June 2015 BIER Minutes June 10 Minutes by Bernie Kordula

(DK2 note – Rich and I were at the National Homebrewer’s Conference, so we missed the June meeting. Rich is planning a slide show, but he’ll miss July, so plan on it for Aug. Thanks to Bernie for covering the meeting.)

Attendees: Roger H, Chris Given, R Tuthill, Jim Dunn, Kevin Winters, Ray Corey, Chris Cyr, Casey Smith, Dave Russell, Jim Burt, Donna and Bernie, Bob Ciesla.

Eric Joh, stopped by to fill us in on his future hops farm. He will let us know when he needs help with planting and harvesting. Beer tastings:

Chris- Summer Ale, light and sweet, an easy drinker

Chris- Session IPA, Simcoe and Mosaic hops

Roger- English Mild, nice malty ale

Jim D- English Brown, nice roasty taste with toffee notes Casey Smith- American Wheat, extract kit, very nice first beer!

Dave - Cherry Wheat, partial mash nice subtle cherry not overpowering

Bob- German Alt made with Munich malt made with yeast from my Alt

Bernie- SMASH Alt- made with Munich malt and Hallertau hops

Jim B- Session IPA- same recipe as last month but mashed at a higher temp

Kevin W- Cider made from a kit And Marty sent a Gose from Farmhouse!

See you July, 8th, at Brothers 2! 7:30, and don’t forget to use rubber bands to attach the labels on your samples. Dave King (2)