July 2015 BIER Meeting

July 7, 2015

10 distinguished attendees;

Jim Burt                                  Bob Ciesla                   Dennis Lovelock          

Josh Sember                            Ike Yochelson             Roger Haggett           

Donna & Bernie Kordula        Dave King (2)             James Dunn                


July's Beer Talk

Bob brought popcorn, and Bernie Stewarded for us.  Donna rinsed our glasses, too.  Thanks!  

The Syracuse Empire BrewFest was held June 26 & 27.  Several of our members poured, the turnout of volunteers and patrons sounded to be thin.   

August 21st will be the Flour City Brewers Fest, in the Rochester Public Market, Joan and DEK(2) will be there. Hope you can make it. 

Sept. 12th will be the Binghamton Brewfest, and they’ll surely want volunteers.   

Sept. 19th will be the Madison County Hop Fest, and we’ll need some help at the booth.  I expect some Rochester and Syracuse folks to help us.  We’ll get some discounted beer tent tickets, and we’ll be serving our own Homebrew Noon to 2:30, before the beer tent opens.  It’s always a fun time, come and join us. 

Oct. 3rd  will be the Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods Fest.  We’ll have about a dozen breweries, and lots of great local food.  More details later.

Nov. 14th is the 19th annual Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, Homebrew contest in Albany, at C.H. Evans, at the Pump Station.  They need Judges and Stewards, whom can bring their entries the day of the contest.   

Dave King (2) summarized the AHA National Convention in San Diego in June.  It was the homebrew event of the year.  Great beer, 2nd round Judging, Pro-Night, Club-Night, the Banquet, hanging out with Homebrew rock stars and old friends, it was all great.  Rich Andel was there with me, and a few other Central NY club members.  Rich has photos for our Aug. meeting.  Way too much going on for just 3 days.  Next year will be Baltimore, so we can drive down, and we have to do a Club Night booth, with a bunch of our best beers.    

It’s time to pay your BIER dues, so we can send in a roster and the annual payment for our AHA Liability Insurance, and that means $3.50 per member.  See the link for details.  They wanted it before the end of July, but I got an extension to just after our August meeting, so you can still take your money to the August meeting, Rich will collect it, or PayPal to Dave King (2), or send a check.   

We got to the beers:                                                                                                                                                        

Bernie – Donna’s Cream Ale, made with flaked corn, a 3 gal. batch, mashed for 90 min., with Whitelabs WLP080 yeast, 3.25% ABV, fruity, nice easy drinker.  Donna likes it!  Good start to the tastings.  

Bob – Alt Beer, 3 gal. Brew-In-A-Bag with 7 lb. of John Bleichert’s Munich II Malt and ½ lb. Chocolate Malt.  3rd pitch of WLP029 yeast, Ahtanum hops.  Calculates as 3.7 ABV, but that seems low.  Nice use of that Munich II Malt, but not very fermentable.       

Dennis – Munich Dunkel, made with John Bleichert’s Munich I Malt as the base, 2.5% Midnight Wheat.  Magnum hops to bitter, and Hallertau at knock out.  O.G. = 1.052, 31 IBU, 5.3% ABV, fermented with WLP830 lager yeast.  Lagered for 3 weeks.  Malty, good balance, very sessionable.   

Jim Burt – Father’s Day IPA, with a great hop nose from Chinook, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops.  This BIAB (Brew In A Bag) IPA spec’d out at 54 IBU and 6.1% ABV, well done!                                                           

Dennis – Demi-Hop God, a wonderful, hoppy Chocolate Brown Porter.  2 oz. of Cocoa nibs and real vanilla certainly helped.  Simcoe, Columbus and Apollo hops topped it off.                                    

Commercial Examples;

Ike – Right-O-Way IPA, a nice session IPA from Southern Tier, at 4.5% ABV, with Tangerine flavor from the secret hops. Good flavor, but thin body.  

Roger – 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, sort of Merlot like, big tannins, some sweetness, with RC212 yeast.    

Good meeting, thanks to Fil & Brothers 2.  See you all in Sept., Someone will be holding the August meeting on August 12th.   Stay cool.