November 2017 BIER Meeting

Nov. 8, 2017 

19 Attendees;   

Don Powell                 Bob Ciesla                   Tom DeSantis             Ron Roehr

            Dave & Joan King      Rich Andel                  Jeff Pontin                  James Dunn

            Kevin Winters Herb Winters               Dave Russell               Jim Burt 

            Dave Scheel                Steve Morrow             Dave Clark                  Christopher Hritcko

            Bernie & Donna Kordula                                                       



Channel 34 TV did a 2 part series in their 6pm news cast, about breweries along Rt. 86.  They call it NYS Beer Trail, and they featured Beer Tree and Upstate. Mike Tanzini did a great job on these.

Brew Beats is another TV series, very well produced by WSKG.  Farmhouse, Hopshire, Water St., etc. were featured, and there are more to come.  There’s always a local band included in the show, so it’s a pairing of music and brewer interviews.  

Pumpkin Throwdown was held October 29th, at Farmhouse Brewery.  Pumpkin Monkey Bread won, and it was really good, paired well with Marty’s great brews.

The NY Craft Brewers Festival will be Dec. 2nd, 4 to 8pm, in Syracuse at the Landmark Theater.  Over 50 Breweries, and lots of food included for $45, on-line, $20 Designated Driver.  This is put on by the NY State Brewers Association, should be a lot of brewers there.  Apparently, there was one June 10th, too.  Your President will be helping Marty, Farmhouse Brewing.

The Seneca Lodge Brewfest is Dec. 1 & 2. 

“The set up will be the same as in the past.


Friday December 1st

Hours 5:30 - 9:00  Brewfest and food  music by Brett Beardslee and Scott Adams

Late night music 9:00 - till ?  by THE SWEATS!

Friday night $45 per person with all Seneca Lake breweries this year.  Including Seneca Lake, Climbing Bines, Grist Iron, Gael, Heavily, War Horse, Rooster Fish and Bottomless(still waiting for confirmation on these guys)


Saturday December 2nd

Hours 4:00 - 8:00  Brewfest and food with music by Brian Hughes and Mike Baker from the Band RUST

Late night music from 8:00 - 11:00 will be The Brothers Grateful  'Roy Crawford and Ken Erway'

Saturday night $50 per person.  Breweries will be Wagner Valley, 2 Goats, Band Wagon, Broken Dreams, Scale House, Market Street, and waiting on confirmation of 2 others

If interested please contact the lodge Monday - Friday from 8 - 5 and talk with Dora.

Any questions please feel free to email me.



We’re doing our annual Beer Tour, Jan. 13th.  Coachmaster (30 passenger) costs $35/ea., depending upon how full it is.  We voted to give a discount to BIER members, using the treasury excess, amount to be determined nearer to tour time.  We went North last year, how about West this time?  If you want to reserve your spot, get me $30/ea. for members, $35/ea. for non-members, or PayPal it to Dave King (2).  Checks will work, too.   

Dave King (2) did 4 brewing water composition analyses with his LaMotte kit, and new reagents.    We discussed the findings.  2 more samples were done after the meeting, and will be discused at our Dec. meeting, they’re included here.    

Don Powell showed us that the fermentation process proceeds like radioactive decay.  If you plot the number of bubble per minute during the fermentation of your batch you will get a straight line if you plot it on semi-log graph paper.  For example: if from day 2 to day 3 the bubbles/min decrease from 100 to 50, then the next day they will be 25, then the following day 12.5 and so forth.  The example and a blank sheet of semi-log graph paper is attached.   

Kevin Winters, Owner of Doc’s Homebrew is now handling malts from The Swaen, a malt house in the Netherlands.  He and Herb had samples for us.  

