November 2016 BIER Meeting

Nov. 9, 2016

17 Attendees;   

Chris Given                 Bob Ciesla                   Tom DeSantis             Dave Semo

            Dave & Joan King      Rich Andel                  Matt Farrell                 James Dunn

            Becky Lawson            Adam Hawley             Dave Russell               Jim Burt 

            Mark Daniel                David Scheel               Steve Morrow             Josh Sember

            Bernie & Donna Kordula                                Chris Cyr                     Tom Owens                



Dominic welcomed us, Fil is busy taking classes, and taking care of the new baby. 

Dave King (2) did a Craft Beer on-air interview at WNBF, 1290 AM, 9:30 am, Friday, Dec. 4th, with Bob Joseph, he’s scheduled again for Dec. 9th, planning to discuss the Finger Lakes Beer Trail, & our local Breweries specialties.  

Food & Fire had a Lagunitas Tap Attack (i.e. Tap Take-over), Deron Weet is their Rep., old friend from UNYHA, the Rochester Club.  It was super busy, free tastings, a fun time.

2 more brewing water analyses were done and reported, Dave Semo’s and Adam Hawley’s, see attached for this season’s water results.  Dave’s well water Ca & Cl are on the low side, Adam’s Crestview Heights, Endicott water Cl is high, similar to Jim Burt’s last sample. 

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews is at the Albany Pump Station, on Nov. 12.     

Theresa Hollister will send us info on the Finger Lakes Beer Trail Winter Passport Program for 2017 in early Dec..  We are doing a Bus Trip Jan. 14th, $30/ea. for a 30 passenger bus. We’re going North this time, stay tuned for the list of stops.   Cortland Brewing, Empire Cazenovia, and Hopshire are in, others depend on their responses, the route, and timing.

We should be getting our annual Brew Your Own offer, $16.50 for a year, 50% off (8 print issues & 8 digital issues).  If I get at least 9 more people, we’re all set. 

Farm Brewery Summitwas held at the Cornell Cooperative Extension, Nov. 10th.  Marty Mattrazzo was on the Malting Panel, Kristen Lyons was on the Brewer’s Panel.  James Dunn attended, said “I attended the Farm Brewery Summit last Thursday and it was most interesting. Malt houses, Barley and Hop growers, State officials and Brewers were all in attendance.

New York State is at the start of a very big expansion and need for New York brewing ingredients. For example there are now 2000 acres of barley being grown this year. In just a couple of years we will need 10 times that amount.

This is being driven by the huge popularity of the Farm Brewery Law.

The schedule for the Farm Brewery Law requires;

Until 2018, 20% of the hops and other ingredients must be grown in New York State.

From January 1, 2018 no less than 60% of the hops and the other ingredients must be grown in New York State.

From January 1 2024 no less than 90% of hops and other ingredients must be grown in New York State.

New York State is now investing millions of dollars to organize a Farm Brewery Supply Chain. This will help the growers, malt houses, hop yards and suppliers to share information easily. Other states and even Canada are watching this as it seems New York State is leading the way.

As this will affect even the home brewing community I can share some notes at the next meeting if possible.”   


The Seneca Lodge Brewfest will be held Dec. 2nd and 3rd, Matt, Dave King (1), Joan and Dave King (2) are going.  

Binghamton On Tap is Feb. 25th, $35/ea. Volunteers?

Syracuse Winter Brew Fest, no date or location yet.

Brew Guru, phone app from AHA, (free at the Apple App Store and Google Play) is a lot of help.

Josh is now the 3rd Brewer at The North, congratulations, Josh!  We tried his Scotch Ale, very good, see below.

We got 55 lb. of finely milled Pale Wheat Malt (Free, from John Bleichert, Water St. Brewing), it was all divided up.  Thanks, John!  My Wheat IPA will be ready for next month’s sampling.

Speaking of malt, IPA, the Ithaca club, does pallet buys, about 4/year, and Dave Semo offered to help with the delivery, but talk to him, when we find out about the next buy.  Stay tuned, thanks, Dave!

