October 2015 BIER Meeting

October 14, 2015


13 of us met for a Fall celebration of Homebrewing, in the midst of a big festival season.



            Joan & Dave King      Ray Corey                   Dave Clark     

            Adam Hawley             Chris Given                 Dick Tuthill    

            Bernie Kordula           Donna Kordula           Bob Ciesla 

            Josh Sember                Jim Burt                      James Dunn




We discussed our recent festivals, The Madison County Hop Fest went well, great weather.  5 of us worked the Homebrew booth, and took in the Craft beer tent, which was bigger than before, not so crowded.  Dave King (2) did a talk in the barn, for 14 people, “Intro to Homebrewing.”


The Binghamton Brew Fest was well attended, with 2 sessions, so less crowded than before.  Many of our members poured samples. 


Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods went well, again, with many BIER members pouring.  More detail on these fests are in the Sept. minutes. 


Dave & Joan King just got back from a Rhine River Tour.  The food, people, ship, and scenery were great.  The beer was nothing special.  Bitburger Pils was the house beer on the ship, very good, for a German Pils, just not Dave’s style.  In Cologne, it was hard to get anything other than Kolsch, which was probably very good, but it’s balance is to low bitterness. 


The Oneonta Homebrew Club, HOPS (?), reportedly, holds a homebrew sampling for the public, to benefit local charities, twice per year.  Supposedly, they can do this legally, because all the proceeds go to charity, no money to the club or members.  Anyone interested in looking into this?  We might be interested in doing something similar here. 


SamAdamsRebel-IPA.jpgThe Vestal Beverage Center is reported to have a great Craft Beer selection, they’re on Rt. 26, just South of Vestal. 


We auctioned off a Sam Adams Rebel IPA tap handle, and got $5.50 added to our treasury. 


Dave Clark, a recently absent old BIER member, joined us again, good to have him back.  BTW, we now have 44 members for this year.


Bob contributed popcorn.  Ray Stewarded for us.  Thanks, guys!


Our Beers;    


Josh – Amber Ale, nice light crystal malt flavor, his 2nd try at this style.   


Adam  – Hoppy Rye, nice hop flavor and aroma, from lots of late hops, Amarillo, Sorachi Ace, and Simcoe.  


Adam  – Hoppy Wheat, same as above, but wheat in place of rye.  We couldn’t tell them apart, too little rye? 


Dave Clark – Pale Ale, “Appliance on the Fritz,” Extract, with his home grown Centennial hops (1.5 oz. at 10 min.), late addition of most of the malt extract, steeped X-stal malt with 1 lb. of extract, and then boiled, with hop additions.  It worked, very tasty Pale Ale, good bitterness, low wort caramelization.  Congrats, Dave!         


Bernie & Donna – He Said, a white Belgian-Style Tripel ale brewed with pumpkin, tarragon and galangal, a collaboration from 21st Amendment and Elysian Brewing.  It’s a long story, read it at the link.  It’s an 8.2% Belgian Tripel, with lots of Belgian yeast spice flavor, and very little pumpkin.  See the opposite, dark, Porter version, below. 


Bob – Porter, BIAB beer we had last month, with low CO2, but good CO2 this time, 1 month later.  5 lb. of Munich II with 3 lb. 2 row, seemed sweet last month, but the digested bottling sugar and the right carbonic bite balanced it, a very nice Porter now. 


JamesSubstance Abuse, Brown Ale, latest iteration, a nice brown malt flavored beer, good balance.


Dave King (2) –  Judy’s Brown Ale,  This is last year’s version, that Judy is allergic to, believed to be related to the British Ale yeast.  Holding up decent for such age.  Too much Molasses flavor, IMHO.    


Bernie & Donna – He Said, the other one, a black Baltic-Style Porter, lager brewed with pumpkin, Vietnamese cinnamon and ground caraway but again, the pumpkin is subtle.        


Chris Given  Grapefruit Sculpin IPA, from Ballast Point, with a strong grapefruit flavor.  People have been using different hops to get a grapefruit citrus flavor, but these guys didn’t screw around, they actually use grapefruit, along with those hops.  It really works.  Michael Tonsmeire, the Mad Fermentationist, has a Grapefruit American Pale Ale Recipe in his blog, see the link.  Rich Andel, and other BIER members have used citrus zest in hoppy beers, with very good results.   


Jim – Black IPA, his 1st cut at this style, 6.6% ABV, 156°F mash, but well dried out.  The roast flavor is nicely controlled, goes good with the hops.  


Ray – Peak Organic IPA, nice citrus flavored IPA, should have compared it to the PeakOrganicIPA.jpgSculpin IPA. 

Fun night, for the 13 of us.  We need a secretary, to record and make these more flowery, interested in the job?  I'll double the current salary!   See you in November, on the 11th. 

     Dave King (2)