August 2016 BIER Meeting

August 10, 2016

Present, 15 of us:

Dick Tuthill     Dave Clark                  Dave Russell               Chris Given

Matt Farrell                 Rich Andel                  Jim Burt                      Dave King (1)

James Dunn               Adam Hawley            Dave King (2)              Bob Talkiewicz

Tom Westfall               Ray Corey                  Chris Cyr        


We discussed upcoming events; 

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown was Aug. 5 to 7, big event, DEK (20) poured with Marty.  Binghamton Brewing and Galaxy were there, as well as over 100 other breweries.       

Flour City Brewers Fest was Aug. 19.  Great event in Rochester.

Madison County Hop Fest is Sep. 17.  We need a few folks to “man” (or lady), the Homebrew booth.  Remember, we can serve our homebrew, since we’re outside the area you pay to get into.  We usually start about noon. There should be a few free tickets for the Craft Beer Tent, so it’ll likely cost you $0.  Maybe we can car pool? 

The Binghamton BrewFest is also Sep. 17.  They can use people to pour for different breweries. 

The Exit 65 Music Fest will be held Sep. 25th in the Hickories Park in Owego.  Tom Westfall filled us in on their plans.  Chris Cyr is heading up the Homebrew portion.

Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods is Oct. 8th.  So far, we’ve got most of the usual local breweries, should be a good time, come and meet the brewers.  We’ll need volunteers to pour, and 1 to help me with the Homebrew booth.

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, Nov. 12th, is a good contest held at the Albany Pump Station.

New York Craft Brewers Festival is Nov. 19.  Over 50 Breweries, and lots of food included for $45, on-line, $20 Designated Driver, in Syracuse.  

The effort to change NY State law, to allow Homebrew to be served at charity events is underway.  Meetings with the NY State BA Executive Director and our local legislators, Donna Lupardo and Fred Akshar went well.  Many NY State Homebrew clubs have reps with me and have pledged support to our efforts.  We continue to go for more and more support, from NY State clubs and Breweries.  The next legislative session starts in January, and we need to obtain as much support as possible by then, so that bills can be introduced in both State Houses.  

Adam was sent a big box of samples of fruit extracts and concentrates from Amoretti, and let us take some, so there should be some interesting beers coming back.  Thanks, Adam!

Bob Talkiewicz happened to be at Brothers 2, so he joined us.  Bob is a Rock Star of Homebrewing in our area.  He’s been a BJCP Judge and member of Binghamton clubs for decades.  His current emphasis is in Meads.  So glad he stopped by and added to the conversation.

Rich told us about his Pico Brew Zymatic, brewing machine, which he got at the B’more NHC.  2.5 gal., easy to use, good for experimentation.

BrewsChris Cyr Stewarding, with help from Matt Farrell.


Adam - Cider, with Strawberry flavoring from Amoretti, from PA cider, 4.5% ABV, nice, gentle. 

Dave King (1) – Smash American Session Ale, 3-4 weeks from brew day, Pilsner malt with Simcoe hops, 1.050 to 1.014, 4.7% ABV, nice easy drinker, showing off the Simcoe hops.  

Dave King (1) – Karl’s Ninety 90/-, a 90 Shilling Scottish Ale kit from Northern Brewer, nice malty brew.  We discussed rehydrating dry yeast, most agree, it’s worthwhile.

Dave Russell – Le Petite Orange, a Northern Brewer Belgian Double kit, big Belgian yeast flavors, light in color and malt flavors, low ABV for a double, nice summer version.

Rich & Chris Cyr – 2015 Harvest Ale, 1.050 sessionable, with big dry hopping of Rich’s Chinook, Centennial & Cascade hops.

Jim BurtBurt’s Session IPA-3, brewed in May, with Azacca, El Dorado and Mosaic dry hopping, very tasty!

Dave King (2) – Red Eye, a Red Rye IPA, brewed mid April, getting mellow, very clear, still decent bitter finish, not much aroma left.  


Chris Given Salted Caramel, from Southern Tier, nice 10% ABV malty & salty Imperial Stout.

Dick Happy Pils, from Ithaca Beer, easy Pilsner with lots of noble hops.

DickIPA, from Southern Tier, an old favorite, can’t go wrong here.


Another good time, see you next time.  If you want your water tested, bring at least 10 oz. and $5 to the Sept. meeting.  Brew on!

                         -  Dave King (2)