May 2017 BIER Minutes

5/10/2016 we had a good sized group at Galaxy, with 16 of us, lots of brew talk and great beer.  Seth even wore his official BIER shirt! Thanks for being such a great host.

            Donna & Bernie Kordula        James Dunn                 Tom DeSantis             Tom Owens

            Jim Burt                      Kris Kinne       Bob Ciesla        Matt Farrell                Dave King (2)

            Rich Andel                  Jim Parks         Ray Corey      Dave Russell  Anna Caron     Seth Weisel                            

Tap NY was April 29 & 30.  Check out the video on the web site.  Marty took home a Gold medal for his Porter, Mama Maple Llama! The North Brewery got a Gold for their Sno Clouds Irish Stout, and Hopshire Farm Brewery medaled with their Shire Scotch Ale. 

The week of May 16 to 22 was American Craft Beer Week, hope you hit our local breweries. 

Mom’s House Food & Beer Fest was held May 11, with many of us entering our Homebrews.  Food samples from many local restaurants were served, our Donna Kordula brought awesome cupcakes and cookies, too.  Beers from 4 of our local breweries, were poured, all for $30/person, a great deal, and everyone had a great time. 

Voted by the Craft Brewers:

     1st place - Dennis Lovelock, Muad'Dib, American Wild Ale/Gueuze

     2nd place - Jamie Cornell, Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

     3rd place - Tom Owens, Darkness Falls, Russian Imperial Stout

Voted by the Attendees:

     1st place - Sean Judge, Irish Breakfast, Stout

     2nd place - Tim Slater/Adam Gabriel, Munich Helles Lager

     3rd place - Dennis Lovelock, Muad'Dib, American Wild Ale/Gueuze

Very proud of our brewers!  We netted over $5800 for Mom’s House, and had a great time.  I’m sure we’ll do it again next Spring. 

Summer Fests are coming up soon. 

The 2017 National Homebrew Convention is in Minneapolis, Minn., there’s still room (June 15 - 17), a good many of us are going, a few from TCBM, and a few others from UNYHA & ABC.  We’ll be doing a tour of some local Breweries and Brew Pubs on that Wed.  Thurs. is the 2nd round judging, start of the Seminars, and Thurs. evening will be a Brew Fest, with many local breweries serving their best.  Friday will bring more Seminars, and Club Night, the undisputed best part of it all.  Saturday will hold more Seminars, and culminate with another big party, no banquet.     

Zoo Brew will be held at the Ross Park Zoo, June 17th, we should have a Homebrew Booth, and help serve Craft Beer, should be a great time, so come join us.  

Also on June 17th, is The Southern Tier Empire Wine Festival & Brewfest, at the Broome County Fairgrounds, in Whitney Point.  They can use help pouring, too, details to follow.

UNYHA Camp Out will be June 25th, at Craig Zufelt’s house.  This is always a good time.  Come for the day, or camp overnight.  Last year they had a Stein Brew, hard to tell what’s up this time.

Syracuse’s Empire Brewfest is July 22nd, at the Syracuse State Fair Grounds.  Tom Tarry is running it, and wants help.  Details to follow. 

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown is Aug 4 & 5.  It sells out early.  Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest is at the Public Market, Aug 18.  Madison Co. Hop Fest is Sept. 16.  Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods is Sept. 23.  Then there’s the GABF (Oct. 5 - 7). 

Hops are growing like mad.  Mine are about 15’ high (as of June 2).  How are yours doing?     

Bob brought us pop-corn, and Bernie Stewarded, thanks guys!  Let’s try 2 Stewards next time, 1 is run ragged.   

Homebrew Tastings;     

Jim Parks – Cyser, made with local wild apples.  Nice apple flavor, powerful ABV.  There’s a Mead with berries coming along soon.  

James Dunn – Morning After Pils, an American Pils with flaked corn, Magnum & Hallertauer hops.  Seth really likes it.  Clean, malty, but light, an easy drinker. 

Rich – Grodziskie, with Weyermann oak smoked wheat malt, known as Polish Champagne, light, refreshing.

Tom DeSantis"Soda Popinski" Gradzinskie (Gratzer), from Aurora Ale & Lager Co., Polish recipe, 3.5% ABV, Polish oak smoked wheat beer, lagered, very similar to Rich’s, but more smoke aroma, less smoke flavor.

Bernie & Donna – American Saison, light, fermented at 65, rose to 75°F to finish, nice level of yeast esters. 

Matt – Cream Ale, light, basic, clean and well made.

MattFalconer’s Flight Pale Ale, very nice 1.042 to 1.010 Pale Ale, bittered with Magnum hops, and then all Falconer’s Flight hops, Filled with caramel malt and blended hops flavors.

Tom Owen – Munich Helles, nice malty lager, 17 IBU, 4.9% ABV, clean, James Dunn liked it, must be well done!

Anna – Barley’s DeBockle, summer Helles Bock, dark, malty, her 2nd brew, 1.050 to 1.012. well done, indeed.

Dave RussellBock IIb, 2 batches, blended for 10 gal.  Saflager W-34/70 yeast did a nice job in his basement, 1.061 to 1.016 for this nice malty Bock. 

Tom DeSantis – Momma Maple Llama, Farmhouse Brewing’s Marty took a Gold medal at Tap NY with this awesome Porter.  Some of us noticed a smoky flavor, adds to the maple Porter flavors, all great. MommaMapleLlama.jpg

Seth – Mango Lychee, Andromeda IPA with the 2 fruits added, great effect. with Simcoe dry hopping.  This is a creation of his Brewer, John, and it really worked, so different from Andromeda.  Thanks for sharing it!  

Bob – Fresh Squished IPA, a Midwest discounted kit, made a great IPA, for $20, less than ½ the current price.   

Jim Burt – Hazy IPA, NE IPA, with a big grapefruit flavor and huge hop nose.  All Citra (10 oz.), with Giga yeast.  Great example of this current trending style. 

Dave King (2) – Dad’s Brown Ale, a hoppy Brown Ale, with 20% rye malt, Centennial and Citra dry hop, left over from Mom’s House Fest. 


We voted on-line, for our choice of where to meet and 71% requested that we meet at Binghamton Brewing, every month.  So that’s what we’ll do, for now. 


I have to respect the club vote. but we need to support Seth at Galaxy, he has been very good to us, and maybe we can plan some special events there, especially our annual Christmas dinner, maybe a Saturday brew out their back doors?  Any other suggestions? 

Great beer, fun time.  Thanks to Seth for allowing us to meet at Galaxy, great beer, great food.      

Don’t forget, if anyone wants to write a review of a pub, a brewery, trip, etc, please do so, and send a copy to Josh and Me.  We’ll get it on the web, you’ll be famous.  Next meeting is June, 14th at Binghamton Brewing.  Rich will be running the meeting, have fun!         

              Dave King (2)