September 2015 BIER Meeting

September 9, 2015

Present were:

Bernie Kordula           Donna Kordula           Rich Andel                  Chris Hritcko             

Chris Cyr                     Dan Koller                  Bob Ciesla                   Dave Russell  

Dave King (2)             Isaac Yochelson          Joe Grosso                   Josh Sember

Dave King (1)             Roger Haggett            Fil Fata                        Joan King

Matt Farrell                 Seth Weisel                 Jim Burt                      19 of us, we’re back! 

News & Discussion:  BinghamtonBeerFest-2015.JPG

Fall is fund raising and festival time.  The Binghamton Brew Fest ran Sept. 12, and was a good time, with lots of us (6?) pouring samples.  2 sessions made it reasonable, not real crowded.  As before, the food was poor, but there was lots of fine beer. 


The Madison Co. Hop Festival was planned for Saturday, Sept. 19.  We have an AHA banner and a box of "Introduction to Homebrewing" magazines from National AHA.  Now that it’s past, I can say it was a great sunny, warm day, not like the nasty cold, rainy day we had last year, but 5 of us spoke with lots of enthusiastic new and hopeful brewers, serving lots of homebrew samples, it was a fine time.  Your President did a talk, “Introduction to Homebrewing,” which was well attended.  The photo above is Larry Fisher, a big force in bringing hop growing back to the Madison County area. 

Hopshire made a Harvest Ale with wet hops contributed by home hop farmers.  This year, I took about 2.5 lb. of my wet Cascade hops to Binghamton Brewing, where I helped Jason and Will make a Harvest Ale,  2 days later, they made a Harvest IPA, they’ve both been on tap recently, very tasty.    

Dave & Joan King were touring the German Rhine River for a week in late Sept., which was great in so many ways.  The least of which was the beer.  Since Dave’s a Hop Head, he thinks our American Craft Beer is better than German Pils, Kolsch and Helles.  JMHO :-).   

Sudsy Brews & Fiery Foods was being planned for Oct. 3th at the Center for Technology and Innovation, on Water St., Binghamton.  Several of our members poured beer, on a cool rainy day.  Bernie was looking the wrong way for this photo.  Oops. 

We should do a Beer Tour, probably early Nov. would be good.  Coachmaster would cost around $35/ea., depending upon bus size and how full it is.   

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews is scheduled for Nov. 14, in Albany at the Pump Station, so let me know if you’d like to Judge or Steward, maybe we can ride up together.

Rich placed the hop order with Ted Hausotter, for his fresh fall Oregon hops. 

Fil is giving BIER members special deals, Happy Hour prices all the time.  Don’t forget, he had our membership cards printed, no cost to us.  Thanks, Fil, we really appreciate your generosity.  

Bob brought pop corn, Donna rinsed glasses, and Chris Cyr helped Bernie with Stewarding this month.  Thanks, All!

Seth Weisel, Brewmaster, Owner at Galaxy Brewing gave us a short talk on yeast handling, mainly about re-pitching, with lots of Q & A.  Thanks, Seth! 

The beers: 

Matt American Pale Ale,  his 2nd batch, a Brewer’s Best kit, done with a White Labs Pure Pitch, 1.046 to 1.012, very nice flavors & balance, well crafted.        

Josh Porter, his own recipe, brewed with his Dad, 7.7% ABV, heavy, sweet, a good bit of crystal malt in it.  Brewed for the North Porter competition. 

Bob – Porter, BIAB, low carbonation, finished a bit sweet, due to 5 lb. of Munich II with 3 lb. 2 row, still a very nice Porter. 

MattMidnight Fuggle Robust Porter, from Nimble Hill in Tunkhannock, PA.  A good example of the style.

Dave Russell Oatmeal Stout, with toasted oats and flaked barley, his 1st stout, partial mash, big carbonation, 4.7%.  Great flavors, well done, Dave!                                                                                

Dave King (1) – Chocolate Milk Stout, with coco nibs, bottled in Feb., light chocolate flavor, very smooth, well crafted, complex kit.   

DanMaple Brown Ale, 3 gal., partial mash with real maple syrup in late boil, light maple flavor, nice flavor balance.      

Donna & BernieVanilla Java Porter, from Atwater Brewing, Detroit.  Vanilla level good with the light sweet and roasty flavors.     

JoeThe Gourd Pumpkin Ale, from Flying Dog, seasonal.     

Dave King (2) – Summer IPA, extract with steeping grains, less heat than all-grain, for a cooler summer brew day.  Getting old, several dry hops, last was CTZ.  

Rich Blind Pig Clone, wet hopped, made for a wedding, with 1.5% Rye, Chinook, piney, resiny, tasty! 

Jim Burt – July 4th IPA, a basic IPA, 6.7% ABV, malty nose, bright, well done, as always. 

Chris HritckoHopcrux, 6% IPA from the North.  Lots of “C” hops for a great aroma, cloudy, very tasty. 

The Wine;       

RogerPinot Noir, 2006, full of dark fruit flavors, another well crafted wine from Roger.

A great gathering, with plenty of great brews and wine.  See you next month, October 14th.  Many of us will be brewing more, as the weather cools off.     

     Dave King (2)