March 2018 BIER Minutes


11 attendees at our official March meeting, after canceling a week before, due to a very snowy night:

       Jeff Pontin ††††††††††††††† Anna Caron ††† ††††††††††† Jim Burt †††††††† Rich Andel

   ††† Dave Russell †††††††††† Tom DeSantis ††††††††††† Kris Kinne†††††† Dave King (2)

        Dave King (1) ††††††††† Kristen Lyons Jason Gardner †††††††††††††††††††††††

Scott and his buddy, both from Fairport Brewing, were serving samples of their Timbucha Kombucha.There are lots of flavors, and they are not as sour as many Kombuchas are. They also had a Kombucha Pale Ale on tap at Bing Brew.

Binghamton On Tap was Feb. 24, 2 sessions at the DoubleTree in Binghamton. Must have been good.††††† was in 2 locations this year.Lake Placid March 3rd, and Oneonta March 10th. No feedback on how it went.

Roberson's Food, Wine, & Beer will be the 19th of April, 5:30 to 8:30, lots of good food, beer and wine.On-line ticket sales are on, $50 for non-members.

Tap NY is Sat. & Sun., April 28 & 29.Kristen and Jason are taking a bus load down for Sun., including breakfast, theyíll have a theme, and itís sure to be a fun day.Discount for BIER members, too.Stay tuned for details.††

The Momís House Beer Fest will be Thurs. May 17, 6 to 9:30pm.If youíd like to enter a beer or 2, send me your beer name, style, phone number and description.

Southern Tier Empire Brewfest will be June 16, at the Broome County Fairgrounds, in Whitney Point.

The 2018 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is June 28-30, in Portland, OR.Itís the best beer event of the year, and youíll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.No BIER booth, again this year, too far to ship kegs.Join Rich and your President, weíre going early to enjoy the Portland beer scene before the conference starts.†††††††

Jason gave us a sheet of pizza.Our old Momís House tasting glasses are always nice and clean, thanks to Bing Brew. †††††††

Now for the sampling;

1.      Jeff, Belgian Franken (Blond), small batch BIAB, nice Belgian yeast ester flavors, but inconsistent carbonation, this one was highly CO2.

2.      Dave Russell, Kentucky Common 2, partial mash, 2nd version, lightly hopped, nice medium dark malt flavors.Well done!

3.      Anna, Peanut Butter Porter, Versions 1 & 2, with different peanut butter addition methods, #2 had a vodka extraction of PB2 powder flavor added at bottling and was less roasty and the peanut butter flavor seemed strongest in the after taste, compared to #1, where the PB2 was added to both the boil and the secondary fermenter, but both were very good.

4.      Rich, Citrus Slam, New England IPA with blood orange and Conan yeast, low bitterness.Great aroma in this one.

5.      Jim Burt, Strata 4-20 Pale Ale, 6.3% ABV, features Strata hops, with some CTZ, gave a nice dank hop flavor and aroma.

6.      Anna, Tropical Trees, Beer Treeís NE IPA, with a great tropical nose, creamy, good bitterness level.

7.      Dave King (2), Cab Porter, a blend of 25% his 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon and a recent Robust Porter, for 8.7% ABV. It has a slight berry flavor, light in both roast and wine character.††

8.      Dave King (1), Big Honkiní Stout, Northern Brewer kit, 1.070 to 1.030, not sweet, but thick, medium roast and tasty.

9.      Tom, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016, heavy toasted oak, from an oak spiral, good rich flavor.

10.  Tom, Blueberry Wine, nice semi-sweet fruit wine from a kit, great blueberry flavor. ††††

A healthy tip for Binghamton Brewing, with a big thanks for letting us use their meeting room, and we're gone for another month.  Maybe April will bring some Spring weather?See you April 11th at Binghamton Brewing.††††† 

        Dave King (2)