January 2017 BIER Minutes

Jan. 11, 2017


A new year, more good brew.  We had a good turnout, 18 of us on a temperate night at Brothers 2, and we enjoyed some good discussions and tastings.   


Attending were:                    

James Dunn                Bernie & Donna Kordula       Chris Hritcko             Bob Ciesla                 
Chris Cyr                    Dave & Joan King                  Chris Given                Dick Tuthill

Anna Caron                 Dave Scheel                            Steve Morrow              Lisa Marie Fuller                  

Jim Burt                      Gordon Dusinberre                 Tom DeSantis             Adam Hawley            

http://www.thebierclub.com/pages/minutes/2017/jan/Bustour.jpgRich got our hops from Hop Heaven.  Thanks for leading this for us, Rich.    

Adam brought in and gave away some NHC free dry yeast packets.  They were kept cool, thanks, Adam.

We did the Brewery Bus Trip, Jan 14th, went North to 5 breweries this time, 2 of them were on the Passport, but we got lots of good deals.  The 30 passenger bus was full.  7 of us hit Binghamton Brewing afterward, too.  Empire was the high point, but the others were very good, as well.    

Binghamton On Tap will be Feb. 25, 2 sessions at the DoubleTree in Binghamton.  Attend, or help pour.  

The 2017 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is June 15-17, in Minneapolis.  Don Zwach (our B’more BIER member) and I will be there.  It’s the best beer event of the year, and you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  No BIER booth this year, too far to ship kegs.  Join us!   

The window to apply in the 2017 National Homebrew Competition opens January 30 through February 5. The time or date you submit an application has no influence on acceptance of entries into the competition.

Though the competition has limited capacity and is more popular than ever (3,400 entrants last year!), we expect that nearly everyone who wants to enter will be able to do so. To maximize your chances, be sure to select multiple judge locations when you apply.

The Mom’s House Beer Fest will be held again May 11 at the Endicott Visitor’s Center.  We’ll be looking for contest entries soon. There should be some very good prizes. 


Roberson's Food, Wine, & Beer will be in early April


Sudsy Brews & Fiery Foods is scheduled for Sept. 23rd.  Expect much better food. 


Has anyone bought a BIER logo mug or stein?  They’re still available, along with tee shirts, etc.  I use my mug, and the logo is well buried in the finish, so it should last a long time. 

Bernie was our Beer Steward, and Bob brought snacks, thanks!    


On to the beer.      

·        Bob – American Amber Ale, some made with lots of “C” hops and some of that free 60L we got from Water St., and ¾ tbsp of orange zest, 6.3% ABV.  Very nice, tasty, malty ale, with a good crystal malt and hops flavor.  The citrus flavor was light, about 4x the amount of zest was suggested.    

·        Dave King (2) – Wheat IPA & Dad’s Brown Ale Blend, due to the 2 kegs getting low, limited refridgerator space, and equal amounts of both tasted decent, It was dry hopped with Columbus hops . Made with Marty’s 2 row malt, 10% rye, 20% wheat. 

·        Jim Burt – EBIAB Pale Ale, 1st beer from Jim’s new electric Brew In a Bag setup.  A very nice, drinkable Pale Ale, no defects, the system is proven!  Brad Smith recently made the same change from gas to electric, and is working on his steam only, venting system.  Jim has a nice big homemade hood with an exhaust fan.  You guys need to compare notes. 

·        Tom DeSantisNut Brown IPA, combined recipes, sort of like that beer from Dave King, but the combination was done up front, in this case.  Worked nicely.

·        Steve Morrow and Dave ScheelSusquehanna Sasquatch Russian Imperial Stout, a big RIS, similar to Yeti, hence, the name.  Rye, flaked wheat and lots of hops.  9.2% ABV, with great dark and roast malt flavors.  Brewed last June, aging well.

·        Dick – Harpoon UFO, an American version of a Belgian Wit. 

·        James Dunn –Bière DeGarde,

 a Christmas present, thanks for sharing it, James.  His Son-In-Law is a Brewer at The Commons, in Portland OR, where this beer is crafted on their 15 bbl system. It’s bottle conditioned, with lots of carbonation, and a big complex malt flavor. 

·        Chris Cyr – Hop Stalker, a dank hop flavor and aroma’d Fresh Hop IPA, with a medium malt flavor, really aromatic, fresh from Fat Head Brewing. 

·        Adam – Beer/Cider, quick brew, combination of cider and malt, fermented with Fermentis Cider yeast.  Not too dry, good apple flavor.  Fermentation was stopped with Campden tablets, and force carbonated.

Great company, great discussions, great brews.  Next month, February 8th,  and March, too, Rich will be heading up the meeting.  Your fearless leader will be back in April.  Brew on!

            Dave King