September 2017 BIER Meeting

September 13, 2017

Present were:

Bernie Kordula           Donna Kordula           Rich Andel                  Jim Burt

Kristen Lyons Tom DeSantis             Walter Szmyrko          Jason Gardner

Dave King (2)             James Dunn                 Ronald Roehr              David Clark 

Adam Hawley Joan King                    Dave Scheel                Steve Morrow

Anna Caron (w/Barley)                                   Jeff & Jamie Pontin   

                                                                                                                        19 of us          

News & Discussion:

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Our club will get reimbursed for any new or renewing memberships purchased using the link on our home page (above): one-year membership= $5; two-year= $6; three-year= $7


We voted to take the cost of our new Membership cards from Village Printing, $19.98, from the BIER Treasury. 

Fall is fund raising and festival time.    

August 12th was the Binghamton Brewing’s Anniversary party, 2 to ??.  Some of us helped, it was great fun.  Since then, their new Brewer, Gary Mathews, started.  He’s got tons of brewing experience, should be a great addition to BingBrew.  A wet hopped IPA should be released soon, and we can expect other new beers.  Kasey Kizer is now their Assistant, as well.  Speaking of additions, they got a Crowler machine, beer in cans, 32 oz., with reseal-able lids, much better than glass.  Lots new happening here! 

Fresh yeast?  Call ahead, get some from BingBrew Mon., Wed. and Fri.  

Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest was at the Public Market, Aug 18.  

2 Dogz and a Guy Brewing is now open in Montrose, PA. 

Madison Co. Hop Fest was Sept. 16.  We had our usual booth.  Joan and I introduced a lot of folks to Homebrewing, answered lots of questions, and served samples of my homebrew.  The Craft Beer tent had lots of good brews.  The weather was great this year, warm and dry.   

Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods was Sept. 23.  We had all the local breweries, it was a good time, chance to meet many of the brewers.  The food was very good, most came from Food & Fire.  Please stop by and enjoy their excellent BBQ, and the many Craft Beers they keep on tap.   

Then there’s the GABF (Oct. 5 - 7). 

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, Oct. 21st, it’s a very good Homebrew contest, with a party after judging.    

New York Craft Brewers Festival is Dec. 2nd.  Over 50 Breweries, and lots of food included for $45, on-line, $20 Designated Driver, in Syracuse at the Landmark Theatre.  5 to 8 pm.  This is put on by the NY State Brewers Association, should be a lot of brewers there.  Apparently, there was one June 10th, too.  

We should do a Beer Tour, probably mid Jan.  Coachmaster should cost around $35/ea., depending upon bus size and how full it is.  We voted to give a discount to BIER members, using the treasury excess, amount to be determined nearer to tour time.  

Rich placed our hop order with Ted Hausotter, Hop Heaven, for his fresh fall Oregon hops.     

Donna & Bernie did the Stewarding, and brought pretzels.  Kristen & Jason provided a big sheet pizza, too.  Thanks!

The beers: 

Kristen – Cézanne Saison, by Lucky Hair, 5.6%, from Hector, on the East side of Seneca Lake.  They’re a Farm Brewery.  Nice light Saison, not too heavy on the spicy yeast esters. 

James Dunn – English Mild, great sessionable ale, with lots of malty goodness.  1.035 to 1.012, <4% ABV, with English Ale yeast.  Well done, as always. 

Adam – Amber, a little dark, but who cares, it tastes great.  This partial mash creation has a great “amber” malt flavor. 

Jim Burt – Dark Forest Dunkel, BIAB, nice malty, dark lager.  Jim entered it in the Rochester contest, they thought it was too roasty, but not for us.   

Steve Morrow & Dave Scheel – Doppelbock, a strong, malty Bock.  But wait for the iced version.  This was made with an American Ale yeast, and a long lagering, nicely crafted, very tasty.

Steve Morrow & Dave Scheel – Mother-In-Law-Silencer, the iced version of their Doppelbock, above.  They reduced the volume by about ½, wow, so intense. 

WaltPort Brewing’s Hop-15, big pine & citrus nose, 11% 2xIPA, wow, the 15 hops are so intense.  Tomme Arthur’s Spring and Fall special.  Ymm, thanks Walt, inspiration for a homebrew?

Anna – Baby Genius, from Bissel Brothers, Portland, Maine.  Their cloudy NE style session IPA, 4% ABV, Anna had to wait in line for it, on release day.  Catty hop flavor and aroma, so good, little if any malt flavor. 

Adam – Rye IPA, with 11.5 lb. 2 row, 20% Rye, and Columbus & Pekko hops, very nice.   

Jim Burt – Bock Von Trapp, from von Trapp Brewing, found on his Vermont trip.  6.5% ABV 20 IBU, malty, well made Bock, finishes a bit sweet, true to style.

Tom DeSantis – Eclipse IPA, made with flaked corn and Cardamom seed (for citrus flavor), lots of boil hops and a big dry hopping, just after primary fermentation, with Fresh Cascade & Centennial hops.  1.054 to 1.008, for 6% ABV, big hop flavor, and nose.    

Walt – IPA, his first brew, a kit from Doc’s, well done, you’ve got it, Walt!  BTW, he says the black capper breaks bottles, the red one doesn’t.  Got me.

Dave King (2) – Rushmore IPA, old May batch, based on a Palmer recipe, but recently dry hopped with lots of Doc’s Ahtanum pellets to hopefully bring it back some.

Rich – Kombucha, 1st batch, with 10 bags of tea in 1 gal., 160 – 180°F steep, and <1/2 cup of sugar and ginger.  Rich bought a SCOBY on-line.  Very good, so interesting.

Rich – Kombucha, this one was with fruit.  You can flavor it so many ways.  Try it!

A great gathering, with plenty of great brews.  See you next month, October 11th.  Many of us will be brewing more, as the weather cools off.     

     Dave King (2)