April 2018 BIER Minutes

April 11, 2018

Nice warm Spring day, 23 attending, with lots of Homebrews to sample.   

Josh Sember    Chris Given                 Jim Burt                      Anna Caron

Don Powell     Dave Russell  Jason Gardner Steven Morrow          

Dave Scheel    Bernie Kordula           Donna Kordula           Bob Ciesla        

Rich Andel      Tom DeSantis             Kris Kinne                   Kristen Lyons

James Dunn     Jim Dabek                   Jeff Pontin                  Christopher Hritcko   

Devin McMicken                                Maggie Cubic              Dave King (2) 

Beer News;

Welcome Devin & Maggie, new to BIER.  Big group, lots of news and great homebrews. 

Dick Tuthill passed away last month.  He was a soft spoken good friend, hard to lose him.  We toasted to his memory. 

Don Powell is setting up a 5 gal. batch brewery and could use equipment, if you’ve got something to sell him, let him know.

$25 paid for our web site for another year, thanks, Tim O’Leary.  We voted for and approved taking it from our excess funds.  Here’s the URL, in case you lost track of it.  Josh has put some recipes up, and our old meeting minutes are there, for reference.  ===>  http://www.thebierclub.com/

Water St. & Upstate Collaboration at Food & Fire, was Wed. 4/18/18.  There were several beers from each of them, in addition to their NE IPA collaboration beer.    

Brülosophy did an exbeeriment on brewing water, comparing Czech Pilsners, one brewed with just RO without any mineral adjustments and the other made with adjusted RO.  They found a slight, but significant difference.  That’s vindication for those of us who work at adjusting our brewing water, and also shows it’s not that big a thing.

Khan tap new yoooork.pngRoberson's Food, Wine, & Beer was held the 19th of April, 5:30 to 8:30, lots of good food, beer and wine.    

Tap NY was Sat. & Sun., April 28 & 29.  Kristen and Jason took a bus load down for Sun., TAP NY or Bus'd 4 - Bus of Khan!  The price included the bus ride, snacks, a crowler, admission to the fest, and I’m sure it was a fun day.  $5 discount for BIER members, too. 

The UNYHA Homebrew Contest is coming up, judging is the week of May 12th.  Don Powell and I will be Stewarding.  There’s still time to enter your beers and sign up to help.  Unfortunately, they won’t let me bring entries up on the 12th, so if you enter, you’ll need to ship or drop off in Syracuse or Rochester.

The Mom’s House Beer Fest will be Thurs. May 17, 6 to 9:30pm.  We got 28 Homebrew entries, most of the local breweries, and lots of food samples.  Laurie Bowen is planning to attend our May meeting, the week before. 

Southern Tier Empire Brewfest will be June 16, at the Broome County Fairgrounds, in Whitney Point.

The 2018 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is June 28-30, in Portland, OR.  It’s the best beer event of the year, and you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  No BIER booth, again this year, too far to ship kegs.  Join Rich and your President, we’re going early to enjoy the Portland beer scene before the conference starts.        

UNYHA Camp Out should be in June, at Craig Zufelt’s house.  This is always a good time, $5 to cover ice, etc.  Lots of keg, bring a dish to pass.  Come for the day, or camp overnight.  Last year they had a Stein Brew, hard to tell what’s up this time.

Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest is at the Public Market, Aug 17.  Madison Co. Hop Fest is 9/14 -16.  Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods is in the fall, no date yet.  Then there’s the GABF (Sept. 20 - 22). 

We should be planting CTI hops soon.  We have Cascade, Fuggle (Don Zwach), and Centennial (Jim Burt).  

There was interest in getting BIER club advertising cards, so we could hand them out.  Several guys suggested they could submit designs.  We can get them printed at Village Printing.  Our membership cards were only $20 for 250. 

Jason gave us a sheet of pizza.  Our old Mom’s House tasting glasses are always nice and clean, thanks to Bing Brew.   

Homebrew Tastings;      Bernie was our Steward, with help from James Dunn, thanks guys!

Kris – Blueberry Tart, an Imperial Blueberry Sour Wheat Ale from Southern Tier Brewing.  8.5% ABV, lightly tart, very good beery flavor.

Josh – Kampai Ichiban, Rice Lager, he professionally brewed it at The North, 3.2% ABV, sure it’s light, but with a surprising nice malty flavor.

James – Munich Helles, simple malt bill, 2 hops, all German ingredients, but it’s his process that really makes it.  The Spalt hop is new in this one, great noble hop flavor. 

Jeff – Smaragd SMaSH, only Swaen Pale Malt and Smaragd hops, very nice amber ale.  Looks like you hit your pH, Jeff, when BeerSmith didn’t think you would.  That malt must be different than expected, more acidic than typical 2 row Pale Malt?

Jim Burt – Hopster Pils, a fast lager, 5.8% ABV, well crafted hoppy German Pils.  Fermented at 54°F to 50% attenuation, then gradually warmed up to 70°F, to finish, and then 3 days of 34°F lagering.  It sure worked, great malt & hop flavors, and clean.       

Dave & Steve – Schwartz Beer, US-05 fermented at 60°F, kept it very clean, like a lager.  I didn’t know it would work that cold.  Nice malt flavor with a light roast touch. 

Dave Russell – Rye Ale, with all rye, no barley, dry, good rich flavor, amazing. 

Jim Dabek – Choconut Porter, Porter with coconut & chocolate, an Oscar Blues clone, from BYO magazine.  Nice chocolate flavor with a coconut finish.

Bob – Cluster Brown Porter with Hazel Nut Flavor , all Custer hops with Hazel Nut Coffee flavor added at bottling.  It really worked, Bob!

Steve & Dave – Red IPA, they brewed it with Gary at Bing Brew, and it’s on tap tonight!  Good malt flavor with firm bitterness.

Dave King (2) – Rye IPA, getting some age on it, just done dry hopped for 3 days with whole Centennial hops.  

Rich – Black IPA, all Simcoe hops, light roast, good hop flavor.  Approximately an Alchemist recipe with dehusked Carafa III, it took 2 Zymatic batches to get 5 gal. 

Devin – Turning Page 3, NE IPA, with Citra & Mosaic hops at flameout, & Conan yeast.  It’s dank, with low bitterness, and way cloudy.  Great start to Devin’s BIER membership!

Anna – Go With the Flow, from Other Half Brewing Co., in Brooklyn, 6.5% ABV, good NE IPA.

Bernie – Big Cranky, West Coast IPA, double IPA from Stony Creek Brewery, Connecticut, 9.5% ABV.  Yes, it is a big one!

Tom DeSantis – Hopped Cider, 8%, with added sugar, tart and sweet, well done.

Dave Semo – KBS Clone, from AHA, a really big heavy weight Imperial Stout, with Larceny bourbon.  Wow, that’s an expensive, and time consuming brew to pull off, kudos to you, Dave!


Great beer, fun time.  Thanks to Binghamton Brewing.  Don’t forget, if anyone wants to write a review of a pub, a brewery, trip, etc., please do so, and send a copy to Josh and Me.  We’ll get it on the web, and you’ll be famous. 

Next meeting is May, 9th.          

              Dave King (2)