December 2016 BIER Meeting

December 14, 2016

December is full of holiday parties, and 27 of us enjoyed our annual “BIER Christmas Dinner” at Brothers 2,. They have a great full Italian menu, so we really enjoyed dinner, along with some great draught Craft Beers.  Thanks, Fil & Domenic! 

Present were:

Dave & Karen Russell ...... Ray & Liz Corey …............... Adam Hawley .... Dave & Joan King  

Chris Cyr & Lisa Fuller .... Bernie & Donna Kordula ....... Bob Ciesla ......... Tom Owens 

Theresa Hollister ............. Jim Burt .. Carrie Bowgren ..... Rich Andel ........ James Dunn

Tom DeSantis ................. Anna Caron ..... Chris Given ... Matt Farrell ....... Becky Lawson

Steve Morrow ................. David Scheel ... Adam Hawley .. Dick Tuthill

aha_logo.pngWe discussed:

Rich should be getting our hops from Hop Heaven soon.  Thanks for leading this for us, Rich.    

Our annual BYO mag. subscription list has been sent in.  We get a ½ price deal, so for $16.50, you get the 8 hard copy and 8 on-line editions.  We needed at least 10 people, and got 14. 

Finger Lakes Beer Trail Passport – Theresa came by and told us about it, $15 for each of 3 regions, $40 for all 3, good thru April this time.  More just free beers, less of the 2 for 1, better for individual visitors.  She’s going to put the list of deals on the web, soon.  Thanks, Theresa!

We are doing a Brewery Bus Trip, Jan 14th, going North to 5 breweries this time, 2 of them are on the Passport.  We have a full 30 passenger bus.  If you’re interested, and didn’t get on yet, the waiting list is empty, and someone will likely want to back out, so Brewery_Bus_Tour.jpglet me know. 

Binghamton On Tap will be Feb. 25, 2 sessions at the DoubleTree in Binghamton.  Attend, or help pour.  

The 2017 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is June 14-17, in Minneapolis.  Don Zwach (our B’more BIER member) and I will be there.  It’s the best beer event of the year, and you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  No BIER booth this year, too far to ship kegs.  Join us!    

The North was noted as a top 10 NY State Brewery by Will Cleveland, Rochester  Democrat and Chronicle, Beer Columnist.  I met Wil at the North at the Big Bad Leather Daddy release, he’s a real knowledgeable, fun guy.   

James Dunn attended the Southern Tier Farm Brewery Summit. James gave us a review of this informative and exciting gathering, “With our agriculture and government support we now know that New York State has grown into a major beer producing state. As of September there are 280 breweries and 132 farm breweries. With all of the tremendous growth I see some interest and opportunities for us craft and home brewers.

There should be more chances for smaller hobby type hop and barley growers to sell to buyers.

We will soon have access to much more information such as where the hop farms and malt houses are. And where to easily find all the breweries and beer sellers in the state.

Soon New York should have its own hop and barley varieties so we can make New York style beer. And we will see more New York brewing ingredients for sale.

Here is some additional information.

This is an interactive map of all the hop farms.           

This is the same for the barley farms and malt houses

If you want to learn more about the laws and what is happening here is the New York Brewers Association.”  He also mentioned an upcoming TV series, Brewed In New York, should be good.  Source NY is a free on-line market for all of us, new, just getting started, stay tuned for more, here.  Hartwick College is developing a big Brewing Science program, expect to hear much more on this, too.  Thanks, James!

2016 was a great BIER year, BIER Western bus trip last January, Binghamton On Tap, Mom’s House Homebrew Fest, Doc’s Homebrew started a 10% discount for BIER members, and gave us 28 lb. of pellet hops.  We get Happy Hour beer prices at Brothers 2, all the time, we got cheap 60L x-stal malt, and a bag of free Wheat Malt from John at Water St. Brewing, NHC was in B’more, with 6 of us attending, killed ‘em at Club Night, we had our usual booth at the Madison Co. Hop Fest, did Zoo Brew at Ross Park Zoo, our local Breweries all had a very good year, there were many festivals, where some of us helped, Sudsy Brews & Fiery Foods was a great time, Adam got us Amoretti extract and concentrate samples, we put in an order for Ted’s Hop Heaven hops, we had many great samplings and technical discussions at our meetings, including brewing water mineral & pH adjustment, there were several Tap Take-Overs at Food & Fire, as well as Brothers 2, we’re doing our annual BYO subscription ½ price deal.  And, we kept our membership cost at $3.50/yr.  Now, we just need a new President of BIER.  

