May 2016 BIER Minutes

5/11/2016 we had a good sized group at Brothers 2, with 23 of us, lots of brew talk and great beer. 

Adam Hawley Donna & Bernie Kordula        James Dunn                 Koenraad Gieskes      

Jim Burt                      Steve Button                           Roger Haggett            Bob Ciesla        

Chris Hritcko Dave King (2)                         Rich Andel                  Josh Sember     

Ray Corey                   Dave Russell               Ike Yochelson             Dan Koller

Joan King                    Matt Farrell                             Becky Lawson            Marty Mattrazzo

Tim Eliot                     Jim & Melissa Lawson

Tap NY was a blast at Hunter Mountain, April 23 & 24.  Your President helped Marty, his brother and a 2 friends, pour 4 of his great beers.  Check out the video on the web site.  Marty took home a medal for his Belgian Tripel, Crazy Daizy!

Speaking of Marty, he did his talk for us, on Malting, amazing how complicated it can be, so many variables and affects, made my head spin.  He says Farm Breweries in NY State must use 40% NY State ingredients next year, and unless something wonderful happens, there won’t be enough for most of them.  6 row barley is apparently easier for the farmers to grow than 2 row, but most brewers don’t want 6 row.  He says our hang-up with 2 row malt is misguided, since there’s not much difference between 2 row and 6 row barley, after about 40 years of selective farming of 6 row.    

The week of May 16 to 22 was American Craft Beer Week, hope you hit our local breweries. 

Summer Fests are coming up soon.  Mom’s House Food & Beer Fest was held May 19, with many of us entering our Homebrews.  Food samples from 10 local restaurants were served, and beers from all 5 of our local breweries, too, all for $25/person, a great deal, and everyone had a great time.  Rich Andel took the top prize, and James Dunn took 2nd in the Pro Brewer judging.  Very proud of our brewers!  Our Donna Kordula brought 2 awesome cakes, too.  We netted over $3500 for Mom’s House, and had a great time.  I’m sure they’ll do it again next Spring. 

The NHC is in Baltimore, there’s still room to attend, and room in our car for the ride down (June 7 to 12).  Club Night should be a blast, with BIER serving at least 5 beers.

Syracuse’s Empire Brewfest is June 10 & 11, same time as NHC. 

Zoo Brew will be held at the Ross Park Zoo, June 18th, and we’ll be there with a Homebrew Booth, some of us will be helping serve Craft Beer, should be a great time, so come join us.  

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown is Aug 6.  It sells out early.  Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest is at the Public Market, Aug 19.  Madison Co. Hop Fest is Sept. 17.  Then there’s the GABF (Oct. 6 - 8).  Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods is Oct. 8.   

Hops are growing like mad.  Mine are about 16’ high (as of June 3).  How are yours doing?  Erik Joh needed our help planting his.  3 of us helped, and along with a few other folks, we got 1500 plants put in.  

We had a brisk discussion of wort aeration, with air vs. pure O2.

Bob brought us pop-corn, and Joan brought pretzels, thanks!  

Homebrew Tastings;     

Josh – Cider, fermented on US-05.  Nice light, dry cider.  Good job, Josh.

Dave RussellDirty Blond, moderately dark Belgian Blonde, 7.1% ABV, nice Belgian ester level. 

Steve Button – Dirty Water, Wheat Session Ale, 4.4% ABV, 19 IBU, light easy drinker

Dan Koller – White Ale, low IBU, light, nice summer ale.

Koenraad – Session IPA, light, a good Pale Ale.

SipOfSunshine.jpgSteve Button – Abby Ale, 6% ABV, 1st Belgian for him, Nice, but 65°F ferment lightened the esters.  Talk to Marty, this is his wheel house. 

Marty – The Elliot, Oat Vanilla Stout, yummy vanilla flavor in a stout with lots of body.  The vanilla makes you think sweet, but it really isn’t.  This is yet another fine example of Marty’s creative brewing.   

Adam – Columbus Pale Ale, all late hopping, nicely done, that’s such a great hop.

Marty – Commander Bovine, his double IPA, fermented with an East Coast Ale yeast and Brett, all base malt, with Cashmere hops.  A big pitch of Brett with lots of O2 makes it clean, but ferment quickly.  This is your President’s favorite at Farmhouse.

Dave King (2) – Red Eye, a red rye IPA, 20% rye malt, Marty’s 2 row base malt and lots of hops, early and late, with the new hop back used to infuse Centennial and Citra, same as the dry hop.  This was served at the Mom’s House Fest and will have a place at the booth at the B’more NHC Club Night.

Jim Burt – Sip of Sunshine clone, 84 IBU, 7.7% ABV, great Citra hop aroma & flavor.  It was dried out well, indicating a good pitch of healthy yeast, and good aeration.  Well crafted, Jim!  

Koenraad – Rise of the Dead, IPA, nice firmly bittered IPA, good closing beer.

Citradelic.jpgFil got beer samples from New Belgium, and asked us to check them, and suggest what to put on tap at Brothers 2.  What an honor!  Here’s what we found.

            Heavy Melon – A watermelon beer, bland, not recommended

            Citradelic – Interesting, good citrus fruity flavored IPA, a common sub-style lately, would be a good addition to the tap line up

            Fat Tire – A good “entry level” beer for people not used to, but interested in trying, Craft Beer.   

            Rampant IPA – 2x IPA, OK, but your line up is good without it.

            Ranger – OK, not exciting, again, you’ve got IPA’s well covered, no need for this one. 


If you’re interested in adding 2, we recommend Citradelic and Fat Tire.  Thanks, Fil.


Great beer, fun time.  Thanks to Fil for allowing us to meet at the Brothers 2, great place, great beer, great food.      

Don’t forget, if anyone wants to write a review of a pub, a brewery, trip, etc, please do so, and send a copy to Josh and Me.  We’ll get it on the web, you’ll be famous.  Next meeting is June, 15th at Brothers 2.  Yes, this is the 3rd Wed., due to the National Convention being the 2nd week of June this year.  If you know Koen or Steve Button, tell them I need their e-mail addresses.  They joined BIER, but I can’t contact them.         

              Dave King (2)