August 2018 BIER Meeting

August 8, 2018

14 of us were present:

Dave Clark                  Bernie & Donna Kordula                                Chris Given                 Tom DeSantis

Bob Ciesla                   Rich Andel                  Jim Burt                      Anna Caron                 Kris Kinne

James Dunn               David Battisti              Dave King (2)              Don Powell                             

David Battisti visited us, he is a member of the Wyoming Valley Homebrewers.  He met Seth at Galaxy, and learned of our HB contest.  They have an upcoming contest, the Crystal Lederhosen. We need to blow them away with our great beers!   Enter, and make us proud.   We can enter beers by September 7, and register to judge or Steward by September 22.  It’s organized by the Scranton Brewer's Guild and Wyoming Valley Homebrewers Club.

The 2nd Annual New York State Craft Beer Competition yielded 2 local winners, Binghamton Brewing took a bronze with Purple Rain, and Galaxy got a bronze for their Bingtown Brown, with 642 entries, that’s big, congratulations!

Kevin, Doc’s, is doing a pallet buy of bags of malt, we’re getting close, but need a few more bags to fill it, can you use more malt?  Kevin isn’t putting the order in until it’s full.  He’ll let us know, so we can get him the $’s.   Check the link for prices.

We discussed upcoming events; 

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown was Aug 3 - 4. 

Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest was at the Public Market, Aug 17.   

August 18th was the Binghamton Brewing’s 5th Anniversary Luau Party, which I hear was a great time.  

Galaxy held a Homebrew Contest, to decide who’s beer they’ll brew on their system, serve at Galaxy, and enter in the 2019 GABF Pro-Am.  Their 5th Anniversary celebration was Aug. 25, at 5pm we announced the winners, and the entrant party was held afterward.  It was a blind judging, and went very smoothly, with help from Joan, Bernie, Donna, Seth, Michael, Zach, Kevin Winters, and John Pezzino (Galaxy Brewer).  Our winners were;

  1. Devin McMicken, Turning Pages 6, Juicy or Hazy IPA (Pro-Am!)
  2. Ed Walkowski, Free Agent Tripel, Belgian Tripel
  3. Dave King (2), The King’s Red Rye, Rye Beer, Double Red Ale

Madison Co. Hop Fest is Sept. 14 -16.  I’ll be giving an “Intro. to Homebrewing” talk, and we’ll have our usual BIER booth, which we could use your help with.  We’ll have reduced cost wrist bands for the Craft beer tent.

The 2018 GABF is Sept. 20 - 22.   

The Salt City (Syracuse) Brew contest is scheduled for 9/29/18 in Syracuse.  They’ll need Judges and Stewards, as well as entries.

Hops are doing well.  Mine are full height, and I’ve got lots of cones, I’ve dried and vacuum packed 17.6 oz., so far, and took almost 4 lb., wet, to Hopshire, for their Harvest Ale, CoHoperation.  The release party is Sept. 29.  Chuck Rhoades, Willet Hop & Grain, says he had some severe mildew problems with several varieties, and is getting help from Cornell.  Mine are OK, I think they’re Chinook, and I stripped off the lower foot or so of leaves.  Tom’s 1st year Nugget & Cascade hops are doing well.  How are yours doing?   

Next year’s AHA National Convention will be in Providence, RI, about a 5 hr. drive for us, so let’s get a couple car loads going, we need 4 to 6 beers to serve at Club Night, decorations, costumes?  Don’t miss the biggest 3 days in Homebrewing, for the year! 

We’re out of the “Invitation to BIER” cards, so we reduced the 2018 – 2019 membership, to $3.75, since the insurance is $3.75/member, and I can’t give out cards anymore.  If you’re interested in a 3” sticker, we have about 12 left.  We need $1/ea.  Thanks!


Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, Nov. 3rd , it’s a good contest held at Racing City Brewing.


New York Craft Brewers Festival is Dec. 2nd.  Over 50 Breweries, and lots of food included for $45, on-line, $20 Designated Driver, in Syracuse at the Landmark Theatre.  5 to 8 pm.  This is put on by the NY State Brewers Association, should be a lot of brewers there.  Apparently, there was one June 10th, too.  


Jason gave us a sheet of pizza.  Our old Mom’s House tasting glasses are always nice and clean, thanks to Bing Brew, we couldn’t be taken care of any better, so stop by Bing Brew often, and send your friends.  Thanks, Kristen & Jason!

BrewsBernie Stewarded, Bob brought pop corn, thanks guys.

Kris – Chi-Cha, an interesting South American Indian inspired brew, with cooked corn, ginger, zested lime, and cloves.  Kris used amylase enzyme, he didn’t chew the cooked corn.    

Rich – The Jimmy Buffett, Margarita Ale, nice light lime citrusy ale, with acidulated malt, lime zest and Kölsch yeast.  He scored well in the Galaxy contest with this refreshing summer brew.

Dave Clark – Red Ale, extract with steeped red and light malts, and Amarillo and his homegrown 2016 & 2017 Centennial hops, a very nice, easy drinking brew.    

Dave Battisti – Scotch Ale, all extract, and it was added at the end of the boil, with brown sugar.  Nice malty brew, not sweet.  Only 2 hours to the fermenter.  It shows how a simple beer can be very good.   

Tom – Pot Luck IPA, a closet cleaner, with Maris Otter malt and a bunch of whatever hops.  Very tasty 4.9% sessionable IPA. 

DonnaSurf Star IPA, by Bold Missy Brewery, Charlotte, NC.  Showing some age, with faded hop character, but a very good West Coast IPA.  This brewery is run by almost all ladies. It’s Donna’s Son’s local brewery.

Anna MC2, a Double NE IPA from Equilibrium, 8% ABV, great hop nose, hazy.   

Dave King (2) – Red Rye, a Red Rye IPA, brewed early April, getting mellow, very clear, still decent bitter finish, needs another dry hopping.    

Jim BurtHop Fu, great West Coast IPA, based on a San Diego brewer’s AHA winning recipe, with 15 oz. of hops in 5 gal.  A real hop treat. 

Bob SMASH IPA, Maris Otter & Mosaic, Bob’s best IPA yet.  But don’t be afraid to dry hop it.

Anna Super Man Punch, Gose from Barreled Souls Brewing Co., really red, like slightly tart Kool-aid.  


Another good meeting, thanks to Bing Brew and all of you, see you next time, September 12.  Brew on!

                         -  Dave King (2)