April 2016 BIER Minutes

Nice warm Spring day, 19 attending, with lots of beer news and Homebrews to sample.

Dick Tuthill         Chris Given       Jim Burt          Ray Corey         Jim Parks  

Dave Clark         Dave Russell       Donna Kordula  Tim O’Leary    Matt Farrell 

header photoBernie Kordula    Bob Ciesla         Dave King (2)  Rich Andel         Doug Blake 

Amanda Frayne   Adam Hawley    Kevin Winters  Jim Dabek          

Beer News;

Florida Winter Update, from your President

Dave took 1 & 2nd place in the Vero Beach, “Craft Beer and Wings Fest,“ with 20 entries total, BOS type judging.  $300 for 1st (Dad’s Brown Ale) and $200 for 2nd (Chocolate Imperial Stout), so he bought a Counter Flow Wort Chiller, a Hop Back, & is building a Fermentation Chamber.  It’s good to get lucky!

TCBM-Logo.jpgThe Treasure Coast Brewmasters (TCBM) had a Team Brew.  The current President, Jeff Bowers has a 40 gal. brew house, so we had a big brew day, of a basic Pale Ale, and split the bitter wort into 5 pre-sterilized fermenters, each to be finished by a  team.  It was less than a full 40 gal. batch, Jeff kept some, just fermented it out with a basic yeast.  That one was our toast beer for the March meeting, and used for comparison to the 5 entries.  This was also an instructional event for new all-grain TCBM brewers, and many of us helped clean up.  Ours was heavily dry hopped with Citra and Centennial hops, and fermented with good old US-05, it placed 2nd out of 5 teams.  1st place was fermented as a Saison, it’s all about the yeast.  We all had a great time.  Good idea for BIER?     

Dave put on a Brewing Water Adjustment Class for TCBM, which was very well received.  Later for BIER?  Dave is helping Sailfish to adjust their brewing water (soon going from a 3 bbl to 20 bbl new system). 

DocsHB.jpgWe talked about how Brülosophy has blown up so many “rules” about how we are supposed to brew.  They use Triangle Testing, and the results are hard to argue with, although, in some cases, the beer they decided to use for the test, might not be the style(s) where it makes a difference.  I still use what I believe is the “best practice,” in most cases.   

Kevin Winters is giving us a 10% discount at Doc’s Homebrew,  please go there for as much as possible, it helps us all.  The expansion (over a year ago?) means much more variety, and the more we use Doc’s, the fresher everything will be.  If there’s something you want, and he doesn’t have it, he may be able to get it, so just ask him.  

Jim Burt has 30 lb. of 60L Crystal, from John Broome County Habitat for HumanityBleichert at Water St., there were 100 lb., at $0.20/lb., ask Jim to get your share! 

VolunBeer was at Water St. the following Sun., Dave King represented Broome County Habitat for Humanity  from 2:30 to 5.  Traffic was a bit light, since it was such a nice, warm, sunny day. 

http://www.tap-ny.com/images/header_logo.jpgTap NY should be a blast at Hunter Mountain, April 23 & 24.  Your President will be helping Marty Mattrazzo, his brother, Dan, and a friend, Kevin, pour 4 of his great beers.  Check out the video on the web site. 

Heritage Village Craft Beverage Expo. is being held May 14th, Crooked Creek Hops Farm’s, Chris Holden invited us.  It’s in Corning, and there’s a Homebrew Contest, too.

American Craft Beer Week, is May 16 to 20, enjoy our local breweries.

Mom’s House Beer and Food Fest, May 19th.  So far there are ~20 Homebrew entries, 2 sets of prizes will be awarded, 7+ Restaurants will be serving food samples, and our 5 local Craft Breweries will be serving samples, too.  It’s just $25/ea.

Erik Joh is planning on planting hops the end of May,  if you help plant & harvest, you can keep the hops you pick.  Info on the exact date will be coming.  

The 2016 National Homebrew Convention is in Baltimore, MD, there’s still room (It’s June 9 – 11), 8 of us are going, 5 from TCBM, and a few others from UNYHA & ABC.  We’ll be doing a tour of some local Breweries and Brew Pubs on that Wed.  Thurs. starts the Seminars, and Thurs. evening will be a great Brew Fest, with many local breweries serving their best.  Friday will bring more Seminars, and Club Night, the undisputed best part of it all.  Saturday will hold more Seminars, and culminate with the Banquet and awards ceremony.  It’s close, drivable, so don’t miss it!  

