January 2018 BIER Minutes

Jan. 10, 2018


A new year, more good brew.  17 of us on a temperate night at Binghamton Brewing, and we enjoyed Bing Brew beers, some good discussions and our tastings.   


Attending were:                    

James Dunn                 Bernie & Donna Kordula        Bob Ciesla                   Christopher Hritcko   
Chris Cyr                     Dave King (2)             Rich Andel                  Kristen Lyons

Anna Caron                 Dave Scheel                            Steve Morrow             Jeff Pontin                 

Jim Burt                      Tom DeSantis                         Jason Gardner             Kris Kinne                  


Jim Burt invited us to come by that next Friday, to join Rich, Dave Russell, and him, to do a BIAB NE IPA (we got to try it tonight, see below).  I did drop by.  What a great setup Jim’s got, including an RO system with a float switch, to stop the flow.  His electrically fired BIAB system is sweet!  

Our BYO magazine subscriptions have been sent in and paid for, new subscribers should get their 1st magazine in about mid Feb., which will be the March/April edition.  Renewals just get 1 yr. tacked on, but the earliest will likely be that March/April edition. 

Brewery_Bus_Tour.jpgRich still hasn’t gotten our hops from Hop Heaven.  Thanks for leading this for us, Rich.    

We did the Brewery Bus Trip, Jan 13th, went West to 6 breweries this time, The 30 passenger bus was full.  The snow made for a slow start, but it went well, and everyone had a fine time.   

Binghamton On Tap will be Feb. 24, 2 sessions at the DoubleTree in Binghamton.  Attend, or help pour.  

The 2018 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is June 28-30, in Portland, OR.  It’s the best beer event of the year, and you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  No BIER booth, again this year, too far to ship kegs.  Join us!     

The window to apply in the 2017 National Homebrew Competition opens January 23 through January 30. The time or date you submit an application has no influence on acceptance of entries into the competition. It’s a lottery.  

Snommegang will be in 2 locations this year.  Lake Placid March 3rd, and March 10th.

Roberson's Food, Wine, & Beer will be in early April?  No word, yet.


The Mom’s House Beer Fest will be held this year, some Sat. in May.     


Has anyone bought a BIER logo mug or stein?  They’re still available, along with tee shirts, etc.  I use my mug, and the logo is well buried in the finish, so it should last a long time. 

Want a side job writing for Great Lakes Brewing News?  Tina is retiring from doing the Central NY column.  If you’re interested, let me know.  


Bernie was our Beer Steward, with help from James Dunn, Bob brought popcorn, Jason gave us a sheet of pizza, too.  Thanks!       


On to the beer.      

·         Kris – Orange & Black Pepper Cerveza, made with lots of orange zest,  good orange flavor, with a subdued pepper note.     

·         Donna – SMaSH the Glass, all Citra hopped IPA from Water St., just released today,  Very good, in flavor and aroma, not much malt character, but that’s the “in” IPA style now.

·         James Dunn – Schwarzbier, nice clean black lager, very dry, due to the roasted malts, and there are 4 of them.

·         Jim Burt – Smoke on the Water, great Rauch BIER, took a gold medal a year ago, the smoke has faded, from the cherry wood smoked malt, but it’s at a nice level, now. 

·         Anna – Barley’s Wicked DeBockle, an Imperial Helles Bock, made in June, ? ABV, with Safbrew S-33, Belgian yeast, seems strong, but smooth, well made.  Similar to Serra Nevada’s? 

·         Jim Burt – RSB’s Christmas Treat Baltic Porter, big, roasty brew, with cherries, a very nice sipper.  This is a tribute to Jim’s Grandfather, who flavored brandy with cherries, for Christmas, and gave the cherries to the kids.   I see it’s been a year for Jim’s new electric Brew-In-a-Bag setup, stay tuned for his adventures with capturing steam.   

·         Anna – Stay Puft, Marshmallow Porter, by Tiny Rebel, sweet, chocolate yummy, like smores.  Some gushed, like this one! 

·         Tom – Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake, 1.068 to 1.012, made with toasted pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg,

·         Dave King (2) – Judy’s Brown Ale, by mistake, better than the old recipe, got too much extract to add molasses, and the bitterness was a bit low.  But, the intentional water salt in favor of Chlorides, with less Sulfate probably helped, too. 

·         Jim Burt & Rich – Hops R Us, NE IPA from that brew day that Dave Russell and I popped in on.  Jim used his electrically heated BIAB setup, with all late hop additions, 20 gal. batch, 6.8% ABV, great, so aromatic!

·         Christopher HritckoSwig of Sunbeams, Sip of Sunshine clone from Northern Brewer, really close, great hop flavor and aroma,  

·         Steve Morrow and Dave Scheel – The Juice Pale Ale, from Skewed Brewing, neat Water Town, 6.4% ABV, very tasty, like a NE IPA, but not bitter, certainly a Pale Ale, with lots of late hopping. 

Great company, great discussions, great brews.  Next month, February 8th,  and March, too, Rich will be heading up the meetings.  Your fearless leader will be back in April.  Stay warm, and Brew on!

            Dave King