Bob brought us pretzels (regular and spicy), Rich brought us his Hop Hummus, and Tom DeSantis brought us his Son-In-Law, Kris’ spent grain bread, delicious!  Tom DeSantis was our Steward, too.   Thanks, guys!  The 2 Waitresses were great, and our TailWagging.jpgdinners and beers were excellent, can’t beat it.

Homebrew Samples

Adam – 80 Shilling, a nice malty start to our evening samplings, thanks, Adam.

James – Tail Wagging Pilsner, yet another excellent example from our award winning lager Brewer.  Easy drinking, malty clean brew, with noble hops.    

Matt – Pale Ale, his own recipe, with Simcoe, Centennial and Cascade hops. 

Bernie – Pale Ale, the Brewer’s Best kit from our recent Learn To Homebrew Day at Galaxy.  Kevin, at Doc’s provided this, and Bernie did most of the brewing, fermenting, and bottling, with James Dunn’s help.  It’s a nice basic Pale Ale, good for starters.  We’ll taste tested it with the students at Galaxy 12/16/16.

Rich – New England IPA, huge hop nose, 2 batches (to get 5 gal.) on his PicoBrew Zymatic, ½ his well water, ½ RO, with toasted oatmeal, double late hop additions, dry hopped, cloudy, very tasty & aromatic, well done, Rich.  That put a dent in his massive hop reserves.

Dave King (2) – Wheat IPA, no where near the aroma of Rich’s, lacking in malt flavor, too.  The wheat proteins seemed to grab the hop bitterness and aroma, it needs another dry hopping (which it got by this time, and it helped a bunch).  

Jim Burt – Quick Make a New Batch IPA – 2, good beer just doesn’t last long.  A light, session IPA, 5.3% ABV, Jim’s really got this down.  Great aroma, hop & malt flavors, that blend of Equinox & Pekko in the boil, with Amarillo, Chinook, CTZ, El Dorado and Equinox dry hops works nicely. 

Steven Morrow & Dave Scheel – Deatheater, black IPA, with a nice level of roast flavor, which goes well with the Mosaic and Simcoe hops. 

Tom Owens – Double IPA, More Beer’s Heady Topper kit, with extra hops, took a Bronze Medal in the Phoenixville HB contest (~35 pts), well done, Tom!

Chris Cyr – Blueberry Beer, good flavor, light.

Matt – Cider, only Sayre apple cider and White Labs cider yeast, simply very good.  Kept a good apple flavor, finished at 0.998. 

Tom DeSantis – Raspberry Lime Cider, wine kit (Brewer’s Best?).  Sweet, flavorful. 

Tom Owens – Dopplebock, from Gordon Strong’s book, 9.6%, real malty, as the style should be.          

Steven Morrow & Dave Scheel – Beer Eh, Maple Bacon Milk Stout, 5 gal. with 20 oz. extra dark maple syrup & 1 pound  of cooked and drained bacon in the secondary.  Maple Syrup used for priming, too.  Grease was well removed, head was still good.  Maple aroma and flavor were good, but smoke, i.e. bacon was light.  Bring up the bacon flavor for an award winner.

Dave Russell – Chocolate Milk Stout, Northern Brewer kit, great chocolate aroma and flavor, with a balanced roast flavor.  Cocoa nibs in the secondary sure worked well.

Bob – Chocolate Milk Stout, Brewer’s Best kit, interesting to compare to Dave’s Northern Brewer version.  Both are very tasty.

Matt – Brown Porter, Northern Brewer kit, nice light drinkable Porter.   

Jim Burt – Christmas Treat Baltic Porter, the 24 oz. of Brandy marinated black cherries sure made this a treat.  9% ABV, too.  Ymmm.      

Great ending to a great year

Thanks to Fil, for a great 2016 at Brothers 2.  Hoppy New Year.  Next meeting is January 11th, back to our normal 7:30 meeting time.  Please bring a beer to sample, and label them.  Recipes are appreciated.  See you then!

       Dave King (2)