23 lb. of free 1 lb. bags of YCH Hops pellet hops were given out (Free, from Kevin Winters, Doc’s HB Supply). 

Founder’s Tap Take-over, no rep, but Eric brought us 4 pitchers, see below.  Thanks, Brothers 2 & Founders!                                                  

Bob Ciesla brought pretzels, thanks!  I hope you all bought a beer or food from our generous host, Brothers 2.   


The Beers; (Served by Josh Sember, Cellar Master, with help from Bob Ciesla)

Adam – Boysenberry Wheat, made with a quart of puree in 5 gal. batch, great berry flavor.    

Founders – PC Pilsan American hopped Pilsner, nice, clean, dry, bitter finish.         

Mark Daniels – Pacific Coast IPA, Brewer’s Best kit, brewed last March, very dry, amazing hop bitterness & flavor remaining.   

Founders – Centennial IPA, one of the world’s best IPA’s, featuring Centennial hops. I think we had this, but truthfully, I missed it.  Rats.

Chris Cyr – American Pale Wheat, Brewer’s Best kit, with a tincture of lots of citrus fruit zest in vodka, (Grapefruit, lime, & orange), very citrusy in the nose, and the favor.  Cloudy, but who cares?  Very well done.

Bob – Black IPANorthern Brewer all-grain kit, same as last month, 7.35% ABV, very good roast and bitterness levels, well crafted, Bob.

Founders – Red’s Rye IPA, great example of the style.  Malty, spicy, hoppy, 6.6% ABV, your President’s idea of “session beer.”

Dave King –Rye Porter, meant to be a Robust Porter, but it’s too light on roast, and hop bitterness.  Nice smooth Porter, 11% Rye, for some Rye spice & dryness.  EZ Water Calculation said pH should be 5.3, and that’s what I got.  SO4/Cl = 1.3, probably needs more SO4 ,as well. 

Matt – Brown Porter, English style, Maris Otter LME with steeped malts, 60 and 30 min. English hops, Dry English ale White Labs yeast, well done, Matt.   

Dave Scheel – Pumpkin Pale Ale, 3 gal. batch, with Wegmans canned pumpkin, spices added to taste with a tincture.  Nice balance, lead to a discussion of actual vs. canned, and how to spice it.        

Bernie – Pumpkin Ale, nice low spice level, darker than Dave’s, based upon a Brown Ale recipe, with individual spices added.  Bernie’s our expert on this style.

Dave King – Pumpkin Ale, from Cortland Brewing, 6.2% ABV, left over from Sudsy Brews fest, a month earlier.  Rated 3.8 on UnTapped, good example.    

Tom Owens – Fest Beer,  Gordon Strong’s recipe, with German malts, noble hops, and a yeast blend.  Very nice lager, very clean, great malt flavors.  James, our lager expert was impressed.    

Josh – Scotch Ale, his new brewer proof batch on The North’s 1bbl system, nice dark malt flavors.  We think he’s arrived!  Congratulations, Josh.

Dave Russell – Sausage Stout, a clean out the closet beer.  Just like sausage is made with anything leftover, Dave crafted this, his first all-grain beer, with no base malt, just some flaked oats & corn, light X-stall malts and lots of dark malts, 156°F mash, 5.2 pH, 1.039 to 1.012 3.5% ABV, a great session Stout, very tasty.  Well executed.  It has to be his PhD in Chemistry.  I could never pull this one off.

Founders – Breakfast Stout, great, classic coffee Stout. 8.3% ABV, tons of coffee and chocolate flavors and aromas.  

Jim Burt – Quick Make a New Batch IPA, Eureka hops for a great dank nose & flavor.  11 oz. of hops, in all.  At 5.5% ABV and only 55 IBU, a really sessionable hop bomb. 

Fun night, many great brews (17 attendees, & 17 beers).  Next month is our Christmas Dinner, Dec 14th.  6:30 should be a good time to meet.  Brothers 2 has a great full menu, and fine Craft Beers, just right for our once a year tradition. 

     Dave King (2)