April 2015 BIER Minutes


21 of us celebrated Homebrew;         

Joe Grosso            Nick Martinson           Dick Tuthill                 Marty Mattrazzo          

Dave Russell        Chris Hritcko Jim Burt                      Roger Haggett           

Dave Murphy       Donna Kordula           Bernie Kordula           Bob Ciesla      

Dave King (2)      Ike Yochelson             James Dunn                 Rich Andel                 

Josh Sember         Chris Given                 Ray Corey                   Dave King (1)     Dennis Lovelock

Lots of news this month.  Your fearless leader did a quick review of everything Craft and Homebrewed Beer from 2 months in Florida, including serving HB at a Craft Beer Fest in Vero Beach, and taking a Gold Medal in the Miami Coconut Cup contest with his Red Rye IPA (1st out of 18 Specialty Beers).  He and Joan visited about 6 breweries going down, while there, and on the way back.  By the time of this writing, Andrew Deming, past BIER member, as well as Head Brewer and Co-Owner of Four Saints Brewing Co. in Ashboro, NC, has been open for a couple weeks, and is killing it in their local beer scene. 

Marty, Farmhouse Brewery, is tripling his capacity with 3 7 barrel fermenters, thanks to a USDA and Tioga Grant.  And then there is the new delivery truck.  Check the News Release.  It’s all good, up and up!

The AHA National Conference in San Diego, June 11 – 13, still has some openings.  The list of seminar topics are on-line.  Don’t miss this great event.  Rich and I are flying out a few days ahead. 

Our own Dennis Lovelock took a Gold Medal in the Amber Waves of Grain, Buffalo contest, for his Flander’s Red, which we enjoyed at our last December meeting.  Sours are tough, and Dennis shows he’s a master at them.    

The Flour City Brewers Fest is Aug. 21 in Rochester.  Don’t miss this one.  I suggest volunteering for it, but attending will be a blast, lots of great beer, food, and music.  More food trucks this year. 

Consider the Beer Box, from Brewing Tools, a good alternative or compliment to kegging your brew.  They fit nicely into an unaltered refrigerator, make taking your brew to parties very easy, and they’re an economical approach.  2 will handle a 5 gallon batch.   

John Bleichert, Owner, Brewer at Water St. Brewing Co. decided on a change in his brewing schedule, so he had 3 bags of milled Munich malt that would get too old by the time he’d use it, so he sold it to us.  The 2 bags of Munich I and 1 bag of Munich II were split up, and I’m sure there’ll be some fine beers produced with them.  Thanks, John!

We’re having a Learn to Homebrew Day at Marty’s on May the 17th.  Kevin at Doc’s contributed an American Pale Ale kit.  If you know of a new or interested beginner, tell them to come by.  We’ll split the cost, a couple $’s at most. I could use a helper or 2, also. 

We celebrated Roger’s Birthday!  Cheers!

James Dunn told us about his Off Flavors Class, held April 15th, details below. 

Beer Tasting Time

Nick – Pilsner, well done, substituted Vanguard for Saaz hops.  

Dennis – German Pils, 10 lb. Bohemian Pilsner malt, 1.5 oz. Mandarin hops, and WLP800 yeast, a fine example.  

Dave Russell – Belgian Witbier, a partial mash, with Cascade hops, bitter orange peel, nicely done!

Chris Hritcko – English Bitter, with Fuggles hops and Nottingham yeast.  1.050 to 1.012, good attenuation, but seems a little heavy with Crystal malt flavor, maybe a little oxidation.  Some diacetyl.  Still, a very nice beer.

Josh – Amber, 12 lb. 2 row, 4 lb. Crystal 60, 4 lb. Munich I, 2 lb. Rye, 2 lb. Victory, 2 oz. Centennial to bitter, 2 oz. @ 1 min. left, US-04 yeast.  Brewed 2/25/15.  Balanced toward the malt, which is the style.  1st 10 gal. batch, good job.  

Ike – Brown Ale, same one we enjoyed last month, holding up well.

Jim Burt – Porter, 1st one, and 1st use of US-04 dry yeast, with debittered 550 SRM Black malt, etc. See his BeerSmith recipe link.  Very well done.          

Ike & Rich – Stout or Porter – Tasty, but which one?  Blend?  There can be overlap in the style.  Nicely drinkable.

Dave King (1) – Chocolate Milk Stout, Northern Brewer kit, with cocoa nibs, 1.062 to about 1.030. Rich flavorful.  Bernie suggested to add vanilla.  Made with Weiss bottled RO water, Dave King (2) tested it, and indeed, no significant mineral content, and apparently this kit had all the minerals needed for good flavor. 

James Dunn – Blue Dunn, a Munich Dunkel, with Munich base malt, ˝ lb. of Vienna, and Midnight Wheat for color.

Dave King (1) – Megalodon Imperial Red, 1.105 to 1.028, sweet, heavy, high ABV. Northern Brewer kit,                                                                                                                           

Dave King (2) – MK Brown Rye IPA, brewed in Florida with another Treasure Coast Brewmasters member, Jay Martin.  We split the 10 gal. batch, tasty, but strange soft, Cl rich FL water was hard to balance.  We got a little higher FG than planned, then diluted it back some. 

Marty – Sour Saison, soured with Lactobacillus, before boil, then fermented on Brett.  Normal yeast couldn’t survive the low pH from the souring.  It really worked! 

Marty – Grinder, Chokeberry Saison, using his own wild yeast culture with lacto, tart and refreshing, 3.6% ABV.  This was a big hit at Tap NY, Hunter Mountain,  

Rich & Jim & Jeff – Black IPA, 8.3% ABV, with US-05.  The hop and roast bitterness play well with the hop flavors.   

Chris Hritcko – German IPA, say what?  Actually, an American IPA (US-05 yeast), but with German hops.  1.067 to 1.015. 

Bob – SMASH American Session Ale, Northern Brewer kit. 

Dennis – Gose, ˝ wheat, with sea salt.  Tart, with lactic acid.  He used squid ink to darken it, poorly soluble, but it worked.


Roger – Syrah 2011, well crafted nice dry red.  Thanks Roger!

The weather is getting warm, maybe getting too warm to brew much longer (indoors), so get busy. 

May's meeting is on the 13th, see you at Brothers 2, 7:30.  Please bring labels and recipes for your beer.     

                  Dave King (2) 


Off-Flavor Class

April 15, 2015, by James Dunn, with help from Roger Haggett

Attending; Dennis Lovelock and Carol, Josh Sember, Ike Yochelson, Jim Burt, Jim Parks, Chris Hritcko, Randy O’Brien, Bob Ciesla, Bernie Kordula, Jim & Melisa Lawson, and Dave King (2)

James presented a dozen common off flavors, spiked in Amstel Light.  We all learned a lot, but some are still hard to pick out.  We’re going to try and do some of these again, at our monthly meetings, maybe one/month. Thanks, James and Roger.