March 2016 BIER Minutes

March 9, 2016


Dick Tuthill†††††††† Chris Given†††††† Jim Burt†††††††† Ray Corey††††††† James Dunn††

Tom Owens†††††††† Dave Russell†††† Josh Sember†† Donna Kordula

Bernie Kordula††† Bob Ciesla††††††† Chris Cyr††††††† Rich Andel


Discussed Mom's house - Momís House 2016 Brew & Food Fest on May 19th, many club members are supporting this event!


OwegoApalachinLogo.gifRhizomes - Rich is going to bring some to the May meeting, probably will have some Chinook, Centennial, possibly Cascade and others, requests: Chinook Josh, Jim;Cascade: Dave Russell, Jim Burt, Jim Dunn.


Chris Cyr discussed the Owego Apalachin Music Event, at hickories park on Sept 25, possibly having us pour for those interested.


We discussed lager yeast and Jim Dunn pointed out the whole motivation with lagers is to keep the yeast flavor out of the beer you just want the malt and the other ingredients to show through.


We discussed how the BJCP has expanded categories so much - we're not really sure that's a good thing! Went from something like 25 to 30 to 30 categories for simply lagers alone.


We discussed malt and talked about the modification process of malt and how they germinate,club suggested it would be awesome if we could get Marty from the Farmhouse brewery to provide a talk or possibly have an extra meeting at the brewery or the Farmhouse Tap Room for a talk.


Jim Dunn - his award winning Vienna Lager, 2016 version, 5 pounds Vienna malt, 4 pounds Pilsner malt, 3 pounds Munich, 1.5 ounce midnight wheat, Perle hops, half ounce 60 mins, Hallertau, 1.25 oz last 30 min,Hallertau, 1 ounce at 15 min, WLP 833 yeast.Very tasty, clean and crisp even without being lagered yet!


Bernie - American Amber Rye - used falconers flight hop blend, nice hop flavor, very good hop blend lots of hot flavor, well done!


Tom Owens - Old Ale 7.5%, White Labs London Ale yeast, it was from a group brew using a lottery of ingredients and nobody else could pick the same ingredient (our club discussed possibly doing something similar using specific ingredients would be fun), very well done, very smooth, very tasty.


Rich - bought a couple of beers from the bar for the club to sample, good idea when you miss the store especially with ALL the beers Brothers 2 has! Brooklyn Defender Red IPA 7.2% very good, and Greenport Harbor Other Side IPA 7.4%, they're both very good.


Dave Russell - brought an organic Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout, huge, big chocolate flavor, very good stout we discussed how good it would be good on some ice cream, it was definitely well received.


Jim Burt - brought his Blind Pig IPA clone of Russian River fame, 72 IBU's, finished at 1.015, this is a very hoppy flavorful, very awesome beer.


Bob Ciesla brought pretzels - two varieties, plain and his version with hot pepper seasonings which was awesome!


Thanks to Rich for taking notes, and writing up the minutes.Tonight is the April BIER meeting.


†† Dave King