February 2017 BIER Minutes


Minutes from Rich Andel (except as noted).Thanks, Rich!

Rich Andel †††† Adam Hawley†††††††††††† Jim Parks††††††† Jim Burt

James Dunn †† Dave Russell†††††††††††††† Kris Kinne †††† Tom DeSantis

Dave Scheel †† Steve Morrow ††††††††††† Bernie & Donna Kordula

Bob Ciesla †††† Chris Cyr †††††††††††††††††† Chris Hritcko Dave Semo


This was our last meeting at Brother's 2 since it's been sold. Many thanks to Dominic and Fil Fata for allowing us the meet the last several years at Brother's 2, you will be missed!

Discussed alternative meeting locations, Galaxy side-room, Binghamton Brewery -3rd bay, Jonathon's -back room, Copper Top, Sliderz, Blind Tiger,

Dave's house :), Stu's, Christopher's, Russian Club, Endicott Legion.(March 8 meeting at Binghamton Brewing Ė per Dave King)


Vero Beach Craft Beer and Wing Fest -Per Dave King, the Treasure Coast Brewmasters had a great time, along with several thousand attendees.We had 6 kegs on tap, and kicked most of them, including Daveís Dadís Brown Ale.How about that Kegerator? ††BTW, none of us placed in this yearís competition.Oh well, it was great fun.

Dave tested 19 brewing water samples and gave 10 TCBM members a class on adjusting brewing water. Their water is much different than ours.Due to variability and high Chloride content, many members use reverse osmosis water, and build their own.You can see in the attached file, their several examples of reportedly RO water, were indeed well stripped out.Some local water is high in Cl, while some are surprisingly moderate.How this shifts with time is unknown.Very little Ca, Mg, and SO4 is present.

Sailfish, a Fort Pierce brewery, is using their RO system, and makes salt additions with EZ_Water Calculator in their new 20 bbl brewhouse, after last seasonís discussions.

Upcoming EVENTS

Jim Park's discussed the Lumberjack Festival July 14-17 (Deposit) http://www.depositlumberjackfestival.org/

They are hoping to have a homebrew competition similar to Mom's house, polled the group and had about 4-6 interested.


Mom's house 2017 Food and BrewFest May 11

This was fun event for a good cause last year and this year it should be even better!Looks like 10 interested in going from those in attendance.

†††††† https://www.facebook.com/events/1862112434012772/



Homebrew Tasting

Octoberfest - Bob Ciesla, a brewers best bargain kit which he swapped out the yeast, nice beer.

Octoberfest - Rich Andel, Pilsener and Munich hops Kolsch yeast seemed to work.

Bock - Bob Ciesla, Another extract 1/2 price closeout kit, brewed last September, holding up well, good.

Double IPA - Dave Scheel/Steve Morrow - 1.075 finished at 1.011, 3/4ctz first wort, 1.25 citra@25, 3.5oz citra@5, 3.5oz citra@30Whirpool, american ale yeast, brewed 12/6, lots of hops but good balance, nice beer.

New England IPA - Jim Burt, S05 yeast, malted oats, 3 weeks young, 5.5abv 14.5oz hops in 5 gals much of it in the dry hops, Azacca, simcoe, citra, ctz, mosaic, well done! (recipe attached).

Scottish 80 - Dave Russell, partial mash, gravity was slightly low but plent of flavor from cara-red, flake barley, blk patent, homeade smoked cherry chips, EKG hops, danstar nottingham yeast, nice color, very tasty!

Bellís Oatsmobile, Session Pale Ale (commerical) - ??? I missed who brought this... interesting beer.

Smoked Cherry Porter - Jim Park, 7 years old vintage bottled on 1/1/10, hints of smoke, faint cherry possibly, hearty beer for cold nights, well done!

Pekko IPA - Adam Hawley, bittered and dry hopped with new Pekko hops along with 1oz mosaic, 1oz equinox, fresh nice beer!


Thanks Bob Ciesla for bringing pretzels!Next monthís meeting will be at Binghamton Brewing, March 8, 7:30.Enjoy some BB beers. (per Dave King)