October 2017 BIER Meeting

October 11, 2017


19 of us met for a Fall celebration of Homebrewing, in the midst of a big festival season.



            Dave King (2)             Walt Szmyrko Dave King (1)             Ron Roehr

            Jeff & Jamie Pontin    Don Powell                 Joan King                    James Dunn

            Matt Farrell                 Kristen Lyons             Jim Burt

            Tom DeSantis Jason Gardner Christopher Hritcko

            Gary Johnson Kasey Kaiser               Bernie & Donna Kordula



GABF was Oct. 5 - 7, Walking Tree, from Vero Beach, FL got a Bronze, a very good brewery near where Joan and Dave King spend Winter in Florida. 

2 Dogz and a Guy Brewing is now open in Montrose, PA.  Oct. 14, was their Grand Opening. 

Beer Tree is open, some of us have been there.  The  beers are very good, and the building is amazing.  They had a couple “soft opening” weekends, and the Grand Opening on Oct. 21st and 22nd.  The latter was crazy busy, and with the good weather, their huge parking was nearly full at times.  Good thing they have a 10 bbl. brew house. 

Bratoberfest was Oct. 21, 1 to 6 pm, at the Farmhouse Brewery, on George St., Owego.  $1/pint and all food proceeds went to the Kalurah Shriners.  Marty had several “events” at the 17 Lake St. tap room, 1st Fridays, both went very well. 

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, was also Oct. 21st, it’s a very good Homebrew contest.     

Pumpkin Throwdown was held October 29th, at Farmhouse Brewery.  Pumpkin Monkey Bread won, and it was really good.

Learn to Homebrew Day is scheduled for Nov. 4th.  We did an event last year at Galaxy. 

Thanks to Tom DeSantis for providing a 5’ mailing tube for our BIER banner, which will greatly help preserve it.  

The NY Craft Brewers Festival will be Dec. 2nd, 4 to 8pm, in Syracuse at the Landmark Theater.  Over 60 Breweries, and lots of food included for $45, on-line, $20 Designated Driver.  This is put on by the NY State Brewers Association, there should be a lot of brewers there.  Your President will be helping Marty, Farmhouse Brewing.

The Seneca Lodge Brewfest is Dec. 1 & 2.  Always a great time.

We’re doing our annual Beer Tour, Jan. 13th.  There’s been a raise in bus rates, Coachmaster should cost around $37/ea., depending upon how full it is.  We voted to give a discount to BIER members, using the treasury excess, amount to be determined nearer to tour time.  We are looking for recommendations on stops and route.  

Dave King (2) did 4 brewing water composition analyses with his LaMotte kit, and new reagents.    Another round of testing will be done.  If you’re interested, bring a 12 to 16 oz. sample in a disposable bottle and $5 to the Nov. meeting.  We’ll be discussing the 4 initial results at that meeting, as well. 

We met Gary Johnson, Binghamton Brewing’s new Head Brewer.  Gary has over 30 years of brewing experience, much of it in Canada.   Later, Kasey Kaiser, the new Assistant, dropped by.  Welcome guys!    

Bernie Stewarded, Donna brought us cookies and cup cakes & Jason got a sheet of pizza for us.  Thanks to you all, and of course, thanks to Kristen and Jason for letting us use their conference room, with a great set of tables, chairs and clean tasting glasses.  We are so lucky. 


Our Beers;    


Walt – Amber Ale, from Fairport Brewing, nice easy way to start the evening. 


Dave King (1) – Nut Brown Ale, Northern Brewer kit, with steeping grains, well executed, dried out nicely, good “brown” malt flavor.  We discussed what makes it “nut brown,” consensus was just the style being taken from the name of old English brown ales.  No nuts involved.   


Jeff  German Alt, 2.5 gal. with BeerSmith & tweaks.    


Bernie & Donna – October Fest Bock, 9.2% ABV, from Water St. Brewing, nice, malty, probably true to style.


Jim – Basement Beer, Blond Ale with more hops, light in color and body. We hop heads liked it, for sure!


Matt – CH-47, inside joke, since that’s the designation of the Boeing Chinook helicopter, and this beer is 100% Chinook hopped.  LME & DME, lots of late hopping, made in late June, so hops have faded, but it was still a very tasty beer. 


Chris – Excavator Rye Brown Ale, from Big Ditch in Buffalo.  Nice richly dark malt flavored brown ale.


Tom – Butterscotch Oatmeal Stout, 1 yr. old last July, holding up well, there are nice caramel notes in this stout.


Dave King (2) – IPA, with recent Simcoe dry hop.  This old double batch IPA from late spring, was revitalized with a 2 day dry hop of 2 oz. of whole Simcoe in about 2 gal. of IPA.  Some aroma and bitterness were gained, but not much after only 2 days. 


Tom – Eclipse IPA, brewed during the solar eclipse, stored warm, took a toll on the aroma.  


James – Midnight IPA, with Malteurop malt, nice black IPA, low roast flavor, good balance.  James used a mixed yeast culture, 6 generations old.  He’s using a microscope and staining to assure good yeast health and count. That’s an advanced brewing method! 


Walt – Fluffy, a NE style IPA from Fairport Brewing. 5.8% ABV, 60 IBU, nicely done.  

Good meeting, lots of very good brews. 

Bring your water samples in disposable bottles and $5, last chance for analysis this Fall.  Also bring your latest Homebrews next time (with recipes, or send them), and we’ll get into them.  Kevin is bringing some malt samples from his new source.  See you November, 8th.    

     Dave King (2)