55# Pilsen         55# Ale            3# Swaen Light            3# Belge          3# Red             3# Classic

3# Brown 80L   3# Melany       3# Biscuit                    3# Aroma        3# Brown Supreme ( Special B )

3# Coffee


Kevin and Herb passed small vials of each malt to try.  The handouts with descriptions and comparisons to other malts are attached here.  More details on specific malts are available on-line.  We distributed the 1 lb. packs and divided up the bag of Ale malt.  Thanks for the container loan, Tom.  We need to bring them back for him.  Someone took the bag of Pilsen home, to bring back at the Dec. meeting.  If you want some, bring a container.


They also left a stack of ACCUmash water adjustment packs.  These are salts to be added to RO or distilled water, for a 5 gal. batch, tailored to a range of OG and general beer style, see the pack.  They are being discontinued, so don’t get too excited.  I have 6 packs left, which I’ll bring to the Dec. meeting.   

We discussed our plan to do a Christmas dinner at Galaxy, Dec. 8th, early, 6:30pm, stay tuned for details. 

Don and Jeff Stewarded, Bob brought popcorn, Binghamton Brewing provided the usual great side room, a sheet of pizza and rinse water, thanks all!  I hope you all bought a beer or 2 from our generous hosts, Binghamton Brewing.    

The Beers;

James Dunn – After Glow, Belgian Golden Strong,  10.5%, but sneaky, high CO2, nice medium Belgian ester flavors, with stepped sugar additions, easy drinking, high octane, very well crafted.    

Bernie – Pumpkin Ale, Adventures in Homebrew extract kit, plus Bernie’s roasted, canned pumpkin and his secrete spice mix.  The way Pumpkin ales should be done, a Fall BIER favorite!  Donna’s in favor of to it, too.         

James Dunn – Crazy Jack, Farmhouse Brewing, from last Saturday’s Farmer’s Market, Marty’s Belgian Tripel, Crazy Daisy, but made with roasted pumpkin, 100% NYS ingredients.  Moderately spiced, like Bernie’s. 

Bob – American Amber, 3.5 gal. BIAB, made with his own “Mystery” hops and orange zest, 6.4% ABV, nice orange and crystal malt in the flavor and aroma.  

Jeff – Brown Ale, nice brown malt flavors, from a BeerSmith recipe, with Kentucky windage.  It worked!

Jim Burt – Hazy-3 Pale Ale, 5.3% Pale Ale, crafted with Jim’s RO water and electric BIAB system.  Great hop aroma, light malt flavor and aroma.  Bagged hops don’t clog up the works.  

Jim Burt – Southern Boreal IPA 1.2, light IPA, like the one Jim made for Mom’s House last Spring, with Conan yeast, and all late addition and dry hops, 6.7% ABV. Nice, dry, super hop flavor and aroma.  Amazing.    

Dave King – Rye IPA, 18% rye, lots of Centennial, Citra, Chinook and Simcoe hops.  Good aroma.    

Rich – NE IPA, huge grapefruit aroma, didn’t spare the hops!  A treat for hop heads.

Rich – Nothing Gold, Bissell Brothers NE IPA.  Another great Craft Brewery example of the style.  Thanks, Rich.

Tom – Heady Topper clone, 6 gal., light on malt flavor, big on the hops, yet another good NE IPA, with 8 and 4 day dry hopping.  So many hops!

Dave Russell – Chocolate Cherry Stout, milk stout, with cherry puree in the primary and cocao nibs in the secondary, for great flavors and aromas.  Dry, not sweet, even with the cherry and lactose.  Very well done, Dave!

Dave Scheel & Steve Morrow – Death Eater, Black IPA, as in Harry Potter.  Nice, med. roast flavor, plays well with the hops.

Jason – Vanilla Bean Stout, from Avery, big, 11.5% ABV.  Big vanilla flavor.  Thanks, Jason!   

Fun night, many great brews (19 attendees, & 14 beers).  Next month is our Christmas Dinner, Dec 13th, at Galaxy, 6:30 should be a good time to meet.  Galaxy has a great full menu, and fine Beers, just right for our once a year tradition. 

     Dave King (2)