August 2015 BIER Meeting

August 12, 2015

Present were 15 of us:

Dick Tuthill     Bob Ciesla                   Dave Russell               Chris Given

Jim Parks                     Rich Andel                  Jim Burt                      Bernie Kordula

Josh Sember                James Dunn               Mark McWilliams        Joseph Keegan

Eric Joh                       Ray Corey                  Jeff Poltz


Meeting minutes from Rich Andel, thanks, Rich! – Dave King (2)

We discussed:

Hot tips - Good discussions on hop picking window (timing) discussed such as Vinnie from Russian River -hops change significantly over just a few days want to harvest at their peak.

Rich - discussed steeping malt and tasting specialty grains to understand what they contribute to the beer (learned at NHC)

Eric Joh - rhizomes are susceptible to mildew whereas cutting shouldn't.  

Eric Joh provided updates on his hop farm, didn't get hops planted until later than expected (cuttings) to avoid any disease, 1.5 acres of poles are up, plans to use mats to cover rows to minimize weeds, 2000 cuttings to be planted around 21 September, looking for volunteers to help plant (this year) and harvest (next year), located about 2.5 miles from Ross Park, varieties thus far planned are Centennial, Chinook, Cascade.


Bob Ciesla - SMASH Cream ALE, BIAB 3 gal., light body, good clean tasting

            7# Rahr 2 row

            0.5 oz Ahtanum 60 min.

            0.5 oz Ahtanum 0 min.

            90 min. mash@153°F, 28 days ferment

            4.5% ABV

Dave Russell - Light Extract Ale, very clean and refreshing, see attached recipe

Chris Given - Arrogant Amber #29, 6# Gold Malt Extract, 1.5# Pale Malt, 12 oz. Special B 130L, 8 oz. UK Carastan 30L, 8 0z. Cara Red, Melanoidin, Magnum, Centennial, Topaz hops, very nice, lots of complex flavors... see attached recipe

Rich Andel - Wedding IPA, 6% ABV, citrus, lots of hop flavor from flameout and whirlpool, brewed for an upcoming wedding.

Jim Parks – (commercial) Dragon Ash Porter, from Hopshire, 4.8 ABV, 25 IBU

Chris Given#130, Robust Porter, nice darker beer, see attached recipe

Bernie (commercial) – Road 2 Ruin, Two Roads Brewing 2X IPA from CT, nice

Jeff Poltz (commercial) – Stone Brewing Russian Chai Spice Imperial Stout, reminded some of pumpkin, gingerbread taste, unique

Jim Burt (commercial) – Heady Topper - two cans, we opened one during the meeting and the second at the end, compared to wedding IPA, the Heady was fresh and fantastic!

In case I may have missed someone's beer let us know... 


Another good time, see you next time, thanks for taking notes, Rich.  

Rich got our hop order in to Ted.  The 1st should be shipped some time in Nov.  Thanks, Rich!

Lots of Fests this time of year, we need your help in pouring, or manning the Homebrew Booth;

Sept. 12th will be the Binghamton Brewfest, best to go to the Facebook page, but an e-mail to Jordan will work.  He’s CC’d here. 

Sept. 19th will be the Madison County Hop Fest, and we’ll need some help at the booth.  If you told me you’d be there, please tell me again.  We’ll get some discounted beer tent tickets, and we’ll be serving our own Homebrew Noon to 2:30, before the beer tent opens.  It’s always a fun time, come and join us. 

Oct. 3rd  will be the Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods Fest.  We’ll have about a dozen breweries, and lots of great local food.  More details later.

Nov. 14th is the 19th annual Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, Homebrew contest in Albany, at C.H. Evans, at the Pump Station.  They need Judges and Stewards, whom can bring their entries the day of the contest.

Our good friend, Seth Weisel, Brewmaster/Owner of Galaxy Brewing in Binghamton, is coming to speak to us at our Sept. meeting, Wed. the 9th.  His subject is “Getting to Know Your Yeast Strain/Fermentation.” So grab a pint, and we’ll try to start on time.    

                         -  Dave King (2)