January 2016 BIER Minutes

Jan. 13, 2016


A new year, more good brew.  We had a good turnout, 18 of us on a cold night at Brothers 2, and we enjoyed some good discussions and tastings.   


Attending were: 

Rich Andel                  Laurie Bowen                         Dave Clark                  Josh Sember    Dave Russell             Dave Semo                 

James Dunn                 Bernie Kordula           Chris Hritcko              Ray Corey       Jim Burt            Matt Farrell    
Chris Cyr                     Dave & Joan King      Chris Given                 Dick Tuthill     Tim Ames                   


Bill Sica is selling his 10 gal. HERMS system, as well as kegs, a keezer and misc. brewing gear.


The BIER Western Bus Craft Beer Tour was a fun time, but too compressed, 8 breweries in 10 hours is too much, should have been 6 or 7 stops.  We had 28 people, got samples at most places.  The best surprise was Bluestone Brewing Co., in Sayre, PA, beautiful place, lots of SS, with hop head beers.  The food looked good.


We discussed a couple upcoming events.  Registration for this year’s National Homebrew Conference in Baltimore, June 11 to 13, and on-line registration for the contest will be Feb. 1 to 7.  It’s THE Homebrew event of the year, within driving distance, and we need to take some kegs for Club Night.  We should have a couple car full’s going down.    


The Finger Lakes Beer Trail PassPort will be valid all year, for $20, you can buy it on their web site.  


BYO Mag deal is in, we got 14 people, a few were from IPA (Ithaca). 


Binghamton On Tap, was Jan 15 & 16 (just after our meeting) at the Doubletree on Water St. in Binghamton was good, we had over a dozen members pour, across the 3 sessions.  Town Square Media promotes it.  Some of our local breweries will be there, but some don’t go for it.  InBEV appears to be a big player, with local distributors bringing most of the beer. 


The Mom’s House Homebrew Fest was discussed at length, with Laurie Bowen, Mom’s House Director leading.  We have a good many brewers interested in entering the contest.  If you’re interested, get your info. to Dave King (2), soon.  There should be some very good prizes.  


Has anyone bought a BIER logo mug or stein?  They’re still available, along with tee shirts, etc.  I use my mug, and the logo is well buried in the finish, so it should last a long time. 


Josh was our Cellar Master, and Bob brought pretzels, thanks!    


On to the beer.      

·         Dave Russell – Cranberry Wheat, with some orange, which is subtle, but goes well with the cranberry. 

·         Jim Burt – Dry Hopped German Pils, his 1st lager, and with Saflager S-23 yeast.  Very clean, nicely done!

·         Chris Given –Cream Ale, fun brew, slightly sweet, nutty flavor, well dried out, some corn flavor. 

·         Dave King (2) – Dad’s Brown Ale, a hopped up Brown Ale, probably best classed as a Brown IPA, dry hopped with Citra & Lemon Drop hops . Made with Marty’s 2 Row Malt.

·         Dave Semo – Pale Ale, a nice basic Pale Ale, with lots of Crooked Creek hops, very tasty! 

·         Jim Burt – Eureka IPA, an all Eureka hop IPA, Jim’s new favorite.  Makes a great session IPA, piney, herbal, citrus, and dank.

·         James Dunn – Unconquerable Sun, a barrel aged Imperial Stout, from The Commons Brewery, in Portland Oregon, where his Son-In-Law is practicing, a big beer at 10.9% ABV, intense, heavy Imp. Stout. 

·         Jeff & Jim Parks (via Rich) – Black IPA, 1 yr. old, not much aroma left, with de-husked Carafa. Still a nice job.

·         Josh – Porter, 4% ABV, low because of an immersion cooler leak, but still a nice drinkable, “session” Porter.

·         James Dunn – Belgian Tripel, incremental sugar feeding lead to 10-11% ABV, sneaky stuff, very smooth, drinkable.

·         Matt – Pale Ale, Northern Brewer kit, 1.050 to 1.008, well done!  Keep brewing, Matt!

·         Bernie – Vanilla Porter, with left over malts and Willamette & Golding hops, as well as 2 real vanilla beans from Doc’s, extracted with vodka.  Very nice vanilla level..

·         Dave Clark – Metheglin, spiced mead, fermented last April, well dried out, good spice level.  1.070 to 0.990, very drinkable.

·         Dick Tuthill – Geary’s IPA, oops, left out, we’ll do this in the spring, after the King’s come back from FL.  

Great company, great discussions, great brews.  Next month, February 10th,  and March, too, somebody will be heading up the meeting.  Your fearless leader will be back in April.  Brew on!

            Dave King