March 2015 BIER Minutes

March 11, 2015

Present at the March 2015 meeting were:

Rich Andel Roger Haggett Dick Tuthill

Ray Corey Chris Given Isaac Yochelson

Chris Cyr Nick Martin Jim Burt

James Dunn Jim Lawson Dave Russell

Donna Kordula Bernie Kordula Bob Ciesla

Josh Sember

(DEK added) Rich Andel presided, and wrote up these minutes for us, thanks Rich!

Started 7:35 and cracked the first beer at 7:35, we tried something new and mixed the BIER news & discussions along with our tastings.

We discussed the off flavor program headed by Jim Dunn and he spoke about purchasing ingredients which when mixed with a clean beer should have the effect of exhibiting the flaw as you would in a finished beer. We had 13 people signup and pay at the meeting and provided the money to Jim to begin securing the items needed. Consensus was to have the class either the one week before or one week after our monthly bier meeting on a Wednesday evening since most everyone is already able to fit Wednesday evenings into their schedule without much difficulty. DEK added ===> James says April 15th 7:30 pm, at Brothers 2 is reserved. Bring a small tasting glass if you can. He can accept new students at the April meeting, or on the 15th. If you have an off-flavored Homebrew, bring it for analysis.

Discussed Water Street Brewings Pint For Charity Wednesday nights, and how during March they supported the CHOW (Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse), which James Dunn volunteers at.

Roger Brought- BJCP Judging sheets that we can copy for the off flavor class- thanks Roger.

Jim Burt - Basic Wheat, nice and refreshing, from a 1 gallon all-grain batch, 1.4# pale, 1.4# wheat

Nick El Dorado Wheat, great session beer, big on hop flavor, wheat is there, but its a hop forward, lighter beer, which is nice.

Dave Russell - Czech pilsner, lagered in cold part of basement mostly 52-54F for fermentation, then <35F for lagering, raised to 59F for a few days then down to 35F for 5 weeks. A very CLEAN beer, one comment was "this is better than Pilsner Urquell!" But the best was "If I can drink one beer for the rest of my life, I would be happy with that!" - well done Dave!

Rich/Jim Parks/Jeff Poltz - Ithaca 13 Clone based on Dennis's Ithaca 13 recipe. Has a nice citrus bite still after many months.

Jim Lawson - Pole Barn Brown, homegrown fresh hop mix with Chinook and cascade, 1.048 33 IBU pale amber extract, 1/2# chocolate, 1# cry, good balanced flavor, mellowed well.

Jim Dunn - Moose Drool - a re-brewed batch this time with whitelabs, very nice, good malt flavor, clear, same recipe as Northern Brewer Caribou Slobber, 1.052-1.011

Donna/Bernie Left Hand Brewery Black Jack Porter, very tasty espresso porter, nice flavors.

Chris Given - #23 Amber Ale, 3oz Carafa which was not de-bittered which added some harsher bitterness that does not fade to this beer, (this was part of our flaw sample that Chris brought in so we could see the harsh astringent taste from the roasted malt, however, on second thought the beer didn't show excessive signs of harshness and was well received, even by Chris!) Chris also brought a sample of the malt in so we could chew it to experience the flavor from the malt.

Chris Given - #22 Amber Beer, same as above, but with 4oz Carafa de-husked (de-bittered) malt instead, this version seemed to be a much smoother, thanks Chris for sharing this experiment!

Isaac - Mystery Beer- (brown ale) - 6# liquid extract, 1/2 20L 1/2 60L crystal, all German Northern Brewer hops, 1oz bittering, US-04 yeast, well done, nice example of a brown ale.

Josh - Vermont Maple Porter - This one is interesting... Vermont Maple Porter, great aroma, josh wanted to experiment and had a beer that used WLP008 Euro Ale yeast and decided to see what happened to it when he used 4oz of Vermont Maple coffee from Tom's gift shop and rough chopped the beans and dry hopped with them for 1 week, this was just perfect, very well done!

Chris Cyr - Imperial Blueberry Stout - 7.4%, tastes good, strong, blueberry comes through along with the warmness of the alcohol.

Josh - Session IPA - this was so tasty floral and citrus, grapefruit throughout, simple hop schedule, 1oz of Centennial at 60 min. left, then 1oz Centennial, 1oz Simcoe, 1oz Citra at 20 min. left, then again at flameout, then he dry hopped it with 2oz of Centennial, 2oz Citra, 2oz of Simcoe, low starting gravity of 1.048 with 1# crystal 60, 12oz corn sugar, just 2 days of dry hopping.

Roger - 2011 Chianti and Petite Syrah, great to end the night one these 4+ year old fine wines, thanks Roger!

We collected $5 from the following people for the off flavor tasting;

Chris Given, Isaac, Chris Cyr, Nick Martinson, Jim Lawson

Dave Russell, Bernie, Bob Ciesla, Rich, Jim Parks

Jeff Poltz, Josh, Jim Burt

(DEK added) Thanks to Rich for a fine reporting job, it sounds like it was a great meeting. Lets have another for April, on the 8th.

              Dave King (2), your resident Hop Head