December 2015 BIER Meeting

December 9, 2015

December is full of holiday parties, and 21 of us had our annual “Christmas BIER Dinner” at Brothers 2,. They have a great full Italian menu, so we really enjoyed dinner, along with some great draught Craft Beers. 

aha_logo.pngPresent were:

Dave Russell ...... Ray Corey …. Adam Hawley .... Chris Hritcko .... Chris Cyr ...... Dave Clark

Joan & Dave King (2) ............... Jim Burt ............ Fil Fata ............. Rich Andel

Chris Given ..... Bob Cielsa ....... Donna & Bernie Kordula ............. James Dunn

Josh Sember .... Tia Slick .......... Tom Owens ....... Dick Tuthill ...... Dave Semo

We discussed:

Rich had most of our hops from Hop Heaven.  Thanks for leading this for us, Rich.   A few varieties still haven’t been shipped. 

The 2016 AHA National Homebrewers Conference is June 9-11, in Baltimore.  We should have a good sized contingent, at least a couple cars full.  Don Zwach (our B’more BIER member) promises to help us do a fine pre-conference Brewery Tour.  It’s the best beer event of the year, and you’ll at least see most of the Rock Stars of Homebrewing, and meet a few of them.  Several of us agreed to each take a keg to serve at Club Night.    

Our annual BYO mag. subscription discount is available.  We get a ½ price deal, so for $16.50, you can get the 8 hard copy and 8 on-line editions.  As of this writing, we had 14 takers, and they’re mailed in. 

Homebrew Charity Event for Mom’s House – We discussed this as a great way to give back to our community.  The Oneonta HOPS club does this 2/yr., as a homebrew contest, with the patrons doing the judging, nothing too intense, just a fun event.  14 of us agreed to provide beer, at least ½ keg/each.  This commitment is what makes it work.  Mom’s House will do most of the promotion, setup, etc.  We should get newspaper and TV coverage.  The Endicott Visitor Center is likely the best place to hold it, next May. 

Finger Lakes Beer Trail Passport – $20 each, good for the full year this time.  We are having a road trip, Jan 9th, going West to 8 breweries this time.  At the time of this writing, we had 29 people for a 30 passenger bus.   

Tom is a new BIER member, moved into the area from NE Philly.  Along with Jim Debek, we now have 47 BIER Members. 

Bob brought us pop corn, and Donna brought Pumpkin Desert.  Thanks!

Homebrew Samples

Dave Russell – Blue Berry Wheat,  Great Blueberry aroma and flavor, made with Safale American Wheat yeast.     

Josh – Blonde Ale, with Christmas spices. Primarily (?) 1 Cinnamon stick, which created a good flavor level.

Chris Givens – SMASH Ale, Some Mosaic And Some Simcoe Hops, no, not a Single Malt And Single Hop Ale, 2 oz. of each, 5 min. before knock out, and 1¼ oz. equal mix for dry hop, 2 weeks young, good, nice flavor and aroma, not very bitter. 

Chris Givens – Robust Porter, partial mash, lots of dark malts, made for Christmas, dark, slightly sweet, very flavorful.

Tom OwensBreakfast Stout, Northern Brewer kit, with steeping grains, nice coffee flavor.  Well crafted, welcome to BIER, Tom.

Adam – Wheat Stout, 3 yrs old, gusher, something alive in there, OK flavor, chill ‘em, drink ‘em soon.

Jim Burt – Burt’s Patio IPA, Brew-In-A-Bag, nice session IPA, with corrected water chemistry and 3% Acidulated Malt. The body is light, and the late hopping and double dry hopping with Simcoe, Centennial, and Amarillo hops, shows through, very well, in flavor and aroma.  Brewed mid Nov., 4.7% ABV. 

Dave King (2) – Red Rye IPA, this one was young, cloudy, a bit harsh, last month, but clearer, smoother now.   

Bernie – Pumpkin Ale.  same as last month, a nice Brown Ale, with subtle spicing using individual spices, not a packaged mix.  Very good Pumpkin Ale!

Bob – Winter Spice Ale, made last Spring, holding up well.  Spices “dry hopped” in secondary, for a few days, to taste, slightly sweet, nice light clove notes.  

Dave Clark – Pale Ale, with Maris Otter extract, East coast American ale yeast, and his homegrown Centennial hops, nicely done, indeed.

Chris Hritcko – Belgian Golden, Smuttlabs, small batch from Smuttynose, lots of Belgian yeast ester flavor.

Chris Cyr – SingleCut 2x IPA, really heavy duty, bitter.  They make about 3 2x IPA’s, didn’t catch which this was.

Adam – The Devil Went Down to Oregon, an Imperial Dark Rye from Virginia’s Devil’s Backbone Brewing, in collaboration with Ninkasi Brewing of Oregon.  This is an intense sipper.  

Great ending to a great year

Thanks to Fil, for a great 2015 at Brothers 2.  Hoppy New Year.  Next meeting is January 13th, back to our normal 7:30 meeting time.  Laurie from Mom’s House will be dropping in to discuss our Spring charity event.  Please bring a beer to share, and label them.  See you then!

       Dave King (2)