February 2016 BIER Minutes


For the cold and snowy February meeting we had a smaller than usual turnout.

Bernie Kordula    Donna Kordula   Bob Ciesla     Josh Sember

Adam Hawley     Dave Murphy      James Dunn  Dave Russell

Chris Given         Jim Burt             Rich Andel


Rich took these notes, and presented a PowerPoint presentation on the National Homebrew Conference - last year's event in San Diego


Dave Russell - Cherry Wheat, used six row, wheat, oats, & cascade hops but said he's giving up on cherry extract he put 2 ounces in 5 gallons at bottling and it was just a subtle flavor, we all thought it was good.  Made with Safebrew 06 yeast.


Jim Burt - One More Blonde - it's based on a beer from Bluestone, which reportedly has 19 IBU's, but he dropped it to 17, used Willamette hops,  Crystal 20, it's about a 5% beer, good session beer for the heat of summer.


Bernie - Free Hop Fuggle English Mild using Maris Otter, & British yeast, we all thought it was a good example of a Mild, lower alcohol but a lot of flavor.


Adam - Cascade Pale Ale, Crooked Creek Cascade hops and Warrior hops, hit with 2 ounces at 10 minutes,  2 ounces in the dry hop, very clear, very hoppy, and good.


Rich - Lagunita's Sucks clone (aged), hop extract and lots of hops, I have plans for doing this one again.


Chris Givens - (C) brought a can of the new Guinness IPA and the club collectively decided they should stick to what they know, nothing more to say about that one but thanks for bringing it.


Bob Ciesla - Rye Amber, very good nice hop flavor.


Adam - Dark Stout, 3 gallons batch, flaked oats, black barley, and 4 ounces of chocolate malt, with 4 ounces of molasses, very good.


Chris Givens (C) - brought Duchesse De Bourgogne, by Brouwerij Verhaegh – a Belgian Sour he received as a gift (purchased in Philadelphia), this delicious Flanders Red ale is aged in oak, apparently after two years they add a blend of some fresh wort to the beer,lots of folks were impressed with it even those that didn't particularly care for sours, very complex it's like an explosion of flavors, I would buy one of these if I saw it!


Dave Murphy - (C) brought one of his favorite beers, the breakfast Stout from founders, very good.


Josh Sember (C) - brought The North Brewery’s barrel aged Big Bad Leather Daddy - A smoked Russian Imperial Stout aged in whiskey barrels, it was the 11% beer, with tons of complexity and alcohol, very awesome!  


Bob Ciesla - brought pretzels, thanks Bob!  Thanks to Rich, for writing up these minutes.  I just sent them out.  See you soon,      


Dave, your hop head, King