December 2017 BIER Meeting

December 13, 2017

December is full of holiday parties, and 19 of us enjoyed our annual “BIER Christmas Dinner” at Galaxy. They have a full menu, so we really enjoyed dinner, along with some great Galaxy Beers.  Thanks, Seth & Michael! 

Present were:

Dave Russell ....................... Ray Corey ...... Adam Hawley .... Dave King (2)  

Christopher Hritcko ............. Bob Ciesla ..... Carrie Bowgren ... James Dunn

Bernie & Donna Kordula .....  Rich Andel .... James Burt ............. Jim Dabek 

Tom DeSantis ...................... Kris Kinne ..... Matt Farrell ........ Jeff Pontin

Steve Morrow ...................... David Scheel

aha_logo.pngWe discussed:

More brewing water analyses, Jeff Pontin’s Endwell town water, rather hard, with a good bit of Chloride, and Dave Clark’s deep well water, soft, with a good bit of alkalinity.   

Rich should be getting our hops from Hop Heaven soon.  Thanks for leading this for us, Rich.    

Our annual BYO mag. subscription deal came up, and I sent it in, this time we had 14 people. about typical.  8 editions for $14.99.   

Our annual Beer Tour, Jan. 13th is full, as of this writing.  Coachmaster (30 passenger) costs $35/ea., $30 for BIER members.  We could use a couple names for the waiting list.  We‘re going West, to Corning, 6 stops.  Should be a blast! 

Snommegang will be in 2 locations this year.  Lake Placid March 3rd, and March 10th.

The 2018 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is June 28-30, in Portland, OR.  It’s the best beer event of the year, and you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  No BIER booth, again this year, too far to ship kegs.  Join us!   

Jeff brought that Swaen Pilsner malt from Doc’s, in 5 lb. bags, which we scarfed up.  Thanks, Jeff, Kevin!

Jim Burt invited us to come by that next Friday, to join Rich, Dave Russell, and him, to do a BIAB NE IPA.  I did drop by.  What a great setup Jim’s got, including an RO system with a float switch, to stop the flow.  His electrically fired BIAB system is sweet!   

Bob brought us pretzels, and Donna brought a bunch of deserts.  Bernie Stewarded, as has often has, throughout the year.  Thanks, guys!  The Waitress was great, and our dinners and beers were excellent, can’t beat it.

Homebrew Samples

Dave Russell – Blueberry Wheat, great blueberry aroma & flavor, with natural extract.

Steve & Dave Scheel – Octoberfest or Märzen, nice all grain lager, 2 months total time, including lagering.  Economical tire valve bottle cap for maintaining carbonation.      

Bernie & Donna – Hazelnut Porter, nice roast and hazelnut aroma, kegged, added hazelnut coffee flavoring to taste.  Well balanced flavors. 

Jim Burt – Vanilla Coffee Porter, big coffee nose, light roast flavor.  Whole coffee beans in for 5 days, vanilla bean tincture added to taste.

Jim Dabek – SMaSHcade Pale Ale, Pale Ale DME with homegrown Cascade hops.  Good Cascade flavor, well done, Jim.  

James Dunn – Pale Ale, Light, clean, medium low carbonation, getting on the old side, but no significant oxidation, holding up nicely.

Matt – Dry Irish Stout, very good flavors from a good simple recipe, with Irish Ale Yeast, nailed it! 

Dave King (2) – Brown Ale, meant to be Judy’s Brown Ale, but lots of happy mistakes.  Not like the old flavor JBA, but an interesting twist.  Not as bitter, no molasses flavor.  Water salts changed up for less SO4, more Chloride, to move the emphasis to malts, not hops.    

Bob – Fresh Squished IPA, light on malt, bitter, and slightly tart.  Very tasty, thanks, Bob. 

Jim Burt – Medusa, neo-Mexico, snakes, hair?  No, it’s the main hop he used, and the hop flavors & aromas are so good.    

Rich – New England IPA, 5.5 gal. keg was dry hopped 3 days after pitching yeast and again 3 days later, 1.5 Equinox and 1.5 Grapefruit hops each time, huge citrus hop nose, light on the malt.  Must have been a double brew on his Picobrew Zymatic.

Steve & Dave Scheel Milkshake Lime IPA, lightly malty, plenty of hop aromas, plenty cloudy, with lime & hop flavors.  They used lime zest & a vanilla tincture, wow! 

RayGalaxy Hop Something, Kiwi Killer, a super hop flavor and aroma IPA, with 3 New Zealand hops, peachy and smoothly bitter. 

James Dunn – Munich Dunkel, simple recipe, but it’s the process and yeast that make it.  45 to 50°F fermentation, over 4 weeks, done in a new chamber with an Inkbird controller.  James is our lager man!   

Kris – Ommegang 20th Anniversary, oak aged Belgian Strong Dark.  Intense, a Belgian sipper.    

Tom – Saison du BUFF, Dogfish Head, Stone, and Victory collaboration beer,  $50 bomber, wow, thanks, Tom!  Lots of spices, an Imperial Saison, holiday beer.  So extreme, a tribute to Sam, Greg and Bill, the Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor (BUFF). 

Great Ending to a Great Year

2017 was a great BIER year, BIER Northern bus trip last January, Mom’s House Homebrew Fest, Doc’s Homebrew gave us a 10% discount, and gave us a bunch of Swaen malt.  NHC was in Minneapolis, we had our usual booth at the Madison Co. Hop Fest, did Zoo Brew at Ross Park Zoo, our local Breweries all had a very good year, there were many festivals, where some of us helped, Sudsy Brews & Fiery Foods was a great time, we put in an order for Ted’s Hop Heaven hops, we had many great samplings and technical discussions at our meetings, there were several Tap Take-Overs at Food & Fire, we did our annual BYO subscription ½ price deal.  And, we kept our membership cost at $3.50/yr.  Now, we just need a new President of BIER.  Interested?  

Thanks to Mike & Seth, for our Christmas Dinner meeting.  Hoppy New Year.  Next meeting is January 10th, back to our normal 7:30 meeting time, at Binghamton Brewing.  Please bring a beer to sample, and label them.  Recipes are appreciated.  See you then!

       Dave King (2)