December 2018 BIER Meeting

December 12, 2018

December is full of holiday parties, and 17 of us enjoyed our annual “BIER Christmas Dinner” at Galaxy. We really enjoyed dinner, along with some great Galaxy Beers.  Thanks, Seth & Michael! 

Present were:

Dave King (1) ....................... Josh Sember ...... Dave Semo .... Dave King (2)  

Christopher Hritcko ............. Bob Ciesla ..... Carrie Bowgren ... James Dunn

Bernie & Donna Kordula .....  Rich Andel .... Jim Burt ............. Steve Morrow

Tom DeSantis ...................... Kris Kinne ..... Matt Farrell ........ David Scheel

aha_logo.pngWe discussed:

Rich got our hops from Hop Heaven, & brought them for us.  Thanks for leading this for us, Rich.    

Our annual BYO mag. subscription deal came in, 8 editions for 50% off, $14.99.  If you’re interested, give me your full mailing address, e-mail address, and whether it’s a new or renewal subscription.  Please use PayPal, but cash or a check will work, too.  They get sent in Friday, 12/21/18, so the 20th is the last day to join us. 

Our annual Beer Tour, Jan. 12th is filling up.  Coachmaster (30 passenger) costs $42/ea., with tip.  We could use a couple names for the waiting list, too.  We’re going North this year, Beer Tree, Empire Farmstead, Seneca St., Stout Beard, Middle Ages, & Willow Rock.  Should be a blast! 

Snommegang is March 9th. 

Learn to Homebrew Day at Farmhouse Brewing, Sat. April 13th.  Bernie, Donna & Bob will work with me.

The 2019 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is in Providence, RI, about a 5 hr. drive for us, so let’s get a couple car loads going, we need 4 to 6 beers to serve at Club Night, decorations, costumes?  Don’t miss the biggest 3 days in Homebrewing, for the year, and you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  Join us!   

Donna brought a bunch of deserts, so good!  Bernie & Donna Stewarded.  Thanks, guys!  Our dinners and Galaxy beers were excellent, can’t beat it.  Thanks, Mike, Seth, Lynsey, Mary, Colin, etc.

SuperSipper.jpgHomebrew Samples

Rich – Session Pale Ale, 3 yeast blend,

Kris – Strawberry, Pear Cider, 2 yr. old, “bag” kit from Doc’s, great fruit flavors, mainly strawberry, which is hard to get.

James Dunn – Vienna Lager, with Barke Pilsner, Vienna & Munich malts, which James likes, because of the “smooth flavors and the full mouth feel. Also the malts have a protein level that works well with either a Single Infusion or a Step Mash.”  We agree that the malt flavors in this beer are great.

Jim Burt – Fluctuation, great example of a NE DIPA from Equilibrium, Middletown, NY. 

Dave King (2) – Dad’s Amber Ale, a lighter malt bill than Dad’s Brown Ale, less dark malts, no roast, still 17% rye, shifted higher Chloride, lowered Sulfate, seems like about 50 IBU, 6.9% ABV.  Maybe a bit too smooth.  

Josh – Amber, 3 yrs. old, and pleasantly tart.  This was his last Homebrew, before turning Pro, recipe is long gone.  Nice level of sourness and plenty CO2 lively.   

Bernie & Donna – Pumpkin Ale, with toasted canned pumpkin, brown sugar, and individual spices, not canned “pumpkin spice,” for a nice moderate spiciness in the nose and taste.  Light on cloves, all-grain this time.  Well done!    

Steve & Dave Scheel – Doppelbock, all-grain, nice malty aroma and taste, 2nd annual batch. 6.5% ABV. 

Matt – Porter, good match-up with Donna’s chocolate goodies, light on roast, an easy drinker.

James Dunn – Robust Porter, heavy roast, dry, with coffee like roasty flavor, nice version of the old English favorite.

Dave King (1) – Big Honkin’ Stout, Brewer Kit, with steeping malts.  1.070 to 1.030, 5.6% ABV, over a year old, holding up good.  It’s not sweet, nice roast character.    

Dave King (1) – Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, an old standard Russian Imperial Stout of 10% ABV.     

Jim Burt & Rich – J&R’s Super Sipper, Imperial Stout.  Big, O.G. = 1.122, aged on Maker’s Mark bourbon soaked oak barrel staves for 7 months, there’re only 2 cases of it, wax dipped bottles, precious stuff!  It’s really intense, good balance, and smooth, not hot, or sweet, or too roasty.  We wouldn’t expect anything but the best from these 2. 

Kris & Tom – Sod Noggin, peated Scotch Ale, way heavy smoke, lightly malty, finished dry.  If you like smoke, this is your beer! 

Great Ending to a Great Year

2018 was another great BIER year, BIER Western bus trip last January, Mom’s House Homebrew Fest, Doc’s Homebrew gave us a 10% discount, again, and got us bags of malt at discounted prices.  NHC was in Portland., OR, we had our usual booth at the Madison Co. Hop Fest, did Zoo Brew at Ross Park Zoo, we did what we could to help our local Breweries have a very good year, there were many festivals, where some of us helped, we put in an order for Ted’s Hop Heaven hops, we had many great samplings and technical discussions at our meetings.  There were several Tap Take-Overs at Food & Fire, and we did our annual BYO subscription ½ price deal.     Now, we just need a new President of BIER.  Interested? 

Thanks to Mike & Seth, for our Christmas Dinner meeting.  Hoppy New Year.  Next meeting is January 9th, back to our normal 7:30 meeting time, at Binghamton Brewing.  Please bring a beer to sample, and label them.  Recipes are appreciated.  See you then!

       Dave King (2)