June 2016 BIER Minutes

6/15/2016 we had a small group, 11 of us, typical for summer meetings.  Thanks to Fil, we meet at the Brothers 2, a great venue for us, good food, and fine Craft taps.   

ErikJoh-HopPlanting.jpg            Roger Haggett            Rich Andel      Chris Given                 Bernie & Donna Kordula

            Dave Russell               Dick Tuthill   Dave King (2)   Adam Hawley             Jim Burt          Bob Ciesla                                            

Erik Joh finally got his 1500 hop plants, and we (Dan Koller, 5 others and I) planted them all before NHC.  This photo shows about 1/8 of the huge field.

The National Homebrewers Conference was held June 9 to 12 in Baltimore, with 8 of us attending; Jim & Carrie Burt, Adam Hawley (his brother Justin hung out with us, too), Rich Andel, Tom Owens, and Don Zwach (most of you have never met Don, but he’s an old time BIER member, who’s been living in B’more).  There were about 3,500 of us, in total.  We saw many old friends, and were able to discuss all things beer with some of them.  I won’t insert a long list of Homebrew rock stars here, but Gary Glass, Randy Mosher, Tasty McDole, Brad Smith, Denny Conn, Drew Beechum, Charlie Papazian, and John Palmer are on the short list.  The 2nd Round Judging went very smoothly.  Dave King (2) Stewarded the Other American Ales (Ambers and Brown Ales) tables in the am, and Fruit Meads in the pm, They were all very good.  We had 3 Stewards for 5 pairs of judges, in both cases.  Etienne Bourgeois, a good friend in the Treasure Coast BrewMasters, took a medal!  The Seminars were good.  Pro Night was a good Brew Fest, featuring local beers. Club Night was crazy, and we were able to share 7 different beers, not bad for a small club.  We need to have 2 nights of Club Night, there’s just too much going on.  The last event was the Banquet, I was able to do with my Florida club, the Treasure Coast BrewMasters.  The meal was very good.  Next year the NHC will be in Minneapolis, a short plane ride away.  I’ll be there, will you?  

Dan Koller says the Syracuse Fest went well.  Some of us were in B’more at the NHC.   

Hopshire had their 3rd Birthday celebration June the 18th, with a couple of good bands, a really good BBQ truck, and Randy’s great brews.  I was there for a while, but had to go to Zoo Brew.

ZooBrew went really well, especially weather wise.  It was small, there were about 7 breweries, the food was basic, but very good.  Dan Koller, Astrid, Dave King (1), Donna and Bernie, and I helped.  They had a few too many volunteers, but it didn’t matter.  We talked HB with a few folks (and sent them to Doc’s), signed up 2 new members, drank some good beer, talked to reps from a couple new breweries.  Lots of fun.  I look forward to next year’s.  Join us!

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown is Aug 6.  It sells out early.  Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest is at the Public Market, Aug 19.  Madison Co. Hop Fest is Sept. 17.  Then there’s the GABF (Oct. 6 - 8).  Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods is Oct. 8.   

Binghamton Brewing is producing fine beers, while continuing with their work to open a restaurant next door, and now, we hear they’re going to be doing a tasting room and food counter at the Broome County Airport.  Woo, big things coming. 

John and Michele are doing well at Water St. Brewing, they put lots of info on Facebook, good place to keep up.  They’re moving to Binghamton, on the West Side, so John can ride his bike to work.  Sorry Vestal, your loss is our gain. 

Marty and Natalie are inviting people to challenge their taste buds at Farmhouse Brewing’s Tap Room in Owego.  Their 2nd Anniversary is coming up, July 9 & 10.  Don’t miss it.

Seth continues to try and satisfy the huge demand for their Galaxy Brewing beers.  

Zach, Eric, and Kyle at The North, keeps their radical brews coming, along with his barrel program.  Stop by, you’ll be happily surprised. 

Bob brought, and served popcorn and pretzels.  He also brought a cooler, got ice from Brothers 2, and cooled down our Homebrews until we could start sampling.  Bob, you’re too good to us.

On to the beer!

Homebrew Tastings;

Tasty-DBA.JPGChris Given – SMASH, “Some Mosaic And Simcoe Hops,” leave it to Chris to come up with this one.  Actually, very nice, sessionable, at 1.050 to 1.007, 5.7% ABV.  A very tasty extract brew, Pilsner LME, with Melanoidan, CaraPils, Red Wheat, and Vienna malts, spiced with Mosaic and Simcoe.

Chris Given – Brown Ale, with Centennial hops, a little peat smoked and kilned coffee malts add some nice notes.  It went from 1.058 to 1.016, so 5.5% ABV, inspirational!

Dave King – Dad’s Brown Ale, a somewhat bitter, West Coast style American Brown Ale, similar to Tasty McDole’s Janet’s Brown Ale, 85 IBU, and lots of C hops, late in the boil, hop back, and dry hop. The last dry hop was for 4 days right before NHC Club Night.  Tasty said it didn’t suck, at Club Night.   

Dave RussellBock, lagered in his basement, a partial mash, with Hallertau hops, 2 weeks at 56°F, then 66°F for 6.5 wks.  5.7% ABV, great malty flavor, true to style.    

Chris Given –Scotch Ale, with 7 oz. of Scotch whiskey in a 2.5 gal. batch, rich dark malty, smoky flavor.   Chris has been to Scotland, attended a Scottish 12 hr. wedding, and drank lots of fresh Guinness.  It’s good to be Chris!

Adam – American Amber, a fine hoppy, yet malty brew, served at the Mom’s House Fest.  Ymmm, thanks, Adam.

Jim Burt – Rye IPA, served at the National AHA Conference, and was very well received.  26% Rye, nice body, spicy rye flavor, and good IPA bitterness.  Dry, very drinkable, but satisfying.    

Bob – Cream Ale, 3 gal. BIAB (Brew In A Bag), with 6 lb. Rahr 2 row, and 1 lb. oatmeal, Fuggle hops, 6% ABV, fermented on US-04.  We thought we got corn aroma & flavor, power of suggestion?  Anyway, a very nice, drinkable ale.

Adam – Amarillo & Simcoe IPA, using Maris Otter and a little Biscuit Malt, with US-05, 7.3% ABV, very nice malt flavor balancing the hop bitterness, and a nice nose.

Rich – Hop Fu IPA, firmly bitter, good hop aroma, 7.5% ABV, what a hop head calls sessionable.  One of 2 gushed, the other was fine.  Even the best brewers have this happen, once in a while.  I think this one took a Brewer’s Gold at the Mom’s House contest.

Roger – Chili Cabernet Sauvignon, another very nice example of Roger’s skill at turning grape juice into a treat.                                                                   


Great beer & wine, lots of fine friends.  Thanks to Fil for allowing us to meet at Brothers 2.         

See you July, 13th, at Brothers 2!  7:30, and don’t forget to label your brews, and either send me your recipe, or drop off a copy at the meeting, my scanner works fine.     

              Dave King (2)