October 2016 BIER Meeting

October 12, 2016


16 of us met for a Fall celebration of Homebrewing, in the midst of a big festival season.



            Dave King (2)             Dave Semo                  Dave King (1)             Tom Owens

            Adam Hawley             Chris Given                 Dick Tuthill                 James Dunn

            Bernie Kordula           Matt Farrell                 Bob Ciesla                   Kris Kinne

            Tom DeSantis             Dave Scheel                Steven Morrow           Jim Burt                       




Kregg Schuster and Darren from Craft Brewers (previously Custom Brew Crafters), of Honeoye Falls, near Rochester, were having a tap take-over at Brothers 2, so we got some nice samples of Caged Alpha Monkey, Makumba Double IPA, CB Harvest Jack Pumpkin Ale, and CB Night Owl Cream Porter.  Fine beers!

The Exit 65 Music Festival was Sept. 25, the Homebrew attendance was light, the music was great.  We need that NY State bill passed to legalize serving Homebrew at Charity events where people pay to get in.   

Hopshire made a Harvest Ale with wet hops contributed by home hop farmers.  This year, Dave King (2) took about 2.5 lb. of his wet hops up.  The release was Oct. 1, along with an IPA celebration, with 6 of them from 4 breweries, including our Harvest Ale, all very good.    

Sudsy Brews & Fiery Foods was held Oct. 8th at the Center for Technology and Innovation, on Water St., Binghamton.  We had a light turn out, but it was a great time for those who poured and attended.  Most of our local brewers were there, with lots of tasty brews. 

Dave King (2) is doing an on-air interview with Bob Joseph of WNBF, 1290 AM, Nov. 4th, at 10:30 am, on Craft Beer in Central NY.  This is the 2nd one, the 1st was Oct. 14th, same subject.  I’ll be pitching the Learn to Homebrew Day, as well as the local beer scene.

Learn to Homebrew Day is scheduled for Nov. 5th.  We’re doing a demo brew and class at Galaxy Brewing.  Send your friends who just started or are thinking about getting into Homebrewing.  Chris Hritcko, Bernie, and your fearless leader will be working with Seth to spread the word.  We’ll start about noon, drop in if you’re in the area.

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews is scheduled for Nov. 12, in Albany at the Pump Station, so let me know if you’d like to Judge or Steward, maybe we can ride up together.

The NY Craft Brewers Festival will be Nov. 19th in Syracuse at the Landmark Theater. 

The Seneca Lodge Brewfest is set for Dec. 2 & 3, $40 for Fri. night, $50 for Sat.  At least Matt, Joan and I have attended before, and had great times.  Join us this year, Fri. with Matt, Sat. with Joan and Dave.  

We plan to do a Beer Tour, probably early to mid Jan. should be good.  Coachmaster would cost around $35/ea., depending upon bus size and how full it is.   

Dave King (2) gave his talk on “Brewing Water Adjustment,” emphasizing that if you know your water profile, it’s easy to determine what minerals and acids to add, in order to fine tune your mash pH and beer flavor.  5 member water analyzes were presented, and the comparisons and conclusions were interesting.  If you’d like a softcopy of the presentation, let Dave know. 


Kevin at the Endicott Water Plant apparently knows water chemistry, I need to contact him.  Also, Jim Burt heard that the Binghamton Country Club uses a lot of water, so they occasionally need to supplement with JC water, thus the big change in composition that we found. 


Our Beers;    


Adam – Blueberry Cider, great blueberry flavor and aroma, with a nice apple balance.  Made with Amoretti extract.   


Steve Morrow & Dave Scheel  – Double IPA, well dried out, very good for a 2X, they’re hard to make without being overpowering.  


Bob  Black IPA, nice light roast character. 


Dave King (2) – Rye Porter, I was getting into the “Brewing Water Adjustment,” talk, didn’t hear much about my Porter, I added some Amoretti vanilla extract, but not enough to really show.

There might have been other beers, but I was too busy to take note.  We need a secretary, to record these minutes, and make them more flowery, interested in the job?  I'll double the current salary!  Anyway, bring your Homebrews next time (with recipes, or send them), and we’ll get into them.  See you in November, on the 9th.  It’ll also be a Founders Tap Take-Over, don’t miss it.

     Dave King (2)