July 2016 BIER Meeting

July 13, 2016

17 distinguished attendees;

Jim Burt                                  Bob Ciesla                   Ray Corey                   Jim Parks         Matt Farrell

Josh Sember                            Dave Russell  Roger Haggett            Dick Tuthill     Adam Hawley

Donna & Bernie Kordula        Dave King (2)             James Dunn                 Chris Givens   Greg Snyder

Amanda Freyne (Blake)          Doug Blake                 Chris Cyr                     Fil Fata            Dave King (2)


July's Beer Talk

Bob brought pretzels, and Bernie Stewarded for us.  Thanks!  

Our Tee shirt order is in to Jason Fletcher at Youngblood Screen Printing.  No completion date yet. Probably a couple more weeks. 

The 1st Hopsaw Saturday, part of the Lumberjack Festival, will be held July 16th, in Deposit. 

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown is Aug 6.  It sells out early.  Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest is at the Public Market, Aug 19.  

Sept. 17th will be the Madison County Hop Fest, and we’ll need some help at the booth.  I expect some Rochester and Syracuse folks to help us.  We’ll get some discounted beer tent tickets, and we’ll be serving our own Homebrew Noon to 2:30, before the beer tent opens.  It’s always a fun time, come and join us. 

Sept. 25th is the Exit 65 Music Fest, put on by the Owego Apalachin Foundation For Excellence in Education.  Several local breweries will be there, and they’d like to have Homebrew, with judging.  More details to come.  Chris Cyr is heading up our efforts. 

GABF will be held Oct. 6 - 8. 

Oct. 8th will be the Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods Fest.  We’ll have about a dozen brewery’s beer, and lots of great local food.  More details later.

Nov. 14th is the 19th annual Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, Homebrew contest in Albany, at C.H. Evans, at the Pump Station.  They need Judges and Stewards, whom can bring their entries the day of the contest.     

DadsBrownLbl.jpgIt’s time to pay your BIER dues, so we can send in a roster and the annual payment for our AHA Liability Insurance, and that means $3.50 per member.  See the link for details.  Please PayPal to Dave King (2), or send a check.   

Your Metallurgical President did a short course on Stainless Steel, in response to a question about how to handle it, and which alloys are good. 

We got to the beers:                                                                                                                                                        

James Dunn – German Pilsner, clean, nice malt and noble hop flavors, well made, of course, James made it.  Good start to the tastings.  

Dave Russell – Light Ale, Nice easy drinking lawn mower beer, extract, with 60% added at 30 min. left, to keep it light.  Dried out well, 1.041 to 1.004, 4.8% ABV.  Light Cascade bittering, US-05, Chico yeast.  Well done, Dave!       

Jim Burt – Burt’s Blonde Ale, BIAB April 29, similar recipe to Blue Stone’s Blonde, another nice easy drinker, lightly malty, restrained Cascade & Willamette hopping.  Good for summer.    

Greg Snyder – Holiday Red Ale, an Austin HB kit, well executed.                                                                 

Dave King (2) – Dad’s Brown Ale, the evolved brew, with Marty’s 2 row base malt, lots of Pale and Regular Chocolate Malt.  18% Rye, 1% 60L, 3% Acid Malt, with Citra and Centennial hops in the hop back and used for dry hopping.  7.2% ABV.  Tasty said “It doesn’t suck.”

AdamHoppy Amber, nice malty, easy drinking brew.

Douganda Brewing (Doug and Amanda) – Summer Sota, hoppy Pale Ale, very nicely done, with lots of light x-stal malt flavors, and late hop flavors, as well.  

GushersSml.jpgMatt – Pale Ale, brewed in Feb. with Ahtanum hops, another fine example of the style.

Adam – Stout, one of several gushers, but tasted fine.

GregScotch Ale, extract kit, another gusher.  Nice, malty, 80 Shilling. Again, no off flavors. 

Tom Owens – Old Ale , brewed about 4 months back, group brew with his old club, where they took turns selecting malts from a fixed pile.  Came out nice, malty.                                                       

Josh – Spiced Winter Ale, 10 gal. with Rye Malt, a real spice bomb, especially Cinnamon. Spice flavors have built with time, should be really good for this Xmas.     

Commercial Examples;

Jim Parks – Old Chub, Jim’s favorite Scottish Strong Ale, 8%.  Oskar Blues makes this malty beast.

Dick Tuthill – Ithaca Happy Pils, which we should have had early, but this German Pils has that intense Pilsner Malt flavor and lots of noble hop flavor, too. 

Dick Tuthill – Southern Tier IPA, just a great old standard, was served at the Dick’s Open this year, great improvement to that event.  

Roger – Zinfandel, ~2003, Calif. juice, bottled a couple years back, with many others (~15 – 18 carboys) of Roger’s creations, by about 6 of our members.  It’s holding up well.      

Good meeting, thanks to Fil & Brothers 2.  See you all at our August meeting, August 10th.   Stay cool.