March 2017 BIER Minutes
March 8, 2017
Rich Andel      Ray Corey       Jim Burt          Bernie & Donna Kordula        Anna Caron
Tom DeSantis Dick Tuthill     Chris Given     James Dunn Jamie Cornell      Bob Ciesla
Matt Farrell     Chris Cyr         Jim Park          Kris Kinney     Dave Semo      Dave Scheel 

Our first ever meeting at the Binghamton Brewery!  We appreciate you allowing us to meet at Binghamton Brewery... Thanks Jason/Kristen for hosting us and for providing pizza, pasta and potato salad and the table settings... well done!
Mom's House Brew & Food Fest is May 11th! (flyer attached)
Jim Parks discussed Deposit Hopsaw Festival, reported they decided to cancel the homebrew portion this year and will attend Mom's house to better understand the event. 

Tom DeSantis - last years Apple Cranberry Cider, ~5% ÁBV, mildly sweet, nice.
Dave Scheel &Steve Morrow - Raspberry Hefe, Safale US-05, real raspberries, exceptionally tart, froze berries to break cells, just bottled 2/14/17, very nice and refreshing
James Dunn - Morning After Pilsner, recipe attached, refreshing lower ABV, great summer beer
Jamie Cornell - Cornell Summer Wheat Ale, boat beer ready for summer, 1oz lemon peel and ½ oz orange peel, 1 tsp grains of paradise, all in boil make this an interesting beer, freshly kegged a week prior, well done.
Jim Parks - Scottish Ale, bottled fall 2014, nice flavor, aged well, good for cold winter nights!
Matt Farrell- Pale Ale, recipe attached, mildly bitter, good hop flavor from 1/2 oz Columbus 60 min, and 1/2oz cascade hops at 20, 15 and 1oz Centennial at 5 min, nice.
Jim Burt – Southern Boreal IPA, recipe attached, great beer, lots of clean hop flavor, Dave King would like this!
Anna Carson (commercial) -  Dementia Dog, 7.9% ABV An American IPA, golden in color produced with five different types of American hops which are added during the boil and fermentation stages to achieve a smooth beer with a sharp citrus aroma and a crisp clean taste of hops. Moderate to medium bodied with a balancing malt backbone from Maine Malt House New Dale 2-row barley.
Jim Burt - Dunkelweizen, recipe attached, well balanced, comments were that it tastes better than the world class German example, great job!
Kris Kinney – Cider, about 6% ABV brewed last September, well done.
Jamie Cornell - Irish Red, 5.5% ABV, White Labs Irish ale yeast fermented at 68°F, 2-row, Crystal 120, Cara, Special B, Black Barley, nice beer
Matt Farrell – Super Bowl Coffee Stout – recipe attached, ½ lb. English Dark, ½ lb. Chocolate, ½ lb. Black, malts, with 6 lb. Maris Otter LME, 2 lb. Golden DME, UK Fuggle hops, added 7 oz. coffee in 5 gals at flameout, raw beans in bag (med grind), next time will increase it to ½  lb., great coffee flavor, nice!
Kris Kinney & Tom DeSantis - hard lemonade, 13.5% using a ton of fresh lemons (like 100!) and 10 lb. sugar and some light pilsner and dry hopped with Simcoe & Cascade hops, 6 gallon batch, very drinkable, well done!
Ray Corey (commercial)- Binghamton Brewery Maple Brown Ale, NYS maple syrup from local farmer added in boil, medium amber, very nice brown ale!
Binghamton Brewery Special Before the Brewer Russian Imperial Stout - Half Tun Series = ½ mash tun 2X grain!  This is a 10%+ Russian Imperial stout brewed in early January with assertive chocolate and coffee notes but most importantly not sweet, excellent beer!
Thanks Jason/Kristen for providing pizza and salads and Bob Ciesla for the palate cleansing pretzels!
Thanks to Rich for taking notes, and writing up the minutes.  This Wed. is the April BIER meeting (4/12/17)