September 2016 BIER Meeting

September 14, 2016

Present were:

Bernie Kordula           Donna Kordula           Rich Andel                  Jim Burt

Bob Ciesla                   Tom DeSantis             Bob Talkiewicz           Kris Kinne

Dave King (2)             James Dunn                 Jason Fletcher             David Clark 

Fil Fata                        Joan King                    Matt Farrell                

                                                                                                                        15 of us          

News & Discussion: 

Fall is fund raising and festival time.  The Binghamton Brew Fest was Sept. 17, no word on how it went.  

The Madison Co. Hop Festival was also held Saturday, Sept. 17.  Dave Clark, Jim Burt, Jeff Tonole (Ithaca club President, IPA), Joan and I did a Homebrew booth.  It went very well.  Great weather and an interested crowd made it fun.  We served a good bit of our Homebrew, about 10 different ones, including Dave Clark’s Mead and Cranberry Cider.  There were a many good brews in the Craft Beer tent, which was typically crowded.  Most were from some local distributor.  I made a point of trying Brown Ales, of which, there were a good many.  One was very good, can’t remember where it was from. 


The Exit 65 Music Festival will be Sept. 25, there’s still time to enter your Homebrew.  You could just attend, the music lineup looks great. 

Hopshire made a Harvest Ale with wet hops contributed by home hop farmers.  This year, I took about 2.5 lb. of my wet hops up.  The release will be Oct. 1, come by and try it.    

Sudsy Brews & Fiery Foods is planned for Oct. 8th at the Center for Technology and Innovation, on Water St., Binghamton.  We need some folks to pour beer samples, so if you’re interested, make sure Dave King (2) knows. 

We should do a Beer Tour, probably early to mid Jan. would be good.  Coachmaster would cost around $35/ea., depending upon bus size and how full it is.   

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews is scheduled for Nov. 12, in Albany at the Pump Station, so let me know if you’d like to Judge or Steward, maybe we can ride up together.

The NY Craft Brewers Festival will be Nov. 14 & 15th in Syracuse at the Lexington Avenue Armory. 

Rich placed the hop order with Ted Hausotter, for his fresh fall Oregon hops.  There were not many requests.  I think the newer members may not know how good they are.  And, if 1 lb. is too much of one variety, we should work out some splits next time. 

Fil is giving BIER members special deals, Happy Hour prices all the time.  Don’t forget, he had our membership cards printed, no cost to us.  Thanks, Fil, we really appreciate your generosity.  

Jason Fletcher brought the BIER tee shirts we requested, and he printed a few extras, so if you’re interested, he might have your size.  $10 for most sizes, XXL are $12.

We discussed pH meters, and electrode maintenance.  It’s really best to keep the electrode in storage solution, like the 4.0 calibration buffer.

Bob brought pop corn, Donna helped Bernie with Stewarding this month.  Thanks, All!

The beers: 

Rich Kölsch, made on his PicoBrew Zymatic, has more and better malt flavor than the ones Dave King (2) had in Koln, Germany.  It was brewed with Pilsner and some Vienna malt, Chinook and Centennial hops, fermented with a Kölsch yeast, which is a hybrid yeast, between ale and lager.  It also has Pineapple Sage in it.  Very tasty.  Rich made it as a starter for an Oktoberfest beer.        

Bernie & Donna Cream Ale, actually a “clean out the closet” beer.  His 1st Brew In A Bag, 3% ABV.  He super squeezed the bag, no tannins noted by us.     

Matt Amber Ale, 1.046 to 1.008, nice easy drinking, with good malt flavor, only 2 weeks in the bottle. 

James Dunn Red Ale, all Redx Malt from Bestmalz, with Eldorado Hops, for FWH, 20 and 10 min. remaining.   A very tasty PumpkinFerment.JPGSMASH beer. 1.048 to 1.008, with WLP-001 yeast.                             

Tom DeSantis and Kris Kinne  – Chocolate Pumpkin Milk Stout, fermented in a couple big pumpkins.  It gushed, but didn’t have any off flavors.  See the photo, and no that’s not mold, it’s oatmeal, used to reseal the pumpkins.    

Dave King (2) – Dad’s Brown Ale, wet dry hopped with his own unknown hops, we all agreed, it was “grassy,” common for wet dry hopping, which some people like, some not so much.    

Bob Belgian Caramel Wit, good Belgian yeast ester & crystal malt flavors.  1.058 to 1.012, well done.

Bob TalkiewiczCyzer, made with Russell’s cider & local honey, 12 - 13% ABV, with staggered nutrient additions, and pH adjustment, great apple flavor, and award winning.       

Jim Burt – Smoke On The Water, Rauchbier.  Good smoky aroma and flavor.  40% Cherry Smoked Malt really worked!

Kris Good Nature’s Rye IPA, nice dry, bitter, Rye IPA. 

A great gathering, with plenty of great brews.  See you next month, October 12th.  Many of us will be brewing more, as the weather cools off.     

     Dave King (2)