June 2017 BIER Minutes

6/15/2016 we had a good sized group, 18 of us, good for a summer meeting.  Thanks to Jason & Kristen, Binghamton Brewing is a great venue for us, good beers, and pizza!And, thanks to Rich, for taking the notes. 

Rich Andel †††† ††††††††††† Jim Burt †††††††† ††††††††††† Adam Hawley ††††††††††† Anna Caron

Tom Owens ††† ††††††††††† Tom DeSantis ††††††††††† Kris Kinne ††††† ††††††††††† Jim Jakupco

Matt Farrell†††† ††††††††††† Chris Hritcko James Dunn†††† ††††††††††† Donna Kordula

Bernie Kordula ††††††††† Bob Ciesla†††††† ††††††††††† Dave Scheel †† ††††††††††† Steve Morrow

Amanda Blake †††††††††† Doug Blake††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

We discussed Brew at the Zoo, Broome County Beer Fest, Ringwood Yeast.  We also discussed providing doctored beer (one or two per meeting) as a learning tool.

Lots of unique and delicious brews as always, some real creativity with ingredients, well done!

Brew Tastings;

Adam - Raspberry wheat, Amoretti raspberry extract in the secondary, nicely flavored, normally would use about 2 lb. of puree.

Dave/Steve - Beauty Queen Death Stare, a hoppy wheat, grapefruit peel, tasty, excellent for a hot day.  Ask them about the name!

Jim Burt - Backyard Blonde, some oats, not much hops for an easy drinking summer brew

Dave/Steve - Vestal Barbie, blonde with coffee, the good stuff from Wegmans, Sumatra dark, it works, nice!

Anna - Hoppy cream ale, pilsner, 2 row, flaked corn, Hallertau hops, cold brew Dunkin Doughnut iced coffee, White Labs California Ale yeast, good light brew.

Bob - Amber Cream Ale, made back in January, great clarity, good flavors and well balanced.

Jim Burt - House Pale Ale #1, brewed April 15th, tax day! Very good summer beer.

Chris H -  English Pale Ale, from Foley Brothers Brewing, very bitter for an English ale and 5.5% ABV, Ringwood yeast?

Matt - Brown Ale, 5.6 ABV good balanced and clean finish, nice.

James Dunn - Nut Brown, very good example of a nut brown,  which was his winning homebrew that was brewed at Glen Falls.

Rich / Jim Parks / Chris Cyr, Brown Ale Stout with brown and chocolate malts, our Mom's House entry with whiskey.

Tom DeSantis - Butterscotch Oatmeal Stout, butterscotch extract in the secondary, interesting flavor.

Tom Owens - Imperial Stout, which was his original coconut stout tamed down (coconut) after blending and with 2 lb. of coffee at flameout, very robust and warming, a winner!  

Anna - Venture, a New England IPA from Foundation Brewing Co., in Maine, 8 % ABV, fits the mold of a New England IPA, her favorite hiking beer, itís very good! 


Thanks again, to Rich, for heading up our June meeting.Iím getting these out after our July meeting, stay tuned for those notes.See you August, 9th, at Binghamton Brewing!Donít forget to label your brews, and either send me your recipe, or drop off a copy at the meeting, my scanner works fine.  Thanks,    

              Dave King (2)