Syracuse’s Empire Brewfest is June 10 & 11, same days as NHC. 

UNYHA Camp Out will be June 25, at Craig Zufelt’s house.  This is always a good time.  Come for the day, or camp overnight.  Last year they had a Stein Brew, hard to tell what’s up this time.

Rochester’s Flour City Brewers Fest is at the Public Market, Aug 19.  Madison Co. Hop Fest is 9/17.  Then there’s the GABF (Oct. 6-8).  Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods is 10/8.   

Thanks for running the last 2 meetings, Rich.

Homebrew Tastings;      Ray Corey was our Steward, thanks, Ray!

Jim Burt – Vienna “Lager,” with Saflager W-34/70 lager yeast, but fermented at 67°F, not the recommended 53 - 59°F.  However, look at the Fermentis data sheet, they say it’s usable up to 71.6°F.  We thought it was nice and clean.  Jim used Saphire hops, and doesn’t like the flavor.  Most of us thought it was good.  Great experiment, thanks, Jim!

Jim Burt Brown Ale, a nice light American Brown Ale, very drinkable

Tim – Ginger Bread Brown Ale, a late Christmas Ale, with Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Ginger spices.  A nice spiced ale, not too intense, as many are. Tim had a tale of 2 Kezzers that died, moving them to the basement, and he ended up buying 5 ea., 60 watt Peltier coolers.  For only about $15, it could be a fun experiment, and maybe a good means of keeping our yeast buddies happy. 

Chris Given – Scotch Ale, lots of malts, including 2 oz. of Peated Malt.  Nice malty brew, tasty!

Chris Given – Scotch Ale, this ½ of the batch was bottled with 7 oz. of Scotch Whiskey infused with oak chips.  The Scotch flavor was reportedly strong after 1 wk., but for us it was subtle, very nice.   

Adam – Scottish Export 80, another malty brew, well done.  1 oz. of Columbus hops, late in the boil, 15 min. left.  Adam used our old friend, US-05 to ferment it.  

Dave Russell – Rye Ale #2, a partial mash with 6 lb. of Rye extract and 3 lb. of Rye malt, US-05, came out very well, nice malty brew, balanced toward the malt, as Dave likes it.  Thanks for sharing it with us. 

Bernie – Cybier RyeBier, kit from AIH.  Falconer’s Flight hops throughout, fermented with our old friend, US-05.  A mix of wheat and rye made this a refreshing easy drinker, with a good hop balance, and fruity Falconer’s Flight flavor. 

Bob Cybier RyeBier, same kit as with Bernie, but hops were bagged, and it was fermented warmer.  We thought we noticed more yeast esters.  Certainly, a well crafted brew. 

Matt – Duckpin Pale Ale, by Union Brewery in Baltimore, canned for Matt, on the premises, like we saw at Stone in San Diego.  Good idea, easy to travel with, and the beer was good, too!

Dave King (2) – Red Rye Pale Ale, This one started life as an IPA, but it’s been 4 months, and the bitterness, as well as aroma, have faded, but it’s still a tasty brew.  

Dave Clark – Erik’s Red Ale, an American Red Ale, with medium hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. Dave used some his home grown Centennial hops, to convert an Irish Red recipe, to an American interpretation, nicely done.

Rich – Citrus Slam Pale Ale, made with the zest of oranges and lemons, ½ put into the whirlpool, and the other ½ with the dry hops.  It is intense, thanks, Rich.  There’s an article in the latest Zymurgy, by Mitch Steele, of Stone Brewing fame, where he discusses different ways of adding citrus fruit to beers, Modern Day IPA’s.   

Dick – Geary’s IPA, a nice English style IPA, malty, and not extremely bitter.

Doug and Amanda – Extra IPA, featuring Falconer’s Flight hops, with “Spring Water,” after suspecting an off flavor came from iron in Doug’s well water.  It appears to be true, this one tastes great.

Jim Debek – Pliny the Elder Clone, a real hop bomb, not extremely bitter, but with lots of C hop flavor and aroma.  About 6.5% ABV.


Great beer, fun time.  Thanks to Fil for allowing us to meet at the Brothers 2, great place, great beer, great food.      

Don’t forget, if anyone wants to write a review of a pub, a brewery, trip, etc, please do so, and send a copy to Josh and Me.  We’ll get it on the web, you’ll be famous. 

Next meeting is May, 11th at Brothers 2, Marty is going to do a Malting Seminar for us.         

              Dave King (2)