing and Water St. 

The UNYHA Homebrew Contest was judged the week of May 12th.  Don Powell and I Stewarded.  It was a very well run event.  I worked for 4 judges in the morning, and only 2 in the afternoon, so I was able to taste along with them, and learn from their comments.  Our morning category was Specialty Beers, none too weird, all were good, several were essentially Pale Ale’s with different fermentables, and there was a peanut butter porter, which was unremarkable.  In the afternoon we judged International & Czech Lagers, only 2 were good, the others poor.  The Winners are listed in this link!

The Mom’s House Beer Fest was Thurs. May 17, 6 to 9:30pm.  We got 27 Homebrew entries, most of the local breweries, and lots of great food samples.  Laurie Bowen thanked us for our efforts and beers at our meeting.  It went very well, winners were all BIER members, except for one, and Dennis used to be in BIER.

Voted by Craft Breweries:

1st place- Tom Owens: "Darkness Falls" - Russian Imperial Stout

2nd place- Dennis Lovelock: "Gnosis" - Tropical American Wild Ale

3rd place-Kris Kinne/Tom DeSantis: "Al's Pup Chino" - Carmel Macchiato Stout

Voted by People's Choice:

1st place- Kris Kinne & Tom DeSantis: “Al's Pup Chino" - Carmel Macchiato Stout

2nd place-Rich Andel: "The Jimmy Buffet - Margarita Style Gose

3rd place-Tom Owens: "Darkness Falls" - Russian Imperial Stout 

The Southern Tier Empire Brewfest will be June 16, at the Broome County Fairgrounds, in Whitney Point.

Zoo Brew will be held at the Ross Park Zoo, June 17th, we should have a Homebrew Booth, and help serve Craft Beer, should be a great time, so let me know that you’ll help us.  

The 2018 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is June 28-30, in Portland, OR.  It’s the best beer event of the year, and you’ll see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  No BIER booth, again this year, too far to ship kegs.  Join Rich and your President, we’re going early to enjoy the Portland beer scene before the conference starts.        

UNYHA Camp Out will be in June, at Craig Zufelt’s house.  This is always a good time, $5 to cover ice, etc.  Lots of kegs, bring a dish to pass.  Come for the day, or camp overnight.  Last year they had a Stein Brew, hard to tell what’s up this time.

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown is Aug 3 - 4.  It sells out early. 

Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest is at the Public Market, Aug 17.  Madison Co. Hop Fest is Sept. 14 -16.  Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods is in Sept., 1 to 5 pm.  Then there’s the GABF (Sept. 20 - 22). 

Hops are growing like mad.  Mine are about 15’ high (as of May 28).  How are yours doing?   

We should be planting the CTI hops soon.  We have Cascade, Fuggle (Don Zwach), and Centennial (Jim Burt).  They’re currently in temporary large pots. 

Jason Garnar, the Broome Co. Executive, is reportedly a Homebrewer.  I sent him an invitation to join us.  Hopefully, he’ll drop by soon.  

I sent my inoperable Jet Carboy & Bottle Washer back, and they replaced it, no charge, the life time warranty is good!  Seems they don’t freeze well, when filled with water.

There was interest in getting BIER club advertising cards, so we could hand them out.  It would also be good to have stickers, to put on our keezers, etc.  Luke Fuller is helping design them, and could produce them at a good price.  Stay tuned for details!

Jason gave us a sheet of pizza.  Our old Mom’s House tasting glasses are always nice and clean, thanks to Bing Brew, we couldn’t be taken care of any better, so stop by Bing Brew often, and send your friends.     

Bob brought us pop-corn, and Bernie Stewarded, thanks guys!     

Homebrew Tastings;     

Steve & Dave Scheel – Dig ‘em Honey Smacks, Wheat beer made with a box of Honey Smacks cereal in the mash, for 3 gal. of 1.046 to 1.008, nice light, easy drinker.

Matt – Pale Ale, his standard malts, but all Mosaic hops, 4.2% sessionable, big tangerine flavor from the late hop additions.  Well crafted. 

Christopher – Happiness Hotel, by River Roost Brewery, American Pale Ale, lots of hop flavor from Simcoe, Motueka, & Idaho 7.

Bernie – Squishy, IPA kit, fermented warm, but no off flavors, surprising.    

Steve & Dave Scheel – Otterade, SMaSH IPA, with Maris Otter & local Cascade hops, good balance, and nice flavors, better than my home grown hops.                                                                  

Rich Andel – The Substance, Bissell Brothers’ flagship brew, from Portland Maine.  Nice hoppy, I guess it’s ~ a NE IPA, 6.6% ABV.  Rich stood in line while on vacation.  Thanks, Rich!

Rich Andel – Reciprocal, their all Australian hopped 2x IPA, another really tasty brew from Bissell Brothers.

James Dunn –  Left of the Dial, American Session IPA from Notch Brewing, Boston, 4.3% light, Citra & Mosaic hops, an easy drinker, not watery. 

Dave King (2) – Rye IPA, the latest version, 80 IBU, 1.066 to 1.014, with 19% Rye, 7.1% ABV, not a session IPA.  My 1st use of GoFerm, may have helped a point or 2 of FG, but a pain to use, hard to dissolve.  

Adam – Two Juicy, Two Road’s version of a NE 2x IPA, Low IBU, 8.2% ABV.   

Adam – The Psychic Laser, Southern Tier’s 2x IPA, fermented on a Saison yeast, an 8.5% twist on an IPA.

Tom DeSantisCocoa Vanilla Cream Porter, just carbonated, a bit low on CO2, but the toasted cocoa nibs and bourbon soaked vanilla beans really made it tasty!  

KrisCappuccino Stout, Light roast, nice coffee flavor, and it has glitter in it, baking glitter!


Great beer, fun time.  Thanks to Binghamton Brewing, for clean tasting glasses, the big meeting room, and a sheet of pizza, wow!      

Don’t forget, if anyone wants to write a review of a pub, a brewery, trip, etc, please do so, and send a copy to Josh and Me.  We’ll get it on the web, you’ll be famous.  Next meeting is June, 13th at Binghamton Brewing. 

              Dave King (2)